One can resist their hunger but thirst? It’s almost impossible to resist!

Summer season isn’t over yet and in these hot summer days, especially in Karachi, all one can think of is something chilled to drink and satisfy your craving. But how many beverage options do we have? Very, very few!

Either you can buy a soft drink or a Nestle juice, considering it is the most widely available brand – but what else? Sometimes you crave something different… you want to try something new;

So where should you go??

Imtiaz Super Market offers you the widest assortment of beverages ever! From soft drinks to juices, milk-based beverages, fruit cocktails, non-alcoholic celebration drinks… beverage for every event, gathering, and craving is available!

If you want a casual drink for your guests then you can go for the usual soft drinks. If you’re in the mood for something healthy then you can try the available fruit juices of multiple brands out of which some even contain fresh fruit pieces! If there’s a celebration at home – you can go for sparkling and celebration drinks and if you’re the type… we even have non-alcoholic beers that you can enjoy with your mates! Even our desires have nothing to worry about! For you, flavored lassis are also available! For kids, milk beverages like milo, pakola and many more are available.

Also, international beverages that are chocolate based are also available like Mars shake, Snickers shake and many more. Imported directly with the guarantee of affordable price and premium quality – you will find these beverages hardly anywhere!

Even better – if you’re shopping at the Gulshan branch of Imtiaz Super Market and have been craving a fresh juice, you don’t have to settle for boxed juices! At our Gulshan Branch, fresh sugarcane juice is available that is processed and packed hygienically and right in front of you!

As your most favorite retail, it is our responsibility to ensure that all your desires and cravings are fulfilled and satisfied and this is why we make the widest assortment of all our categories available for you!

So which beverage are you craving?

Head over to your nearest Imtiaz Super Market branch now, purchase, gulp and enjoy!

Your satisfaction is just one purchase away!


What do you guys like to have for breakfast? Or as an evening snack?

Most of us who don’t get time for a complete, healthy breakfast in the morning but also can’t afford to leave home with an empty stomach have rusks, sandwiches, crackers, and such bakery items as quick and filling breakfast options.

I am one of those people! I am not a morning person at all so I usually wake up with no more than 5-10 minutes to spare before I can leave…. Which leaves me with no time to sit and eat eggs and parathas, kebabs, curries and all such delicious foods that I would want to have and thus, I am left with no option but to stock my kitchen cabinets with things like biscuits, rusks and croissants, puff biscuits, etc. These things actually keep me full and fresh because if I ever leave the house without eating ANYTHING, I become really, really cranky!

The second time of the day when I need these snacks is during the evening tea. So if you haven’t figured this out yet… I am a tea lover! CHAI is LIFE!!  And I know a lot of you are chai lovers too so you can understand and relate with me when I say that “SHAAM KI CHAI BOHAT ZARURI HAI!”   And to make this evening tea special and something to look forward to more, I like to incorporate things like plain and fruit tea cakes or croissants with it.

For a person like me, whose most meals revolve around bakery items, it is important that those items are fresh and reliable. I mean… you don’t want to wake up the next morning with an upset stomach, do you? Which is why you have to choose the bakery or market you buy your fresh snacks from, wisely.

I personally purchase all my baked snacks and bakery items from Imtiaz Super Market. And for those of you who were not aware of this,  Imtiaz Super Market has its own brand name under which they sell bakery and baked items by the name of ‘OVEN FRESH’. Even though I am a regular customer of Imtiaz Super Market, I discovered this in my last visit to the retail and honestly… I was impressed!

Anyway, so I prefer baked, bakery biscuits over those packed, company biscuits and good for me that there is a wide assortment of bakery biscuits available at Imtiaz Super Market. Chocolate cookies, marble cookies, cookies with nuts, pistachio, coconut or other dried fruits topped and stuffed on them… all kinds of cookies are available.

Other than that, plain cakes, marble cakes, chocolate cakes, and fruit cakes are also available along with muffins and cupcakes that are baked and packed fresh every day! Croissants, white bread, brown bread, multi-grain bread, and other bread items are also baked in numerous batches every day.

So if you have a sweet tooth and like to snack on sweet things you can choose from the sweet variety available and if not then savory items are also available.

These food items are freshly baked and very hygienic. As much as I have observed, there are open kitchens in most of the branches and all the staff members are always wearing gloves, hair caps, aprons and all the other necessary things to ensure cleanliness, tidiness, and hygiene.

Another thing that I found really nice is the inclusion of female employees. In neither of the supermarkets that I have been to, have I seen a woman working in the kitchen? While that sounds amazing for those of us who cook at home everyday… from the empowerment and financial independence point of view, it is great that women are not lagging behind in any area of employment and that Imtiaz Super Market is in favor of it.

So since I have already mentioned the food items that I purchase from OVEN FRESH (backlink hai Kia iski?) for my light snacking in evenings and shortcut breakfast in mornings, let’s talk about the things that you can purchase for other regular meals.

So there are fresh bread and eggs available for those who wake up super early and have the time to make some delicious French toasts. You can make sandwiches, scrambled eggs, egg curries or just simply butter some toasts and dunk it in your AMAZING cup of tea.

Also, if there’s a family member or loved one’s birthday, anniversary or any special event coming up, fresh cakes are also available! And honestly, they seemed delicious to me!

Basically, whether you want bakery items as your core ingredients for a special meal or a tasty shortcut for your empty tummy, a delicious cake for an upcoming event or just some healthy stuff for daily consumption, OVEN FRESH by Imtiaz Super Market should be your GO-TO place like it is mine.

I have loved all the OVEN FRESH items I tried up till now. Have you ever tried any? If yes then let me know in the comment section below if you liked them. And if no… then try them and let me know after that! Enjoyyy!