Our freedom is our biggest blessing but unfortunately, it is that one thing we take for granted. There are so many countries that are still in a state of havoc and destruction and we are lucky enough to not be one of them and for this, we have our ARMIES and our DEFENCE to thank!

Ensuring peace and security, these people dedicate their lives to fight the FORCES OF EVIL and protect us without caring about their own lives.

Time and time again, our military and defence have put our lives above their own and the 1965 war was one in which we lost countless dedicated members of our army. In memory of the sacrifices that our armed forces made that year and how bravely they defended this beloved land, we celebrate DEFENCE DAY every year in Pakistan.

This tribute not only reminds us of the continuous efforts of our military, but it also inspires the young citizens and develops feelings of patriotism and bravery. And to commemorate this, DEFENCE DAY is celebrated every year on the 6th of September.

Imtiaz super market, from a kiryana store to a chain of the super market. From a small shop to a bigger scale place having a huge assortment of products.

In the year 1955 when it was a small shop, it was having a very limited item. Later after creating a name and maintaining the quality they start pitching in the companies with the idea of expansion. The result was fruitful. Slowly and gradually we got more and more categories and products to display.

Now after years of struggle and hard work finally Imtiaz super market has the best and a vast variety of categories and products, that are imported as well as locally available at the best prices all under one roof.

What makes Imtiaz super market the best place for all assortment?

Imtiaz super market has huge area to display all kind of products, even if you ask for a simple tissue paper, we have a whole alley to display that.

The assortment includes imported items, chocolates, perfumes, crockery, groceries, beverages and what not?

When you visit Imtiaz super market, you can never leave the place in a min or even empty-handed.

You will keep looking at the assortments, category, products, variety, range that they offer and everything around. The placement of products on the shelf is so neat and so clean that you can easily pick the stuff you want without breaking or disturbing the things around them.

When you visit the alley, it is so spacious that you can easily move with your trolley, while standing and choosing your kind of product. They offer so many varieties that even choosing a shampoo is confusing.

What do you think about Imtiaz super market? And its assortments?

Ever been in the store and getting confused about which one to choose?

Imtiaz super market offers a lot, at an incredible price, you can shop as much as you want and everything will be given at an amazing rate.

Also, on purchasing from any category, they are offering loyalty points on each product that you buy. Isn’t it great?

Every category and has almost 300 plus products 50 plus brands and every month there is multiple new brands lineup for meeting to have a shelf in Imtiaz super market, because who doesn’t want to get noticed?

Companies never mind having their products on display and a store/ supermarket like Imtiaz super market who have almost 1000+ walk-in customers per day, who will notice the new products and new colors or items or might have just a look and share their reviews. At times brands want to get noticed a hype so that they can actually sell the product on a large scale later on.

Imtiaz super market the ultimate shopping experience conveys and defines the perfect meaning of one-stop-shop solution, remaining Pakistan’s pioneer super market retail chain serving the best quality products on the best price possible.

One can resist their hunger but thirst? It’s almost impossible to resist!

Summer season isn’t over yet and in these hot summer days, especially in Karachi, all one can think of is something chilled to drink and satisfy your craving. But how many beverage options do we have? Very, very few!

Either you can buy a soft drink or a Nestle juice, considering it is the most widely available brand – but what else? Sometimes you crave something different… you want to try something new;

So where should you go??

Imtiaz Super Market offers you the widest assortment of beverages ever! From soft drinks to juices, milk-based beverages, fruit cocktails, non-alcoholic celebration drinks… beverage for every event, gathering, and craving is available!

If you want a casual drink for your guests then you can go for the usual soft drinks. If you’re in the mood for something healthy then you can try the available fruit juices of multiple brands out of which some even contain fresh fruit pieces! If there’s a celebration at home – you can go for sparkling and celebration drinks and if you’re the type… we even have non-alcoholic beers that you can enjoy with your mates! Even our desires have nothing to worry about! For you, flavored lassis are also available! For kids, milk beverages like milo, pakola and many more are available.

Also, international beverages that are chocolate based are also available like Mars shake, Snickers shake and many more. Imported directly with the guarantee of affordable price and premium quality – you will find these beverages hardly anywhere!

Even better – if you’re shopping at the Gulshan branch of Imtiaz Super Market and have been craving a fresh juice, you don’t have to settle for boxed juices! At our Gulshan Branch, fresh sugarcane juice is available that is processed and packed hygienically and right in front of you!

