Freedom plays a vital role, as it’s a right that every individual deserves. It helps people live the righteous way expressing themselves freely and displaying their beliefs. The core purpose of the creation of Pakistan was to have a nation that could practice Islam with freedom, a thought that was not possible at the time of the Subcontinent. Sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan are backed with numerous events recorded in history leaving millions inspired around the world.

Acquiring freedom left Pakistani’s inspired to believe in themselves as a nation. The sacrifices and strong determination led people to love and protect Pakistan; a nation marking its freedom on the 14 of August 1947. However, the protection of the Country was ever so essential to maintain. Hence, our armed forces have always been alert to protect the country ever since the emergence of Pakistan.

The Event of 6th September 1965 proves this potential to be true. This date is marked as Defence Day in Pakistan. It is a commemoration of the brave actions of our armed forces when the Indian army surprisingly crossed the national border and attacked Pakistan. Despite a smaller number of troops compared to India, Pakistan defeated the neighboring country that was once a part of the sub-continent.

We won the war but with a heavy loss of lives of those who are known to be our national heroes. From planning to immediate action, there were practical efforts of bravery put forth by our armed forces. Embracing zeal, passion, and a great spirit of patriotism these heroes sacrificed their lives for the safety of the nation. Names of these noble personalities include Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Rashid Minhas Shaheed, Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed and so many more who were presented with the highest military gallantry award for the martyrs titled Nishan- e-Haider.

As Pakistanis, we take pride in our struggles to attain this beautiful nation a true blessing as we embrace freedom with an example of the national motto; Jinnah’s words “Unity, Faith, and Discipline”. All in all, this was an event proclaiming Pakistan’s strength and power to defend its freedom and border against enemies. We wish Pakistan progresses and is protected by the Almighty forever, long live Pakistan!

The crowned capital – Islamabad is a big deal. It is a landmark that represents Pakistan, holding a persona of its own. Hence, for a business to have a commercial presence in the capital is an accomplishment in itself. Considering Imtiaz as Pakistan’s biggest retail giant, the news that its soon to open a brand new store in Islamabad is amazing.

This new branch happens to be open on GT Road,
Plot 5, Sector A DHA Phase II. The opening in Islamabad planned on the 21st August 2020, is paired with a MEGA LAUNCH filled with fun engaging activities for individuals and families. There are exciting gifts, multiple lucky draw, loyalty card giveaways, and promotions, that comprise these fun activities for the audience planning to visit the launch. Another exciting fact is that there is some possibility of celebs dropping by as the launch happens, now isn’t that exciting!

A very important fact to remember is that the Islamabad store is operational as per the newly changed format of Imtiaz, falling under IMTIAZ MEGA – a store with a wide assortment where you get everything from grocery to fashion, all under one roof. There are aisles loaded with products under several categories holding brands that are both local and international alongside carrying imported products that are generally hard to find anywhere else. It is also said to have a huge and secure parking space so the visitors can shop with ease. After all, shopping is done best when there is peace of mind.

The new store opening at GT Road promises an ambiance of more than just a shopping store. It is said to be packed with entertainment, including ongoing activities and freebies. Imtiaz across Pakistan is known as the ultimate shopping destination offering the best prices for the best products, with quality service. This is sure to be communicated even better in the grey area of Islamabad’s landmark, with Imtiaz’s mega launch this August.

Imtiaz is a giant in the retail business storming in massive sales and a customer base, backed with 7000+ employees, and 400K+ loyal customers across Pakistan. With already well established 12 branches existing in Karachi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad & Lahore it plans to open more soon across the country, a glimpse of which is it’s very recent Islamabad launch. All in all, we can say that Imtiaz has the potential to represent internationally as a powerhouse of retail, and we wish all the best to this hardworking company to shine bright with success.

Imtiaz is a well-known retail giant storming in business with massive sales and a customer base, backed with 7000+ employees and 400K+ loyal customers across Pakistan. The success story of this company dates back to 1955, and since then, never-ending hard work empowered it to gain the title of the fastest-growing retail chain in Pakistan.

Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Abbasi, created this historic story motivating individuals to dream big, setting a practical example of business growth. Today it stands with 11 branches and is soon to add 10 more to its ever-growing chain. Imtiaz has always managed to improve the way it operates considering customer’s ever-changing shopping needs. Hence, this time again it realized the need to present itself with a revamped image. This called for the company to evolve as the #NEWONE, following a change in the logo as an essential part to incorporate new values visually as well.


The previous logo had a shopping trolley, which was a trademark of Imtiaz Super Market’s phenomenal retail chain embodying the mission and vision of serving customers with the best services. Revamping its identity as the #NEWONE, its logo image was a big part as it planned to be perceived more than just a supermarket positioning itself as a HOME STORE. The new logo symbolizes all values that reflect a new vision of Imtiaz including; Star – embracing change and excellence, Happy Customer – valuing customer and stakeholders, Tick – righteous business ethics, and an Arch – symbolizing strength and support.



With this evolved look Imtiaz is also highlighting the unknown fact that it is comprised of three store formats; Imtiaz Mega – where you get a wide assortment of categories,  Imtiaz Super Market – to help you get everyday items with ease, and Imtiaz Xpress – a 24/7 convenient store facility. These formats offer convenience with an unlimited range of services. All in all, this is a new look and a groundbreaking identity that underlines greatness. The new logo is already making waves on all digital channels, gaining popularity for its evolution.


Another good news is that Imtiaz amongst its upcoming projects is also soon to launch multiple branches in the Punjab region. One of its MEGA launch anticipated by customers is in Islamabad on the 21st of August. This Mega Store is expected to have all sorts of products, from household to fashion all under one roof, including facilities of the biggest parking space, wheelchairs accessibility, and much more. Islamabad’s mega launch is followed by two nearing launches in Lahore, a part of its series of branch launch plans in the pipeline.


Imtiaz has set an example by embracing change in the area of acquiring advanced tools, values, and technology to offer better services to customers via competent strategic plans. We hope the best to come from these major moves Imtiaz has made to evolve itself to be the best of the best in the retail industry. For more information, we have all our latest updates on our social media forums where Your Opinion Matters!

Independence Day for Pakistanis brings a feeling of patriotism along with the realization of the freedom we cherish each day. Just the thought of what Kashmir is going through is enough for us to be grateful for our wonderful nation Pakistan. As soon the month of August strikes we are all set for pre-independence shopping and planning. This ritual has been practiced from the very first day of independence back in 1947 and has been a big deal ever since. This year again, despite the unfortunate COVID-19 followed by the terrible episodes of rain which were more of an inconvenience than a blessing, Pakistanis are still determined to celebrate Independence Day with great energy and zeal. To add to this positive vibe, we bring to you a few interesting ways to celebrate this year’s Independence Day.



With the much-awaited anticipation, thankfully with the lockdown lifted, we can visit places that offer entertainment. There is nothing better to do post lockdown than an outing with your loved ones. A day out at your favorite restaurant, mall, coffee shop or just walk at the park can be refreshing and can help get rid of the frustration of all that stay at home vibes as a good restart all in all.



Going digital with an all Pakistani attire can be a hit, after all, when dressed well, we just can’t stay away from our selfies, now can we? A simple selfie with Pakistani props; flags, funky glasses, badges, mirror work clothing, and topi, just about anything that represents you as Pakistani will do wonders on your part. To top it off add a heartily caption to express your love for your nation.






BBQ is the talk of the town and is an all-time post-Eid Ul Adha favorite activity. There could be no other better way to celebrate Independence Day than indulge ourselves in all traditional BBQ, to represent the “traditional you”. There are plenty of recipes that you can try to make your BBQ party a hit.




As Pakistani’s we have encountered many challenges, however, we are proud to be who we are; a nation that stands strong and we celebrate this wholeheartedly. This Independence Day we have another reason to celebrate. The iconic name in the retail industry Imtiaz has decided to evolve itself. Introducing a new look and a groundbreaking identity that reflects bigger & better values revamped to underline greatness. You can get a close look at what’s in line on this news by visiting our social media forums, where you get the best updates in town.


