Seafood is loved by many, especially in winters. It is easy to cook and also healthy. Also used for diet purposes as it will keep you fit as it’s full of nutrition. Fish is considered a cheap source of protein diet that you can add to your meal. Pakistan is a country of diverse landscapes, wildlife, and ecosystem. The rivers and lakes provide a home for both; homegrown and exotic fish species. Marine fish is marketed as fresh, frozen, canned, reduced to fish meal, other purposes, and some retained by fishermen for their use. The freshwater catch is marketed fresh for local consumption.

At Imtiaz Super Market we have a wide variety of fish. They are available at our Gulshan branch, DHA branch, Malir Cantt branch and Tariq Road branch. You will find several types of fish including; Black Pomfret (Small), Chakori, Dhaati, Fresh Water RAHU (Large), Fresh Water RAHU (Small), King fish (Surmai), Mangra fish Boneless, Mulla, Mushka, Prawns, Queen fish (Saram), Raawas, Red Snapper (Heera), Round Sole, Silver Grunter (Dhotar), Tuna fish, White Dandia, White Kund, White Pomfret (Large), White Pomfret (Small), Yellow fish (Goli), Baby Bekti (Daangri), Black Kund, and Black Pomfret (Large).

You can easily check the fish if is fresh or not by looking at the gills of a fish, fresh fish gills are bright red or pink in color. It has a mild scent and moist flesh, and appears freshly cut. Whole fish have bright, bulging eyes, this is also another hint of checking the freshness. Frozen fish should meet the fresh-smell test and have taut packaging with no evidence of ice or blood.

Hopefully, with the tips we have shared, you will never have a bad experience while purchasing fish next time you go shopping for it.

Remember the days when shopping required going to the market and searching in the aisles for hours alone. Well, those days are gone. Over the years, shopping trends have changed vastly and for the good. The retail industry has transformed and today instead of consumers having to adapt to the conditions of a brand, the situation has now flipped as retailers now need to be efficient and adapt to consumer preferences while making their service and products more convenient.

There was a time when one had to visit each shop one by one, looking for a particular product at a particular shop assigned for it. Shopping was a chore that required lots of effort. However, things have changed now with the popularity of supermarkets and hypermarkets, where one could find anything and everything and that too, in a wide assortment at reasonable market prices.

From a chore, shopping turned into something that people started enjoying. These supermarkets not only became a house to thousands of amazing products that people go to buy but also became a hangout space for many where they could go with their mates, observe whatever is available as a window-shopping experience. Imtiaz Super Market where activities like campaigns, lotteries, and giveaways are frequent, shopping became a source of fun and entertainment.

With a further change in trends and progress, the internet and e-commerce have seized the market. The trend of online shopping has increased phenomenally. With customized and private online websites that are managed by an efficient team, brands make sure that consumers receive maximum services with minimum efforts.

Imtiaz is one of the most consumer-friendly supermarkets and aspires to be the best by providing its customers with the ultimate shopping experience. For this very reason, adapting to the needs and demands of the customers, the supermarket aims to launch its e-commerce website soon so that its customers can benefit from it and can access thousands of products available in-store at their fingertips. This, however, definitely won’t affect the quality of service in-store and the provision of exceptional goods and services will be ensured to customers both online and offline.

Until the e-commerce website is launched, Imtiaz Super Market’s online web page continues to make things easy for its customers by providing them with information on the scope of the supermarket, its services and categories, latest trends, packages and benefits. Also, with customer reviews and updated articles, customers are kept aware of the general opinion of audiences.

Another shopping trend that has been observed is the ever-increasing sense of social consciousness. With the spread of awareness about the kind of environmental degradation that has been happening recently, customers are more inclined towards products that are more sustainable and brands that are more responsible. Imtiaz Super Market’s family is proud to inform its customers that it is one of the most environment-friendly retailers. An eco-friendly initiative was taken at Malir Cantt branch of Imtiaz Super Market, where plastic bags were replaced with paper bags to spread the message of a sustainable environment aiming to do this at every branch in order to be more socially responsible.

Lastly, based on another latest shopping trend, consumers no more choose and visit brands solely on the basis of the products they are providing. Since almost everything is available online, if consumers are leaving their comfort zones and personally visiting stores to shop for things, they expect exceptional service in return. As a customer of Imtiaz Super Market, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to customer care. Known for its fast service, the staff at Imtiaz is always present to assist and help customers to look for anything they require along with guiding them about the various kinds of products available.

Conclusively, even though the shopping trends have changed massively throughout the years, Imtiaz Super Market is proud to be the most consumer-friendly retailer, adapting to the rapidly changing requirements, needs, and demands of its customers.

A price tag is something that people notice every time while buying or while evaluating whether they should buy it or not. Today let us tell you something strange about tags. Some facts that we never knew and some general discussion that might help you.

Tags are kept to point out something important. Even in books, we have bookmarked or we tag a few pages to remind ourselves, the same goes for a product. Each product has a tag and tags play an important role. Now tag could be anything, in fashion; size tag and price tag, for general products price tag is everything. Price tag plays a vital role in everyone’s life, especially when people are shopping on a budget.

Imtiaz Super Market as a pioneer is now taking more steps towards innovations and introducing a new system of tags. When you are going to shop online you know that this product is on sale, all the promotional prices are already mentioned on banners and the display picture also has it. But when you talk about the retail industry, and shop or a supermarket, they have to go through a proper channel of changing price and a chain of command is going on which nobody known unless you are an insider or you have an interview with an insider.

Only on the counter, you get to know or the discount is mentioned on the slip, until then you never know about the promotional items. Or the other case is that the products are displayed on special aisles and corners to grab attention. As there is no special color or boldness to highlight discounts mentioned on products or there is no indicator that tells you about the previous price and the discounted price.

Sometimes, we don’t even know that this product was on sale or available on discounted rates unless someone says so. After a survey, we got to know that half of the people have an issue in finding the discounted rates. Knowing this we have decided to recreate some tags. Red tags – that is something which we came up with and now the real challenge is how did we implement it or how did we test it. We kept some tags in red color and placed it in different aisles to see the reactions of people and to know whether it attracts or not.

Why choosing RED color – Red is the symbol of love, anger, heart, blood, rose, warmth, emergency, alert and danger when there is something serious, we say RED that means high alert, emergency, warning or danger even. Red is a prominent color, which means red will grab attention. So, Red was selected to give an alert and was a way to attract people which it did, people asked what is this and why a change in color of tag.

Next, we started to educate people about our red tags, about the change of color of the price tag. We also checked to put it in different portions, different segments, so that people can see and we can judge, is it even worth all the efforts. Being a supermarket, we need to keep on bringing new ideas that attract the audience.

After weekly magazines with promotional offers every week, we found that the people are still not attracted to the discounted price. The answer was they use to get lost in the variety of items and also could not find the discounted price. So, now whenever they enter, they can easily see.  that’s the red tag and that means its discounted it should be in magazines, and even if not, it’s still on discount. Sometimes being in the retail business you have a lot of promotions. Adding so much to the magazine or on social media gives a weird look and possibly is hard to cover. Some promotions are live on in branches directly but are not communicated to the channels like social media and magazines or are also for the limited time that they cannot be added in a magazine.

Now, after this red tag, the customer has easy access to the discounted rate items. And by means of discounts, everyone who shops from Imtiaz Super Market knows that Imtiaz gives the best rates, lower than the market. We hope whenever you will visit Imtiaz Super Market you will find a red tag for discount prices. And just by the way Imtiaz Super Market, normal price tags are currently white which will be turning to blue, the sooner the better as their base color is blue and orange.