Freedom plays a vital role, as it’s a right that every individual deserves. It helps people live the righteous way expressing themselves freely and displaying their beliefs. The core purpose of the creation of Pakistan was to have a nation that could practice Islam with freedom, a thought that was not possible at the time of the Subcontinent. Sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan are backed with numerous events recorded in history leaving millions inspired around the world.

Acquiring freedom left Pakistani’s inspired to believe in themselves as a nation. The sacrifices and strong determination led people to love and protect Pakistan; a nation marking its freedom on the 14 of August 1947. However, the protection of the Country was ever so essential to maintain. Hence, our armed forces have always been alert to protect the country ever since the emergence of Pakistan.

The Event of 6th September 1965 proves this potential to be true. This date is marked as Defence Day in Pakistan. It is a commemoration of the brave actions of our armed forces when the Indian army surprisingly crossed the national border and attacked Pakistan. Despite a smaller number of troops compared to India, Pakistan defeated the neighboring country that was once a part of the sub-continent.

We won the war but with a heavy loss of lives of those who are known to be our national heroes. From planning to immediate action, there were practical efforts of bravery put forth by our armed forces. Embracing zeal, passion, and a great spirit of patriotism these heroes sacrificed their lives for the safety of the nation. Names of these noble personalities include Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Rashid Minhas Shaheed, Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed and so many more who were presented with the highest military gallantry award for the martyrs titled Nishan- e-Haider.

As Pakistanis, we take pride in our struggles to attain this beautiful nation a true blessing as we embrace freedom with an example of the national motto; Jinnah’s words “Unity, Faith, and Discipline”. All in all, this was an event proclaiming Pakistan’s strength and power to defend its freedom and border against enemies. We wish Pakistan progresses and is protected by the Almighty forever, long live Pakistan!

Independence Day for Pakistanis brings a feeling of patriotism along with the realization of the freedom we cherish each day. Just the thought of what Kashmir is going through is enough for us to be grateful for our wonderful nation Pakistan. As soon the month of August strikes we are all set for pre-independence shopping and planning. This ritual has been practiced from the very first day of independence back in 1947 and has been a big deal ever since. This year again, despite the unfortunate COVID-19 followed by the terrible episodes of rain which were more of an inconvenience than a blessing, Pakistanis are still determined to celebrate Independence Day with great energy and zeal. To add to this positive vibe, we bring to you a few interesting ways to celebrate this year’s Independence Day.



With the much-awaited anticipation, thankfully with the lockdown lifted, we can visit places that offer entertainment. There is nothing better to do post lockdown than an outing with your loved ones. A day out at your favorite restaurant, mall, coffee shop or just walk at the park can be refreshing and can help get rid of the frustration of all that stay at home vibes as a good restart all in all.



Going digital with an all Pakistani attire can be a hit, after all, when dressed well, we just can’t stay away from our selfies, now can we? A simple selfie with Pakistani props; flags, funky glasses, badges, mirror work clothing, and topi, just about anything that represents you as Pakistani will do wonders on your part. To top it off add a heartily caption to express your love for your nation.






BBQ is the talk of the town and is an all-time post-Eid Ul Adha favorite activity. There could be no other better way to celebrate Independence Day than indulge ourselves in all traditional BBQ, to represent the “traditional you”. There are plenty of recipes that you can try to make your BBQ party a hit.




As Pakistani’s we have encountered many challenges, however, we are proud to be who we are; a nation that stands strong and we celebrate this wholeheartedly. This Independence Day we have another reason to celebrate. The iconic name in the retail industry Imtiaz has decided to evolve itself. Introducing a new look and a groundbreaking identity that reflects bigger & better values revamped to underline greatness. You can get a close look at what’s in line on this news by visiting our social media forums, where you get the best updates in town.


Happy Independence Day Pakistanio!

This year we were confused about whether to enjoy 14th august or to celebrate Eid?

The weather was amazing, it was raining and raining like for straight 48 hours, right before the meaty Eid.

Half of the people were praying for the animals here and there, and half of the people were worried about the sacrifice. The rain has caused a lot of trouble because we don’t have a proper ventilation system, and this is why we have our roads filled with water.

Few of the people made the sacrifice in the home while the roads and streets were still having water, the blood mixed with it and it felt like blood river flowing which was disgusting.

On 14th august, there were malls decorated and small events took place, but obviously because of Eid and 3rd day of Eid and all the hustle and bustle, due to rain, people preferred staying in the home.

The smelly roads, the dirtiness around and the meatiness everywhere.

The waterlines were even mixed and damaged, the water in lines we had got dirty and smelly, so we have to buy water for drinking. Oh, God last few days of Eid were amazingly different yet weird and messy.

On 14th august, we got some amazing new videos in which people showed a beautiful message. Every year we celebrate 14th august with a lot of fireworks and fire shots. This year thankfully it was with Eid so, the fire shots were limited.

This year a lot of people took initiate of cleaning Pakistan streets and making it green by planting trees. Along with this they also have recorded beautiful messages, like clean Pakistan and wrap all the flags bounties back again once you are done celebrating 14th august.

Every year a lot of us celebrate and then let it be on the street but why is that so?

The flag should always be respected and always should keep it safe and high.

Eid holidays with independence holiday, two celebrations together along with the long weekend. It was amazing, since Sunday we have off, and then we are back on Friday only one day to work those who have their Saturday’s off and those who have on, have 2 working days, the week is suddenly small. Much needed vacations, where we have enjoyed rain, family time and friends gathering.

Coming back to the office only for enjoying and celebrating Independence Day.

Friday’s are usually the smallest day of the week because we all get 2 hours of break, prayers and lunch break and if you have an event in the evening, then it becomes smaller than ever, so its one of that kind 😊

Reciting Quran, then singing national anthem following by cake cutting and hi-tea, along with some more activities is how head office and every branch of Imtiaz super market celebrate Independence Day.

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Let us know in the comment section about how you have celebrated your Eid and Independence Day!!