Brick & Mortar has proved to be a success for Imtiaz #NEWONE amid COVID-19. The retail brand recently celebrated a series of events starting from the logo revamp to Imtiaz Mega – Islamabad launch and its most recent Imtiaz Super – Lahore launch on the 23rd of August last Sunday.
The city of Minar had a fun-filled Super Launch Event at 301 Lalik Chowk, Sector R DHA Phase 2. The event started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a walkthrough overview of the branch by the stakeholders. Alongside this, a motivating speech by Mr. Imtiaz Abbasi was also an important highlight that included heartwarming thank you for the love and support of all the employees and customers.
The ambiance of the store was beautiful with branded balloons and a new logo decorated within and outside the branch. Imtiaz’s loyalty program kiosk placed within the facility provided the convenience of a well-known value-added service which will surely be a great experience for the citizens of Lahore.
Preparations to entertain the crowd was managed well. There were numerous lucky draw activities intending customers to get amazing bumper prizes which included Cars, Bikes, LED Televisions, Washing Machines, and so much more. Adding to the excitement of this launch event, Imtiaz plans to extend the series of exciting gifts and giveaways.
The announcement of the Lahore branch opening was via Imtiaz’s digital platforms that led people to this extravagant event. The success of the Launch was already evident at the venue witnessing the massive crowd presence with big smiles.
All in all, it can be said that Imtiaz #NEWONE continues to grow as a retail giant adhering to their position as the #1 retailer in Pakistan. This Super Launch is followed by several other branch openings under Imtiaz’s massive chain this year soon. For more information on what Imtiaz plans next visit our digital platforms to stay ahead of your game.

The year 2020 started pretty tough for people around the globe. Not much good was expected as the pandemic kept extending month after month. However, by August things have turned better, and social life has returned to normal leaving people joyous. Along the lines of happiness, another good news popped out; the Launch of Imtiaz Mega in Islamabad. Here is a look at the event highlights marking history in Islamabad on the 21st of August, 2020.

The event started with positive energy surrounding the venue on a blessed Friday. It was filled with excitement gushing joy amongst the crowd. Speaking of the venue, decorations were esthetically fun and welcoming. The branch was filled with branded decorations, specific colors mustard and blue were used to embrace the brand identity. Imtiaz #NEWONE – the new logo was embedded everywhere to flash as a recall. Alongside this, a strong protocol awaited outside and within the branch to guide people as they walked.

Heartwarming words were communicated by Mr. Imtiaz Abbasi that moved and motivated people attending the event. Several influencers visited the launch with great zeal and endorsed Imtiaz for its reputation in the market and the great work it had put forth for the betterment of the community. The occasion was packed with fun-filled engaging activities including exciting gifts, bumper prize, and so much more.

People liked the fact that as they stepped inside there was a lot of space in between aisles. Hence, Imtiaz Mega provided shoppers a convenience to shop with all the space they need. Another amazing fact was that since this is a Mega format having 24 counters in total placed, this helped customers avoid the wait, a feature of the branch that impressed the visitors immensely. Categories present included health and beauty, fresh – produce and meat, pharmacy, crockery, kitchen stuff and appliances, sport goods, electronics, including Imtiaz’s very own brands and the famous Bakings amongst many other present. There was a world for fashionistas, too, as the branch existed of a wide assortment of apparel, shoes, bags, and other accessories not just for men and women but also for kids. Holding a variety from top tier brands to loingcal ones, Imtiaz Mega had it all to be admired by the customers.

The event was packed with excitement in the beginning and led to a happy ending with an overwhelming response by the visitors. Imtiaz’s team felt extremely proud to have such great support and love from the audience present at the event and customers from across Pakistan reaching out with their kind words on Imtiaz’s digital platforms. The new branch at Islamabad has it all, so don’t forget to visit Imtiaz Mega at GT road, plot 5, sector A DHA phase II, with your family and friends. We wish you have a happy shopping experience at this newly opened branch filled with an amazing assortment and ambiance to wow!

Imtiaz recently revamped its identity as the #NEWONE, revealing the launch of Islamabad Branch which was planned to be followed by its 13th Branch Launch in Lahore. Since then, the city of vibrant colors known for Basant and the prestigious Minar has anticipated it with great excitement to know the iconic Imtiaz better.

Lahore was a grey area, where people were practically unaware of Imtiaz‘s claim to offer the best in the retail business. With the first-ever branch launch in Lahore, this claim can now be experienced by the people themselves. The branch is said to have a colorful persona just like the souls of Lahore. Having a lively ambiance, filled with positivity, it is structured to compel customers to enjoy their shopping. As they walk by aisles there is sufficient and comfortable space to walk through with a wide assortment.

Speaking of assortment – local and imported products are shelved within aisles, as a retail giant in Pakistan Imtiaz is already providing 52000+ products, holding 10,000+ brands with the best prices and promotional deals for its customer base. Hence, this first-ever branch in Lahore is expected to be a full flash loaded hub of an assortment that won’t disappoint you.

