Seafood is loved by many, especially in winters. It is easy to cook and also healthy. Also used for diet purposes as it will keep you fit as it’s full of nutrition. Fish is considered a cheap source of protein diet that you can add to your meal. Pakistan is a country of diverse landscapes, wildlife, and ecosystem. The rivers and lakes provide a home for both; homegrown and exotic fish species. Marine fish is marketed as fresh, frozen, canned, reduced to fish meal, other purposes, and some retained by fishermen for their use. The freshwater catch is marketed fresh for local consumption.

At Imtiaz Super Market we have a wide variety of fish. They are available at our Gulshan branch, DHA branch, Malir Cantt branch and Tariq Road branch. You will find several types of fish including; Black Pomfret (Small), Chakori, Dhaati, Fresh Water RAHU (Large), Fresh Water RAHU (Small), King fish (Surmai), Mangra fish Boneless, Mulla, Mushka, Prawns, Queen fish (Saram), Raawas, Red Snapper (Heera), Round Sole, Silver Grunter (Dhotar), Tuna fish, White Dandia, White Kund, White Pomfret (Large), White Pomfret (Small), Yellow fish (Goli), Baby Bekti (Daangri), Black Kund, and Black Pomfret (Large).

You can easily check the fish if is fresh or not by looking at the gills of a fish, fresh fish gills are bright red or pink in color. It has a mild scent and moist flesh, and appears freshly cut. Whole fish have bright, bulging eyes, this is also another hint of checking the freshness. Frozen fish should meet the fresh-smell test and have taut packaging with no evidence of ice or blood.

Hopefully, with the tips we have shared, you will never have a bad experience while purchasing fish next time you go shopping for it.

Weekly magazine with good deals and offers are now a part of Imtiaz Super Market weekly routine. Every week we come up with something new and some amazing with our promotions. other than the red tags. A new theme is designed for the magazine, and this week it’s all about meat.

People tend to find a good source and a place where they can easily find clean, good quality of meat, which is less tacky and messy. Imtiaz Super Market has been fulfilling such requirements by providing good quality meat under a hygienic environment where you won’t find much smell or any kind of tackiness or mess, fresh meat is available at the counter. Few of our branches have the timings of meat, but that is not red meat, its fish. Fish is also available there, and yes fish week was also celebrated recently.

Mutton neck, mutton whole mix, mutton chops, mutton shoulder, mutton leg and breast, mutton adla, mutton mince all are available at good prices at Imtiaz Super Market. A place where you will find everything you need – one-stop-shop solution. That’s not all, this variety of meat was mentioned in the magazine, but when you visit you find beef and mutton both, as well as veal and chicken, and fish too.

Our magazine includes recipes too… but don’t try those recipes out just because they are more of a promotion of Ponam food – a range of products by Imtiaz Super Market. Biryani needs more ingredients then these limited, for a complete recipe please visit our website i.e. In our magazine, there are more promotions that you can look at, CARRIE JUNIOR (entire range) is Exclusively available at all branches of Imtiaz Super Market.

That not all, Imtiaz Super Market is dealing with branded perfumes that you will love and won’t be able to resist. Also, the winter season is here and so are the seasonal deals for coffee and hot chocolate, so grab your jar now before it ends. A lot more essentials are waiting for you in branches so hurry up and visit now!