As your most favorite retail, it is our responsibility to ensure that all your desires and cravings are fulfilled and satisfied and this is why we make the widest assortment of all our categories available for you!

So which beverage are you craving?

Head over to your nearest Imtiaz Super Market branch now, purchase, gulp and enjoy!

Your satisfaction is just one purchase away!


What do you guys like to have for breakfast? Or as an evening snack?

Most of us who don’t get time for a complete, healthy breakfast in the morning but also can’t afford to leave home with an empty stomach have rusks, sandwiches, crackers, and such bakery items as quick and filling breakfast options.

I am one of those people! I am not a morning person at all so I usually wake up with no more than 5-10 minutes to spare before I can leave…. Which leaves me with no time to sit and eat eggs and parathas, kebabs, curries and all such delicious foods that I would want to have and thus, I am left with no option but to stock my kitchen cabinets with things like biscuits, rusks and croissants, puff biscuits, etc. These things actually keep me full and fresh because if I ever leave the house without eating ANYTHING, I become really, really cranky!

The second time of the day when I need these snacks is during the evening tea. So if you haven’t figured this out yet… I am a tea lover! CHAI is LIFE!!  And I know a lot of you are chai lovers too so you can understand and relate with me when I say that “SHAAM KI CHAI BOHAT ZARURI HAI!”   And to make this evening tea special and something to look forward to more, I like to incorporate things like plain and fruit tea cakes or croissants with it.

For a person like me, whose most meals revolve around bakery items, it is important that those items are fresh and reliable. I mean… you don’t want to wake up the next morning with an upset stomach, do you? Which is why you have to choose the bakery or market you buy your fresh snacks from, wisely.

I personally purchase all my baked snacks and bakery items from Imtiaz Super Market. And for those of you who were not aware of this,  Imtiaz Super Market has its own brand name under which they sell bakery and baked items by the name of ‘OVEN FRESH’. Even though I am a regular customer of Imtiaz Super Market, I discovered this in my last visit to the retail and honestly… I was impressed!

Anyway, so I prefer baked, bakery biscuits over those packed, company biscuits and good for me that there is a wide assortment of bakery biscuits available at Imtiaz Super Market. Chocolate cookies, marble cookies, cookies with nuts, pistachio, coconut or other dried fruits topped and stuffed on them… all kinds of cookies are available.

Other than that, plain cakes, marble cakes, chocolate cakes, and fruit cakes are also available along with muffins and cupcakes that are baked and packed fresh every day! Croissants, white bread, brown bread, multi-grain bread, and other bread items are also baked in numerous batches every day.

So if you have a sweet tooth and like to snack on sweet things you can choose from the sweet variety available and if not then savory items are also available.

These food items are freshly baked and very hygienic. As much as I have observed, there are open kitchens in most of the branches and all the staff members are always wearing gloves, hair caps, aprons and all the other necessary things to ensure cleanliness, tidiness, and hygiene.

Another thing that I found really nice is the inclusion of female employees. In neither of the supermarkets that I have been to, have I seen a woman working in the kitchen? While that sounds amazing for those of us who cook at home everyday… from the empowerment and financial independence point of view, it is great that women are not lagging behind in any area of employment and that Imtiaz Super Market is in favor of it.

So since I have already mentioned the food items that I purchase from OVEN FRESH (backlink hai Kia iski?) for my light snacking in evenings and shortcut breakfast in mornings, let’s talk about the things that you can purchase for other regular meals.

So there are fresh bread and eggs available for those who wake up super early and have the time to make some delicious French toasts. You can make sandwiches, scrambled eggs, egg curries or just simply butter some toasts and dunk it in your AMAZING cup of tea.

Also, if there’s a family member or loved one’s birthday, anniversary or any special event coming up, fresh cakes are also available! And honestly, they seemed delicious to me!

Basically, whether you want bakery items as your core ingredients for a special meal or a tasty shortcut for your empty tummy, a delicious cake for an upcoming event or just some healthy stuff for daily consumption, OVEN FRESH by Imtiaz Super Market should be your GO-TO place like it is mine.

I have loved all the OVEN FRESH items I tried up till now. Have you ever tried any? If yes then let me know in the comment section below if you liked them. And if no… then try them and let me know after that! Enjoyyy!

We Pakistanis just LOVE food. For every event, every occasion, every REGULAR day, we plan and decide what we want to cook, what we want to eat and what we’re going to serve.

