Everybody loves gifts! There is no one in this world who doesn’t like to receive a gift. They make you feel special, cared for and thought of. When there is an occasion coming up or you are celebrating something and want to give someone a gift, you ponder upon it and think about it for days and weeks to decide on the perfect gift for that person. However, at times when it turns out that it wasn’t required or appreciated by the other person; you can’t help but feel disappointed.

However, there is nothing to worry about when you have facilities provided by Imtiaz Super Market. With its wide range of gift cards that suit your affordability and desire to purchase a small or grand gift, Imtiaz Super Market helps you to continue not only making others happy but also saves you from the distress and tension you face when it comes to buying gifts. Starting from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000, these gift cards come in various price ranges, attractive colors, and unique designs. You can buy one or you can buy multiple.

No matter what the occasion; birthday, anniversary, any religious or national event or celebratory days like friendship or parent’s day, with Imtiaz Super Market’s gift cards, you will never have to be the person worrying about a bad gift. With this thoughtful effort, you can take your loved ones along with you and let them choose for themselves from the wide variety of gift stuff like garments, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, etc. available at Imtiaz Super Market.

There is no better way to express that you are thinking of someone and care about them other than presenting them with a gift that reminds them of you. The best part about these gift cards is that they are so easy to carry and attractive that you will never have to worry about offending someone and will always end up making them happy.

Magazines are published for three basic reasons; to inform, to educate and to entertain. Similarly, retail magazines are published so the consumers could be made aware of the services that retail or a particular brand is providing and the latest perks that consumers could benefit from.

For the same reason, Imtiaz Super Market introduced their own magazines with the purpose to keep the customers informed, aware and retain their interests regarding upcoming and on-going deals and sales in-store. To ensure that the magazines are accessed by a wider audience, the Super Market ensures that their magazines are up-to-date, attractive, and easy to understand and carry.

These free of cost magazines in the form of flyers are of two types and released at two points of time. The ‘Weekly Delight’ magazine is released every week and entails weekly prizes and discounts on products from various categories like eatables and beauty and care. The monthly magazine is another promotional magazine released every 15 days with ‘buy one get one’ offers and bigger discounts on products specifically from 3-4 particular categories; usually electronics and grocery. The Imtiaz calendar is also attached to the monthly magazine to keep our customers updated with all that we are planning for them. Apart from these 2, whenever there is an event or a major sale being held at the supermarket, customized magazines are designed for that and released with exciting sales and offers. The cricket-themed magazine is a great example for this which was released recently for the ‘cricket mania’ sale.

This is not only a promotional activity that benefits us; it benefits our customers more considering that they are free of cost, informative and very light thus, easy to carry. Also, with a focus on color theme and design, they are made appealing for the customers.

All in all, the promotional magazines of Imtiaz Super Market are extremely unique and different from any other magazine introduced and are published with the sole purpose to entertain, educate and benefit our clients as much as we can.

Corporate events are a big deal when it comes to the development of an organization. At Imtiaz Super Market its management acknowledged the hard work its employees put forth for the benefit of the Company. Hence, it decided to plan a corporate event surrounding sports to celebrate. A cricket tournament was arranged; titled “ISM CRICKET LEAGUE”. It consisted of only Head Office colleagues, from various departments; HR, Audit, Procurement, Finance, IT, Marketing, Customer Care, along with tea boys, and peons. 


Imtiaz Super Market CRICKET LEAGUE

The event started off good, everyone was involved. There was a total of four teams competing against each other. Each team had a title; ISM Hawks, ISM Kings, ISM Tigers, ISM Shaheen, led by HR head, Marketing head, Category manager (health and beauty) and the fourth team was led by the GRN maker. Everyone was given a fair chance to become the lead or captain of the team. There was a competition but with positive vibes around. Everyone was excited, as it was a cricket tournament, and cricket is a sport that is loved by Pakistanis generically. The spirit and the passion people have for cricket is commendable.

Trophy Post

TROPHIES | Proud Partners


Almost 180 people were engaged in this tournament that was sponsored by in-house brands; Poonam, Oven Fresh, and Home Sense. The match started at around 7 pm and was fully active till morning; 5 am, all matches were fixed back to back. A fun part was when a poll was done before the match as a wild guess of which team will win. The results were somehow expected as per the hype. However, the final match and results of the back to back matches were totally unexpected, opposite of what we thought.



Trophies were given to the winning team and best performers alongside gifts to appreciate their enthusiasm. Some people got some serious injuries though. All the excitement and practices were worth the hard work put in the event. The event ISM League turned out to be amazing.


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