Happy Independence Day Pakistanio!

Eid Ul Adha is a celebration of the miracle that embodies the true obedience of Almighty Allah. Along with this spiritual celebration, this event is also known to be big for food. With all the meat surrounding, it’s no surprise that bari Eid brings along several meaty delights. Hence, this Eid is bliss for foodies. The series of which is solely dedicated to meaty cuisines over the holidays. 

At times it can be a war of meals as people tend to overdo recipes that are generally hard to create on regular days. If you already have a menu planned then that’s great, but in case if you’re out of ideas, here is our list of suggestions that might come handy.


The Ultimate Kalegy Recipe

If you are a liver lover our ultimate kalegy recipe is a must-try for you this Eid.


Start by heating your wok on medium flame, add then add clean liver. Add garlic ginger paste and cook until water dries up, then add red chili powder and cumin powder followed by adding oil and stir continuously. Next, add the rest of the ingredients that include chopped green chilies, lemon juice, and salt. Stir slowly until cooked and serve.

Tantalizing Tikka Boti

No Eid can be complete without tantalizing tikka boti on the menu, and here is a quick recipe for you.


Start your recipe by mixing chili flakes, chili powder, garam masala, food color, cumin powder, lemon juice, ginger-garlic paste, carom seeds, papaya, yogurt, salt, and pepper. Coat the meat in this mixture and marinate it overnight. The next day cook on charcoal slowly until the meat is tender, use chutney and salad to serve along.

Super-Duper Chanps 

An all Pakistani Cusine for the ultimate taste experience, try out this super-duper chanp recipe to go all out this Eid.


As your first step, you need to beat the mutton chanps with the hammer. Then pick a bowl and add yogurt mixing in some cooking oil, onion, lemon juice, hot sauce (green chili is preferred), ginger and garlic paste, coriander powder, kasoori methi, cumin powder, papaya, ajwain, red chili powder and crushed, salt to taste and mix garam masala powder. Next is simple, coat chanps in the mix and refrigerate for one hour (or until needed to be cooked). Roast the chanps and enjoy it with delicious chutney.

Good food is good life, and our recipes shared above can make this Eid a bliss for food lovers. We wish you a very meaty Eid, hope you enjoy your Eid safe at home!

human rights activist is a person who is against discrimination of all sorts and supports equal rights for each and every individual regardless of any kind of differences that there might be. Discrimination is when a person is treated differently because of their gender, religion, caste, color or any such factor that is irreplaceable. This differentiation is often to make the other person feel inferior or bad about themselves in comparison to others who are treated as superiors and the ‘better people’. Discrimination on any basis is something that is absolutely wrong and against human rights. Nobody in this world has the right to treat someone badly or as someone below them assuming that they are better. Neither does any culture support such behavior nor any religion in the world.

Imtiaz Super Market and every single person associated with it is against discrimination. From its head office to all the branches throughout the country, all policies and regulations are such that support equal treatment of everyone and considers everyone as nothing but a human who can benefit from us and vice versa. The practice of zero toleration for discrimination can be seen in multiple areas of retail. For starters, there is no kind of gender-based or religious quota for hiring employees in the head office or the branches. If the candidate’s profile is good and they succeed in proving themselves as an efficient resource for the retail, then there is nothing that will come in the way of their employment. Men, women, people belonging to different religions, everyone is employed based on merit.

All get an equal chance in training, celebrations, promotions without any kind of personal bias and employee records are reviewed frequently to ensure this. Furthermore, if you visit any of our branches, every customer is treated politely, nicely and gently regardless of their gender or appearance. There is no special treatment for anyone beyond the fact that they are all special as customers.

It is true that today in the 21st century we have come very far from the days where there were particular sects and religions whose followers weren’t even treated as humans, let alone equals. Imtiaz Super Market is proud to state that since the beginning of this supermarket, it has been nothing but a constant supporter and contributor to the cause of human rights and it will continue the same.

Where do you go for grocery shopping?


