1. Imtiaz Super Market currently offers only a « Cash on Delivery » payment facility. Demand Draft/ Cheques/Gift Cards/Loyalty Card redemption shall not be accepted for orders booked under the COD method of payment. It is strictly a cash-only payment method.
  2. Delivery charges shall be 30/- per package.
  3. Loyalty points shall not be awarded or redeemed against these packages
  4. You are required to make a Cash payment to our Courier Representative, at the time of delivery of your order at your place. Please do not pay any additional charges to courier staff. The amount stated on the Sales Invoiceis to be paid to the Courier Representative which is inclusive of all charges.
  5. Full payment is required to be paid before receiving the package and signing the delivery sheet. The packages can only be opened once the payment is made.
  6. For General Terms and Conditions of online purchases for full details on Exchange and Refund of items please call at our helpline 021 111 468 429 or visit our website imtiazsupermarket.com.pk