Even our vacations, picnics and outings are incomplete without food. And what is even more important than food is that it must be delicious! Spicy, tangy and just delicious!

And what makes a dish these three things? Good quality ingredients, good quality spices, and a good cook. We can’t provide you with a good cook so we made sure that we can with the other two; ingredients and spices.

You guessed it right… Imtiaz Super Market brings to you its own brand of agricultural commodities and spices;


PONAM means full moon – what indicates the start of a new month, and that is exactly what our products are; the mark to a transformation in your kitchen and food. With the highest quality of products like pulses (DAAL), rice, flour, spices, sugar, grains, and black salt, available at Imtiaz Super Market, you don’t need to go anywhere else for anything.

No more walking trips to the CHAKKI wala for staples and spices anymore. Purchase fresh, raw and organic items like pure basmati rice, flour and all types of pulses under one roof with comfort from any branch of Imtiaz Super Market and make everyone fall in love with your Biryani, Karahi, and parathas! And daal? You will never see DAAL the same, boring way again!

Considering that everything sold under the brand name of PONAM is produced in mills and factories that Imtiaz Super Market itself owns! And since we have our own rice and flour mills along with the facility of in-house grinding, cleaning, and packaging, a lot of costs is cut down and these staple commodities are sold at substantially lower prices than the market average – which is GREAT!

Providing quality products that are easy on the wallet has always been our hallmark. In order to maintain this for the sake of our customers, we constantly evolve our products, services, and brandings.

PONAM, too is an initiative to show our customers how much we care about them by saving them from those uncomfortable CHAKKI WALA trips in hot, summer days and providing them with a collection of spices and grains with a taste that will remind them of the DESI food that our DADI’S and NANI’s used to cook for us with homemade and dried spices.

So head to your nearest Imtiaz Super Market’s branch now and begin this new month with a brand new collection of PONAM staple and spices and transform the taste of your food.

PONAM  – The Taste Of Nation!

That one day that every kid fears and runs away from? But the same day that their parents just can’t stop thinking about and waiting for?

Yep. You got it right….

Result day!

There has never been a student who waits for result day and isn’t nervous about it, no matter how big of a nerd they be. There are two things that can happen on the day of results… either you get a gift and a hug or you get some really harsh scolding and if things go really bad… a slap.

As nerve-wracking as this whole process of waiting, finally finding out and then waiting again for the reaction you would get from your parents was, the kind of satisfaction we felt when the result was good and our parents were satisfied was out of this world!

That smile that your mother would give you, the pat from your father… perfect. Then they’d take you out for lunch or dinner or get you a gift. The way of gifting and the gifts we received kept evolving with time. Today, I’m here with another new gift idea.

Result season is here and while I write this, I too am just as nervous about mine as many of you might be. I have no idea what my result is going to be but I do know what I want as a gift if it’s good!

This year I don’t want to go out for lunch or dinner or ice cream. I would much receive some cash so I can buy what I want and when I want. I mean, why not? I don’t understand how gifting someone what you like and expecting them to like it, is fair? I know cash doesn’t sound and look as good as a gift, especially if it’s a relative you need to gift and I have a solution for that too!


So a gift card is basically a much sophisticated, cute and creative version of gifting cash and honestly, it’s the best creation ever!

At Imtiaz Super Market, you can purchase gift cards of Rs. 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000. So you even have the option of choosing a gift card based on how happy you are with the result! How convenient!!

The time limit to use your gift card is one YEAR! So from the moment you receive this special gift, you have a whole year to decide and choose what YOU want and purchase it from any of the branches of Imtiaz Super Market. It could be clothes, shoes, eatables, fragrances… anything!

Another option that I don’t mind receiving as a gift is CHOCOLATES! Who doesn’t like chocolates?! Chocolate, after you find out your result was good, is nothing but sweet addition to your relief!

Actually, even if the result isn’t good… chocolates are known to be really good for depression and mood swings. So if you have a friend whose result isn’t that good and he/she is not satisfied, you can still gift them a bar of their favorite chocolate that you bought from Imtiaz Super Market to make them feel a little better, considering that there is the widest assortment of both local and international chocolates available there.

Also, there is one last thing that I want to share with you all. In my opinion, we overthink and stress too much about our results. I mean, it’s good to be worried about your future but it’s completely different if you start deriving your self-worth based on your results. Your grades and points do NOT define you and you DESERVE a gift for your efforts no matter what!