Where do you go to buy your fruits and vegetables?


And what about makeup and accessories?

You probably also have a separate shop for your little one’s necessities, right?

Why? I know why… it’s because there is no way you can find all of these things at one place and that too of good quality, right?


At Imtiaz Super Market, all the products you require are available under one roof. From your kitchen to your bedroom, guest room and toilets, everything you need to maintain all these places are available at Imtiaz Super Market. Electronics, carpets, crockery, car tools, cleaning tools, grocery, dairy products, fruit, and vegetables… literally, anything that you can think of that you would require for the setting, maintenance, and ambiance of your house, is available at Imtiaz Super Market.

Not just that, whether you are planning to gift someone something like clothes or shoes or you want to purchase something for a loved one who has just been blessed with a newborn baby OR you just want to purchase any of the above for YOURSELF, it is ALL available in store.

With the widest assortment in all of the categories, Imtiaz Super Market ensures that you won’t have to go anywhere else for anything! There is so much variety even in the health and beauty section with so many shampoos, fragrances, makeup and much more to choose from that you will get confused about what to choose and what to leave behind. And the best part about all this is that it’s not even of average quality. The most premium quality products are made available at Imtiaz Super Market at prices extremely pocket-friendly.

Furthermore, what makes this retail even more different is the DESIPAN of it. Although we have come a long, long way since Imtiaz was only one kiryana and not whole merchandise, yet even today we welcome our customers with just as much desi-pan as we used to. When you walk into any of the

Imtiaz Super Market branches, you will see cartons and packages literally just sitting there unlike in any other supermarket and the reason behind this is nothing but to maintain the DESI touch of Imtiaz. You can walk in, pick up a carton, put it in your trolley and walk out.  No extra packaging, no additional prices… nothing.

Imtiaz Super Market is definitely your ONE STOP SOLUTION and that is because no matter problem you may have, no matter which product may require, there is only one answer and that is the road that will lead you to Imtiaz Super Market.

We are not just a retail business… we are a FAMILY bonded together by a supreme desire and aim to provide you with the ULTIMATE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!

This year we were confused about whether to enjoy 14th august or to celebrate Eid?

The weather was amazing, it was raining and raining like for straight 48 hours, right before the meaty Eid.

Half of the people were praying for the animals here and there, and half of the people were worried about the sacrifice. The rain has caused a lot of trouble because we don’t have a proper ventilation system, and this is why we have our roads filled with water.

Few of the people made the sacrifice in the home while the roads and streets were still having water, the blood mixed with it and it felt like blood river flowing which was disgusting.

On 14th august, there were malls decorated and small events took place, but obviously because of Eid and 3rd day of Eid and all the hustle and bustle, due to rain, people preferred staying in the home.

The smelly roads, the dirtiness around and the meatiness everywhere.

The waterlines were even mixed and damaged, the water in lines we had got dirty and smelly, so we have to buy water for drinking. Oh, God last few days of Eid were amazingly different yet weird and messy.

On 14th august, we got some amazing new videos in which people showed a beautiful message. Every year we celebrate 14th august with a lot of fireworks and fire shots. This year thankfully it was with Eid so, the fire shots were limited.

This year a lot of people took initiate of cleaning Pakistan streets and making it green by planting trees. Along with this they also have recorded beautiful messages, like clean Pakistan and wrap all the flags bounties back again once you are done celebrating 14th august.

Every year a lot of us celebrate and then let it be on the street but why is that so?

The flag should always be respected and always should keep it safe and high.

Eid holidays with independence holiday, two celebrations together along with the long weekend. It was amazing, since Sunday we have off, and then we are back on Friday only one day to work those who have their Saturday’s off and those who have on, have 2 working days, the week is suddenly small. Much needed vacations, where we have enjoyed rain, family time and friends gathering.

Coming back to the office only for enjoying and celebrating Independence Day.

Friday’s are usually the smallest day of the week because we all get 2 hours of break, prayers and lunch break and if you have an event in the evening, then it becomes smaller than ever, so its one of that kind 😊

Reciting Quran, then singing national anthem following by cake cutting and hi-tea, along with some more activities is how head office and every branch of Imtiaz super market celebrate Independence Day.

