Our freedom is our biggest blessing but unfortunately, it is that one thing we take for granted. There are so many countries that are still in a state of havoc and destruction and we are lucky enough to not be one of them and for this, we have our army and our defense forces to thank.

Ensuring peace and security, these people dedicate their lives to fight against the evil forces and protect us without caring about their own lives. Time and time again, our military and defense have put our lives above their own, the 1965 war was one in which we lost countless dedicated members of our defense forces. In memory of the sacrifices that our military forces made that year and how bravely they defended this beloved land, we celebrate Defense Day every year in Pakistan.

This tribute not only reminds us of the continuous efforts of our military forces, but it also inspires the young generation and develops feelings of patriotism and bravery amongst all Pakistanis. To commemorate this, Defense Day is celebrated each year on the 6th of September across Pakistan.

Imtiaz Super Market started its journey as a kiryana store. It later transformed into a huge chain as a well-renowned name across Pakistan. In the year 1955 when it was a small shop, it had limited items. Soon after creating a name with tedious hard work, Imtiaz Super Market started to pitch companies with the idea of expansion. These companies would then create a contract to have their goods placed at the store. The result was fruitful, gradually more categories and products were added increasing the overall assortment.

Now, after years of struggle and hard work finally Imtiaz Super Market has the best and a vast variety of categories and products that are imported as well as locally available at best prices, all under one roof. What makes Imtiaz Super Market the best place to get products is its wide range of assortment. From a simple tissue box to a huge carton of the same, it has a huge area to display all kinds of products.

The assortment includes imported items, chocolates, perfumes, crockery, groceries, beverages and much more. When you visit Imtiaz Super Market, you can never leave the place any sooner or empty-handed. You will keep looking at the assortments, category, products, variety, and range offered of every item displayed in the store. The placement of products on the shelf is clear and precise so that you can easily view and pick the stuff you desire to purchase.

When you visit the alley, it is so spacious that you can easily move around with your trolley, while standing or moving around. There is a huge variety of products offered that may leave you confusing when purchasing a simple shampoo. Another offer that is a good deal is the loyalty card, on each purchase from any category, you will get loyalty points. Every category has 300 plus products, 50 plus brands. With the addition of a line up new of new brands each month. Imtiaz Super Market offers a lot, that too, at an incredible price considering its customers as a priority. 




It is not hard to resist hunger, but thirst, it’s almost impossible to resist. Summer season isn’t over yet and in these hot summer days, especially in Karachi, all one can think of is something chilled to drink to quench thirst. The beverage options available, from which we can readily choose from include soft drinks or juices, considering these are most widely displayed options.

When it comes to trying to find better options that are different, you may want to explore Imtiaz Super Market as your destiny to find a variety of options to quench your thirst. Imtiaz Super Market offers you a wide assortment of beverages. From soft drinks to juices, milk-based beverages, fruit cocktails and much more.

If you are looking for a suitable beverage for your guests then you can opt for soft drinks. If you’re in the mood for something healthy then you can try the available fruit juices by various brands out of which some even contain fresh fruit pieces. For a celebration at home, you can go for sparkling celebration drinks. Desi drinks are also available at the stores which include lassi as an all-time favorite. Kids can enjoy nutritious and fun drinks such as milk beverages like Milo, Pakola and many more.

International beverages that are chocolate based are also available like Mars shake, Snickers shake and many more, these are imported directly with the guarantee of affordable price and premium quality. 

Here is a bonus for you, if you’re shopping at the Gulshan branch of Imtiaz Super Market and have been craving fresh juice, you don’t have to settle for boxed juices. At Gulshan Branch, fresh sugarcane juice is available that is processed and packed hygienically, right in front of your eyes.

As your most favorite retailer, it is our responsibility to ensure that all your desires and cravings are fulfilled and satisfied. Hence, we keep updating our assortment of all our categories. Head over to your nearest Imtiaz Super Market branch to enjoy our wide range of beverage assortment.

Normally, when there’s a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding, that we can’t stop asking from others, what are we supposed to give as a gift or how to make people feel special while giving them something worth it. Giving cash out also feel weird at times, so what next?

Image result for giftsGifting someone for the first time is easy but when you have to give them like every year or twice in a year, its quite complicated as options goes completely vein and in that vein, we sniffed around the fanciest, chanciest brands, and found the cheapest, nicest item from each (many of which, we should note, are not cheap-cheap — only relatively so) that would make a wonderful, indulgent gift, especially for the stumpers on your list. Sometimes, being brand-obsessed when it comes to gifts is good, but then again the choices are totally unpredictable. There is something so glamorous about opening a Chanel gift box — even when what’s inside said a box is a bar of soap.Related image

So, for keeping everything in place, companies have introduced gift cards, which become people’s favorite thing to give and to have one. No issue of choices or return or exchange or size issue. Just give them the card and let the person decide himself/herself what they like to have.

These ideas of gift cards have done wonders around the world, in every sector people are now preferring gift cards, whether a fashion brand, a retail store or an e-com venture, everyone has different gift cards to offer, at different occasions.

So, here in Imtiaz Super Market, we are also planning to announce a series of gift cards, for every occasion with every kind of range to offer, from the minimum amount of 500 to max of 5000.

Now, forget the tension of what to give, just visit the stores and buy your gift card, which will be valid for a long time than expected.

Related imageOh!! and are you worried about the theft or used bar code the card might have or the card won’t work?

Relax!! This won’t happen, as our systems are well efficient in recognizing all the factors, also our teams are working and testing every aspect to overcome such frauds and activities.

The company is also planning to announce more gift cards as per the demand, as this product goes on top or gives a good response they might extend more of variety or range.

So stay tuned for more such exciting news and stuff.