So this year, regardless of what grade you or your loved ones achieve, make sure you treat yourself,  your relatives, friends and especially the little ones with a chocolatey treat or a super cute and useful gift card for their hard work.

Don’t forget to do so and let us know in the comment section below, the reaction you receive at the gifts!

Hi, guys, I m back with a new topic to discuss tell and talk… Imtiaz super market, yes, the brand itself, and what about this brand…. Here’s what I got for you all…

Whenever we hear about this name Imtiaz super market we all think about the branch… like if anyone ever says Imtiaz super market the first thing we all have in mind is branch!!!

You work where? Imtiaz super market oh okay which branch?

Followed by some of these more questions like:

How many branches and which branch to be precise, what in the branch, a sale person, what do you wear, where do you work in a branch, does branch have some sitting arrangements and so much more…

I mean why only branch why don’t people let us complete?

And when I say Head office, they all are like……

They are clueless and weird….

Now for the pleasure and laughter, I say Imtiaz super market and let them think whatever they want…

Then somedays I say head office only and let them think what and which head office…

And then somedays I say ISM head office, Imtiaz super market has a head office and I work there, please do visit our website to know more about us… and leave 😊

I feel happy whenever I say the complete thing, feels like it’s only you who knows about it, remaining the world is in dark 😀

So again …

Does Imtiaz super market have a head office?

Where is it’s head office, what happens there? And so many other questions are there which we can ask and should ask but…. We don’t ask, or people don’t ask even if they want to…

Which branch; branches are more famous than its head office and so many of us doesn’t even know about it… even before coming or joining this place I don’t know about it, I searched Facebook, I visited the website and I googled, nothing was updated… also, it was confusing, but once I was hired I was…

Whenever I visit Imtiaz super market branch, I do think about the office, there must be an office where people sit and work, other than being on the floor and working… I try to look and find where is the office because in branch there’s no sitting, no office table or office stuff… or maybe I overlook while looking to deep in there…… there’s nothing like an office, so its more like a question which I use to ask to myself…

Now I just wonder how easy it is for us to overlook and to neglect the little things or door we see…

So, let me tell you about the head office and a small or brief of what happens here:

We (team Imtiaz super market head office) consists of so many people, and by means of so many I mean thousands of people work under the name of Imtiaz super market, in total its more than 6000 workers, (including managers and peon all and everyone)

In the head office, there are the director and HOD’s of all the dept.

Along with them, there are some vendors/purchasers, who deal with the companies, which to bring on board and at what price.

We have our contact center team, which helps out the customers online, by means of on calls, via msgs and social media.

We have an e-commerce and marketing teams respectively which works passionately and more than the duty hours because creativity needs time to explore. This team includes of the digital media team, who handles all the social networks, along with the creative team which supports a lot in creating posts and content for magazines and all the creative work that you see on our page. We have our content marketing team, which looks out for the trends also helps with PR and communications. We have a media team in house, who covers all the events and helps us in making our in-house content.

The loyalty dept, and the IT dept. we have interesting dept with interesting people around, who not only learn and train, but also share knowledge with each other so that we have the opportunity

We have our import dept, which takes cares of all the important stuff.

We also have our finance dept, audit, and payables.

The admin and HR teams are also here. HR teams conduct wonderful and successful training sessions.

These are the dept we have in head office and this is the overview of our head office, so why not trying joining this amazing workplace?

And that’s a wrap for now, until next time…

Let me know in the comment section, what else you want to know more about the head office?

Hello friends, we are back with a new topic, and today we will be discussing picnics and fun…

So, are you a picnic lover?

Can you really manage picnic fun and office routine altogether?

Normally we all need a break from our hectic yet boring routine, boring because there are people who want change in their routine, and if they don’t get that particular change they use to be at their weakest point, they become fragile and want to quit.

So, apparently change is what everyone needs once a while, an opportunity to prove that they can to be experimental, sometimes we need to switch, its not that we should be expert, but trial and for a changing job change or role change even if its for a day, one should try, it gives us a chance to learn something new, also if incase that what we feel from a distance about the ease and about the job that how great other work is and our job is so…. This opportunity makes us learn that everyone has a skill of dealing with the scenario.

Anyways, our topic is an annual picnic and being a super market, like Imtiaz super market, a super market which works like every day which is open and serving its customers like anything, it feels really odd, do these people take a break ever? And so many more questions arise, along with people being exhausted and yes people do get exhausted because everyone needs a break once a while.

