When you hear Gift Card, you automatically think it’s a Gift For You! Maybe a prepaid card… It can be some discount or some amount that you can use within a specific time period…

A Gift Card is a prepaid stored-value money card, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store.

Gift Cards are usually given to appreciate the efforts of employees or to a purchaser who has purchased in bulk as an appreciation enhancing and provoking the purchaser to come again and shop more.

Imtiaz Super Market has officially announced its Gift Cards.

Imtiaz Super Market is changing the trend of gifting and is giving an opportunity to the ordinary people like anyone who is a shopper or not a shopper can come and purchase the Gift Card from its branch. Imtiaz is not bounding anyone to purchase something and in return, they can buy a gift card.

It simply says visit us and ask for your range of gift card and have it.


A pocket-friendly gift for your loved ones.

Range starting from 500 till 5000. A perfect gift that you will find for family & friends or for employees, clients, & customers. A hassle-free way of gifting. Be easy and relax for thinking what to give as a gift, simply purchase it packs it and give it.

Procedure to buy the card:

All you have to do is visit our any branch you like, ask for the gift card of your range and purchase it.

Now you can keep it with yourself or you can gift it to the one you like.


This card is valid until three months, so you have three months to use the card.

A lot of people prefer sending gifts and then disappointment hits them hard as accepting their choices or accepting anyone else choice is something not preferred by everyone.

On this occasion of Ramadan, we have made some special cards.

Now if you want to give someone zakat or help someone yet they refuse to take cash or feel shy in any way then here give them the card they won’t refuse the card since it’s a gift.

Now help the needy without hurting their ego or self-respect with our gift cards which give you so many categories to choose from.

You can buy any category you like, but the condition which applies is:

You can use this one time like if you want to pay through your card then you have to avail the card amount in one go, any remaining amount will be vanish destroyed…. Watch the video to know more about our gift card.

Let us know in the comment section below that what else you want to know about our product gift card.

Stay connected with us on all our channels and enjoy all the latest updates.

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Imtiaz Super Market’s Malir Cantt branch is known to have a humble staff. The interior of the branch is beautiful and with a neat and clean environment. To get to know more about the branch we interviewed Mr. Asif Abbasi who is the business unit manager for Malir Cantt.

Q. Some Fundamentals or the basis of how it started and what difficulties and challenges were faced?

A. Malir Cantt branch is the 9th branch in series of branch openings and very first branch in any cantonment area of Pakistan. On 4th May 2018, it was inaugurated by our CEO MR. Imtiaz Abbasi.

Q. What was the purpose and dream?

A. The purpose of opening this branch was not just to approach new customers, rather, also to pay tribute to the Pak army and other forces for their sacrifices and their respective services. Indeed, this branch is the interpretation of the dream of our CEO Mr. Imtiaz Abbasi.

Q. What difficulties and challenges did the team faced?

A. Due to the military contest, there were many difficulties in the early days, top of the line to understand and follow the rules and regulations of the military area. But the team members turned impossible into possible.

Q.  What are the privileges at this branch?

A. This is Pakistan’s first and only branch which offers 5% discount to every Army service person and 3% to every retired Army person as a gift of their services.

Q. What is the footfall?

A. Alhumdulilah footfall is increasing day by day as we are trying our best to provide better services at this one-stop-shop solution.

Q. What categories does the branch have?

A. As per customer’s need, we have added here different categories such as edible grocery, confectionery, condiments, beverages, crockery, household, frozen & fresh products like meat, seafood, vegetables & fruits, dry fruits, and pharmacy as well.

Q. How is the hygiene factor?

A. Keeping the hygiene principles, we use food graded cutting boards for meat and seafood instead of working on traditional wooden ones. Every employee related to the fresh category is medically checked up and vaccinated every 3 months as per cantonment rules. All necessary measures are brought to maintain the quality of vegetables and fruits up-to-date.

Q. Can we know a bit about the pharmacy?

A. To facilitate in a better way to all pharmacy customers, pharmacist services have been provided at all time including discounts up to 12% on medicines.

Malir Cantt branch is sure to surprise you with additional overwhelming facilities such as gift cards, loyalty cards, promotion articles including buy one get one free offer. We also are planning to include cards for our army, which is in the process. This branch is a milestone that we all have achieved together as a team and we are proud of it to be a part of Imtiaz Super Market.