Imtiaz is opening its 13th Branch in Lahore on the 23rd of August at 301 LALAK CHOWK, SECTOR R DHA PHASE 2, and with this launch, Lahore is about to experience IMTIAZ SUPER – where shopping becomes an experience. A format offering convenience to customers with an assortment to thrill and unmatched quality service like no other.

At Imtiaz, customer satisfaction is a big deal, and the Lahore branch is said to be sourced with the best resources to leave customers content. This is the second launch in a row after the #NEWONE and it doesn’t stop here, as Imtiaz plans to open more branches across Pakistan soon. For more information on the NEW, LAHORE BRANCH OPENING get hooked to our digital platforms – Where your opinion matters!

The crowned capital – Islamabad is a big deal. It is a landmark that represents Pakistan, holding a persona of its own. Hence, for a business to have a commercial presence in the capital is an accomplishment in itself. Considering Imtiaz as Pakistan’s biggest retail giant, the news that its soon to open a brand new store in Islamabad is amazing.

This new branch happens to be open on GT Road,
Plot 5, Sector A DHA Phase II. The opening in Islamabad planned on the 21st August 2020, is paired with a MEGA LAUNCH filled with fun engaging activities for individuals and families. There are exciting gifts, multiple lucky draw, loyalty card giveaways, and promotions, that comprise these fun activities for the audience planning to visit the launch. Another exciting fact is that there is some possibility of celebs dropping by as the launch happens, now isn’t that exciting!

A very important fact to remember is that the Islamabad store is operational as per the newly changed format of Imtiaz, falling under IMTIAZ MEGA – a store with a wide assortment where you get everything from grocery to fashion, all under one roof. There are aisles loaded with products under several categories holding brands that are both local and international alongside carrying imported products that are generally hard to find anywhere else. It is also said to have a huge and secure parking space so the visitors can shop with ease. After all, shopping is done best when there is peace of mind.

The new store opening at GT Road promises an ambiance of more than just a shopping store. It is said to be packed with entertainment, including ongoing activities and freebies. Imtiaz across Pakistan is known as the ultimate shopping destination offering the best prices for the best products, with quality service. This is sure to be communicated even better in the grey area of Islamabad’s landmark, with Imtiaz’s mega launch this August.

Imtiaz is a giant in the retail business storming in massive sales and a customer base, backed with 7000+ employees, and 400K+ loyal customers across Pakistan. With already well established 12 branches existing in Karachi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad & Lahore it plans to open more soon across the country, a glimpse of which is it’s very recent Islamabad launch. All in all, we can say that Imtiaz has the potential to represent internationally as a powerhouse of retail, and we wish all the best to this hardworking company to shine bright with success.

Imtiaz is a well-known retail giant storming in business with massive sales and a customer base, backed with 7000+ employees and 400K+ loyal customers across Pakistan. The success story of this company dates back to 1955, and since then, never-ending hard work empowered it to gain the title of the fastest-growing retail chain in Pakistan.

Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Abbasi, created this historic story motivating individuals to dream big, setting a practical example of business growth. Today it stands with 11 branches and is soon to add 10 more to its ever-growing chain. Imtiaz has always managed to improve the way it operates considering customer’s ever-changing shopping needs. Hence, this time again it realized the need to present itself with a revamped image. This called for the company to evolve as the #NEWONE, following a change in the logo as an essential part to incorporate new values visually as well.


The previous logo had a shopping trolley, which was a trademark of Imtiaz Super Market’s phenomenal retail chain embodying the mission and vision of serving customers with the best services. Revamping its identity as the #NEWONE, its logo image was a big part as it planned to be perceived more than just a supermarket positioning itself as a HOME STORE. The new logo symbolizes all values that reflect a new vision of Imtiaz including; Star – embracing change and excellence, Happy Customer – valuing customer and stakeholders, Tick – righteous business ethics, and an Arch – symbolizing strength and support.



With this evolved look Imtiaz is also highlighting the unknown fact that it is comprised of three store formats; Imtiaz Mega – where you get a wide assortment of categories,  Imtiaz Super Market – to help you get everyday items with ease, and Imtiaz Xpress – a 24/7 convenient store facility. These formats offer convenience with an unlimited range of services. All in all, this is a new look and a groundbreaking identity that underlines greatness. The new logo is already making waves on all digital channels, gaining popularity for its evolution.


Another good news is that Imtiaz amongst its upcoming projects is also soon to launch multiple branches in the Punjab region. One of its MEGA launch anticipated by customers is in Islamabad on the 21st of August. This Mega Store is expected to have all sorts of products, from household to fashion all under one roof, including facilities of the biggest parking space, wheelchairs accessibility, and much more. Islamabad’s mega launch is followed by two nearing launches in Lahore, a part of its series of branch launch plans in the pipeline.


Imtiaz has set an example by embracing change in the area of acquiring advanced tools, values, and technology to offer better services to customers via competent strategic plans. We hope the best to come from these major moves Imtiaz has made to evolve itself to be the best of the best in the retail industry. For more information, we have all our latest updates on our social media forums where Your Opinion Matters!