The head office also works for 6 days a week, but this week was exceptional as this week we all worked for 5 days because yes, we had our annual picnic day, which half of us enjoyed by staying at home and half of the staff enjoyed partying at the destination.

Talking about the destination, it was a dream world. Personally, I don’t like a dream world, because I feel like there are so many restrictions for an outsider, you can not really enjoy the things and facilities they offer, you can only roam around the place, like walk, more walk, and some more walk…. 😀

This time when we visited dream world, the weather betrayed us, usually, these days morning is so cool, but that particular morning was a bit rough, we reached office at 8 am because we have to reach at dream world at 9 am for the breakfast. They have a variety even in the breakfast, but what I feel is that the more variety you have, the more tasteless is becomes.

Anyways, the road trip the bus and the fun in the bus was amazing, as our team was the one dancing and singing so we really didn’t feel the distance was long, and omg the punctuality of timings was amazing, dot 8 am the bus was full of people and was about to leave, but we have to ask them to wait for a few people as they were late, so we waited for 10mins and then the bus left. Same in the evening bus left dot at 5 pm because we have to reach here at 6 pm. (Here means head office)

The sun was fully in the mood to burn us all, but our strength was way more than that, so we had a lot of fun along with the sunburn 😀

Things that were allowed to do and we did are in details so please keep reading and let me know how much do you agree and can relate to our story?

Do you guys like the dream world?

Oh, just by the way, in this official office picnic, the family was allowed, we could have brought 2 more people with us, and it wasn’t for free, we will have to pay 2100 for anyone we were thinking to bring along.

I was only excited to take the horse ride and pictures with the horse because there is a proper staircase which leads you to the horse height and makes easy for you to sit on a horse. As a person I am hell scared for horse ride but I want to experience it, so when we reach there and after breakfast, I thought of going for a horse ride, but then thanks to the hot weather…. Horse riding was available but due to the garmi, we didn’t take a horse ride.

What else was allowed? Let me think … ummm….

Wave pool, where we enjoyed a lot, underwater pictures and whatnot, in the pool we felt way better, but the water had extra chlorine and bitter water, even if accidentally you have it in your mouth you will feel yakh…. 😀 Still the experience was outstanding.

Within the departments, we have a singing competition too. some of them have a soft voice for songs whereas others have (phatadhol) sorry for the weird word (:D evil laughs) but yeah, some singers are really bathroom singers and should remain that way 😀

Lunch break, the time of lunch was almost closed, so we took a lunch break and had a lot of Gulab jamun, because as I have mentioned earlier that when you have a lot to choose from the taste automatically disappear. Desserts were really good and the food was okayish…

After that, we left for having some more experience because why not if we are on the picnic, we should explore….

Boating was also allowed and yes, we did take a boat ride too… It wasn’t a good experience because the boats were damage and pedals are very hard to push.

After boating, we all decided to go for horse riding but its way to long, as told you all you have to walk and walk, it was like going from east to west, and due to our extreme climate change, we were all drained in the middle of that way.

On looking right and left we felt that the bowling alley was nearby which was also opened for us, but then again when we arrived the time for bowling was over bad luck 😛

We were overtired because we had fun even on Friday night, we went ocean mall, and that’s another topic which we will cover later on in another blog, so for that stay with us…

So, after all of that, we went to the café where we sat and had a tea break which was basically the end of our picnic, we sat, drank and we talked and talked.

On our way back we all were so freaking tired that halfway we slept and on reaching office we all felt like we are not part of this universe 😀

So, this was the end and a wrap of how we had celebrated our official picnic of Imtiaz super market head office.

Let us know in the comment section below about your picnics and how you all enjoy and do on picnics.

Until next time 😊

Dates are part of the dried fruit’s family. Dried fruits are fruits that are dried in the sun or heated wind tunnel dryers. Dried fruits are really really good for health and my mother has always forced me to consume them as much as possible for as long as I can remember. Apart from the fact that dried foods are really healthy and nutritious, they are actually pretty tasty and make quite a good snack! Dates are one of my personal favorite dried fruit!

Not only are they super healthy and nutritious, but they are also so sweet and smooth, it’s like someone just put a cushion of healthy sugar in my mouth! I’m aware that there’re people out there who are diet and health-conscious and run miles away when they hear the word SUGAR, but there’s nothing to be scared about here! This sugar is the HEALTHIEST form of sweet ever! I’m attaching the nutritional breakdown for those who want to adjust their date cravings according to their calorie intake.