For witnessing more about the event and celebration, please visit our Instagram page and Facebook page.

Let us know in the comment section about how you have celebrated your Eid and Independence Day!!

Eid is right around the corner and almost everyone’s sacrificial animals are here. However, there are still many people who just haven’t found the right one yet! In many such cases, time management is a big issue. Men of the family are usually the ones who go out to the MANDI’S to select and purchase the animals but because of busy schedules, there are a lot of men who haven’t been able to visit the MANDI.

We care about you, your schedules and your convenience and this is why we decided to save you from all those hassles and chaotic visits to the mandi. Like every year, once again we bring to you an ‘IN-STORE MANDI’!

Priced according to weight, now you can purchase your sacrificial animal from Imtiaz Super Market at Rs. 670 per kg. Affordable and convenient… what else can you need?

Kept clean and in a hygienic environment, our animals are reliable, healthy and MEATY! Eid is a pious, religious occasion and being able to afford to present your sacrifice is an honor and blessing so you obviously want the best! And for that… we have it covered!

Since they are being sold in-store, even women of the family can go visit, check out the animals and prices and either decide which one to purchase, get familiar with the market ranges or even buy right away!

Like we always say, your convenience means more than anything to us! So in whichever way we are able to make things easy for you, we do it right away!

So no more forcing yourself to the stinky MANDI’S and settling for some animal because you don’t want to visit again. Just one or multiple visits to the Imtiaz Super Market, and make whichever animal you like, yours!

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to the DHA branch of Imtiaz Super Market NOW and get your animals!


How many of you give charity? What even is a charity?

Charity is when you give money, food, clothes or any such thing to someone in need.  The purpose behind the charity is to be able to help someone in any way or magnitude possible.

There are many reasons why we should give charity.

Giving charity is a habit that if reinforced from a young age, can help in the personal and moral development of an individual. People who frequently give charity are known to be more selfless, generous, kind and empathetic than those who don’t. Once you are regular in helping and giving back to people, this trait will be observed and adapted by many individuals that surround you and are associated with you. This way, your charity won’t just be limited to one person or family, you will be helping the wider society by promoting good deeds and spreading the message of love and kindness.

As Thomas Aquinas, one of history’s most famous philosophers once stated, “charity brings to life again, those who are dead.” (Forbes)

Through charity, one does not only help the one in monetary need, but he also helps his own soul by bringing it closer to selflessness and morality.

The concept of charity holds great importance in all religions. In Islam, charity is beyond just giving money or clothes. Even if you treat a person politely, it is counted as a charity. As stated in a hadith, Your smile for a brother is charity. Your removal of stones, thorns or bones from the paths of people is charity. Your guidance to a person who is lost is also charity.” (Bukhari) (Forbes) (zakat foundation of America)

We all have always known the importance of charity and the benefits too and it’s pretty obvious that each one of us has given charity to someone in one way or another.

However, there is a small issue… sometimes when we know a person who may be in a financial crisis and we want to help them but still we know that they won’t accept that help in the form of charity. It is sad but it’s true that charity is often associated with monetary help to poor and nothing beyond that – which as we just discussed, is NOT true.

Nevertheless, for such sensitive relations and matters, there is another solution. Instead of handing them money or clothes or whatsoever, now you can gift them a GIFT CARD by Imtiaz Super Market.

These gift cards are super cute and come in attractive color schemes and designs. They are also handy and easy to carry and are available in multiple prices; 500, 1000, 2500 & 5000 – so you have an option. You can purchase one or you can purchase multiple. It is completely up to you!

This is the perfect way to express your care and affection for someone without fearing to offend them or driving them away.

With these gift cards, you also give the recipients the power to choose and purchase for themselves which will make them feel independent and powerful in a time when they might be feeling hopeless.

You care about people and we care about YOU!

So let’s join hands and spread the message of love and generosity with Imtiaz Super Market’s gift cards. A gift of love!