Every girl dreams of having a makeup vanity, with the start of a new day there is a new bubble for a new look. For each day something new is needed; a new product, a new brush, a new palate or a new brand to try on. For this, long visits to the malls, pages, and local shops are on the go, so that they can buy reasonable makeup. Sometimes they look for branded and original makeup but doubt that is it available in a random store and is it even real.

Imtiaz Super Market is working hard to bring more brands on board. Brands that matter the most and are in demand. Whether it is of makeup or perfumes, they are working and bringing original stuff in stores, in branches for the customers. Months back makeup city launched their booths at Imtiaz Super Market. Video of the same is available on our YouTube channel, here is the link:

Another makeup brand Kryolan is available at Imtiaz Super Market. It is a renowned, professional brand that is especially known for its top-quality foundations. As it provides the best finish, best coverage and is long-lasting – it gives a fantastic finish to all the skin types. From foundation to concealer, everything is just so right on point. Kryolan is considered best to suit all types along with the wide range of shades that are just perfect to suit all skin tones.

Kryolan makeup products are formulated with skincare, high pigment-levels and longevity in mind, so the products last all day while being exceptionally skin compatible and nourishing. It’s a brand that sounds expensive, but after the results, it is worth every single penny. The quantity is sufficient even if you use it daily, it will not end soon. The stick will last for 3 to 6 months minimum. Kryolan is a brand that is used infrequently by the top-notch makeup artists, media persons, and brides for their big days.

Tv sticks of Kryolan are the best for a long day. Though people say it is expensive but compared to the quantity and quality they are amazing. There is a technique of using this stick for a better result. Many of us don’t know the technique and that is why we switch to other brands. 

The shades and the range available in this brand is honestly very fine and amazing covering to dark shades that are F1 F2 F3 to the fairest W1 W2 and the neutral shades that are 36 38 and so, we might have missed out few shades but these are the ones that have been experienced the most. Few shades are used to camouflage, to hide the dark circles and spots, that is extreme orange, sometimes shade 36 is also used for the same purpose.

The range this brand offers is huge and the colors are amazing, all you need is to practice with it and you are all good to go. So, visit Imtiaz Super Market and buy your Tv paint stick now. Experience yourself and let us know in the comment section below.

The sale season is here, which is making a huge impact on every industry. People are going crazy over the discounts. That is building pressure on every page, every brand, and industry to follow the norm. Hence, every market place is offering different discounts on different days and so, are the retail market places.

November is the month of sales around the globe due to the 11:11 phenomenon. The concept behind 11:11’s celebration started in China; people celebrate single’s day initially. However, it became a trend and each year the benchmark was changed. After a few years and a massive contribution by China, this event; 11:11 turned into a sales day for promotional prices offered. Now, for this new shopping trend, people wait for this day because of the unbelievable price discounts.

Imtiaz Super Market already provides the best prices. It has initiated weekly magazines, monthly magazines and red-tag that has discounted prices, whenever you visit Imtiaz Super Market sales and discounts are going on. Every week Imtiaz Super Market comes up with a theme that attracts the consumers. This time the theme is not only a theme it is more than a theme; it is a festival with amazing sale discounts; BIGGEST ELECTRONIC GALA. Offering the best of the best brands in electronics. Multiple items are on sale, there are bundles as well, buy one get one free offer and much more. Brands like Black+Decker, Hisense, VIVO, Audionic, Philips, Westpoint, Moulinex, Remington, and many more are giving huge discounts exclusively available at Imtiaz Super Market.

Electronic Gala is the biggest electronic gala of the year. Imtiaz Super Market provides the best prices on the products, whether it is a red-tag or weekly magazine the prices compared to other stores are very cheap. There are discounts up to 20% & 50% on various brands you can conveniently purchase.

Imtiaz is a one-stop-shop solution that helps you and your family to buy whatever is desired. To cash, the biggest electronic gala, visit your nearest branch now.