A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving provides the following nutrients;

  • Calories: 277
  • Carbs: 75 grams
  • Fiber: 7 grams
  • Protein: 2 grams
  • Potassium: 20% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 14% of the RDI
  • Copper: 18% of the RDI
  • Manganese: 15% of the RDI
  • Iron: 5% of the RDI
  • Vitamin B6: 12% of the RDI

Although dates are high in calories, due to being an anti-oxidant and high in other important vitamins and minerals, they contribute to other health benefits.

Dates are not just high in vitamins and proteins, they are good for bone strength, lower cholesterol, strengthen the nervous system, promotes digestion and are also good for the skin!

Apart from all this, I’m sure everyone is aware of this fact that dates also hold some special religious importance among the Muslims. Dates were one of Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s favorite snacks and it is said to be a sunnah to consume dates, especially before IFTAAR in RAMZAN.

There is a hadith of the Holy Prophet in which he is known to have said that, “ people in a house without a date are in a state of hunger..” (MUSLIM) (News)

Keeping all this in mind, Imtiaz Super Market in their most recent weekly magazine launched a feast like a sale on dates named the ‘DAWAT-E-KHAJOOR’.

In this magazine, details of sale prices on multiple types of dates and date related products are included. Different types of dates like Safawi, Khodari, etc. from multiple international brands have been imported specially for this sale. Out of all this, my personal favorite is the choco-dates!

This particular product will be every chocolate lover’s favorite! If you’ve got a sweet tooth and love both chocolates and dates, then what can be better than having those both together?! JUST YUMMY!

With this magazine, the retail is promoting the idea of healthy snacking and a healthy diet along with the emphasis on the idea that dates are not just a fruit that you can buy or should eat in RAMZAN. They are delicious and healthy and you should consume and benefit from them throughout the year!

Along with these dates, sale on other various products is also there.

The sugar, proteins, and other vitamins in the fruit help in weight gain, especially when you need it. Incidentally, it’s said that when eaten with cucumber, dates help to keep your weight at a normal level. Now that’s what we call flexibility!

And guess what! According to this magazine, there is a sale on fresh cucumbers too!  So combine the two for an even healthier diet!

Being a date lover, I personally loved this sale! Do you like dates? Did you like this sale idea? And which date product became YOUR favorite?

Let me know BELOW! J


Do you know what’s the worst thing about shopping in a supermarket? Standing in queues!!!

Standing behind a whole line of people, waiting for them to get all their purchases checked out…. It’s SO frustrating! Especially when you just needed very few products!

But you don’t need to stress anymore. Imtiaz Super Market has worked on plans and organizational schemes specifically for efficient queue management just so you can have a stress free shopping experience.

While it is ensured that the staff members with duty on cash counters are fast and efficient with their work so the customers don’t get frustrated while waiting in lines for ages, cash counters have also been divided based on client categories for further ease.

Apart from the regular cash counters that are available in every supermarket, express counters for those with lesser products are there to prevent annoyance and unnecessary waiting. Isn’t that amazing!

What’s better is that there is also a special counter for aged clients; the senior citizen’s counter. How thoughtful! These are the things that make Imtiaz so special and unique from other retail brands.

And as if that wasn’t enough… the team at Imtiaz Super Market that is constantly thinking about and for their clients decided to make things even easier by introducing ‘MOBILE POS’.

An mPOS (mobile point of sale) is a when a phone or tablet is dedicated to check out purchases and perform the functions usually done at a cash counter, now wirelessly.

So basically instead of you walking to the counter, now the counter is going to walk towards YOU!

Let alone waiting in queues… you don’t even have to stand in a queue anymore!! Wherever you are in the store and have made your purchases but are in a hurry, you can request a staff member with an mPOS to cash you out from there. This is just perfect for when you only stopped by to make a quick purchase of one or two items.

Even better!! If a staff member sees you standing in a line with your few purchases and notices you being unaware about the facility, they themselves will walk up to you to make your life easy and cash you out as soon as possible. There is one staff member at every two cash counters so there will never be an issue of feeling left behind as a customer.

Like I said… Imtiaz family GENUINELY cares about your convenience and they prove it time and time again!

So hurry up now and rush to your nearest Imtiaz Super Market outlet and buy as less or as much as you want without having to stress about the longggg queues that we all JUST hate!

Indeed, it is an ultimate shopping experience!