Pakistan day commemorations are a highlight as soon as March starts. Celebrations are perceived to be mundane considering that each year recalling celebrations of Pakistan Day is pretty mundane; inviting people for lunch, watching the parade, or just hanging around the house.

This has led our younger generation unaware of the very occasion. To revive the memories of Pakistan day; how our nation’s existence was planned, we as adults need to take responsibility to educate our kids. An excellent way is by getting your kids involved in informative yet fun activities, few of such inspiring activities are shared below:

Translate the National Anthem 

Our National anthem is structured with the essence of patriotic spirit. However, it is written and recited in Persian, which is difficult to interpret. To uplift the very spirit of Pakistani patriotism, help your kids by revealing details of the language by translating it in Urdu or English. This will give them an insight into what our national anthem means.

Cook Authentic Pakistani Food

Pakistani cuisine is well known around the World. It is the effort that is put into creating these deliciously home-cooked foods that reflects the traditional values of Pakistan. What could be a better idea than to create our very own authentic Pakistani cuisine with our kids, teaching them that our food is not just delicious but is a national delicacy?

Watch a Pakistani Documentary 

Pakistani documentaries are family-friendly, hence can be watched with kids. These documentaries will share insights into all the challenges faced pre-creation Pakistan. These videos are worth spending your time on as these are highly informative and yet will keep your kids engaged.

List of Resolutions; Dedicated to Pakistan 

Approach Pakistan Day with a twist, ask your kids to create resolutions. These resolutions must be positive in terms of doing something good for Pakistan. These can be as easy as cleaning the neighborhood, helping the underprivileged and distributing meals amongst street kids.

Become Creative with Kids

Children are fond of artsy creative work; you can ask them to create their vision of Pakistan on posters. Another way to add fun is by having a face painting booth at your very home and invite kids. Crafting activities including hand-painted Pakistan flags, badges, and crafts that will help you decorate your home.

Dress Kids in Pakistani Attire 

Dress your kids in all Pakistani clothing. Ask them to select their own choice of attire they would love dressing up on the occasion. You can help them choose from several cultural outfits including provincial dresses that are both colorful and fun for kids to wear. Props can also be added to the entire outfit such as mustache, handcrafted fans, matha patti especially designed for kids.

Pakistan Day takes the opportunity of staying indoors to spend quality time with your family, especially your kids. You can have fun with your kids while reclaiming your national enthusiasm. On this very note, Happy Pakistan Day!


This year we were confused about whether to enjoy 14th august or to celebrate Eid?

The weather was amazing, it was raining and raining like for straight 48 hours, right before the meaty Eid.

Half of the people were praying for the animals here and there, and half of the people were worried about the sacrifice. The rain has caused a lot of trouble because we don’t have a proper ventilation system, and this is why we have our roads filled with water.

Few of the people made the sacrifice in the home while the roads and streets were still having water, the blood mixed with it and it felt like blood river flowing which was disgusting.

On 14th august, there were malls decorated and small events took place, but obviously because of Eid and 3rd day of Eid and all the hustle and bustle, due to rain, people preferred staying in the home.

The smelly roads, the dirtiness around and the meatiness everywhere.

The waterlines were even mixed and damaged, the water in lines we had got dirty and smelly, so we have to buy water for drinking. Oh, God last few days of Eid were amazingly different yet weird and messy.

On 14th august, we got some amazing new videos in which people showed a beautiful message. Every year we celebrate 14th august with a lot of fireworks and fire shots. This year thankfully it was with Eid so, the fire shots were limited.

This year a lot of people took initiate of cleaning Pakistan streets and making it green by planting trees. Along with this they also have recorded beautiful messages, like clean Pakistan and wrap all the flags bounties back again once you are done celebrating 14th august.

Every year a lot of us celebrate and then let it be on the street but why is that so?

The flag should always be respected and always should keep it safe and high.

Eid holidays with independence holiday, two celebrations together along with the long weekend. It was amazing, since Sunday we have off, and then we are back on Friday only one day to work those who have their Saturday’s off and those who have on, have 2 working days, the week is suddenly small. Much needed vacations, where we have enjoyed rain, family time and friends gathering.

Coming back to the office only for enjoying and celebrating Independence Day.

Friday’s are usually the smallest day of the week because we all get 2 hours of break, prayers and lunch break and if you have an event in the evening, then it becomes smaller than ever, so its one of that kind 😊

Reciting Quran, then singing national anthem following by cake cutting and hi-tea, along with some more activities is how head office and every branch of Imtiaz super market celebrate Independence Day.

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Let us know in the comment section about how you have celebrated your Eid and Independence Day!!