Imtiaz recently added its 10th store in Karachi under the brand name. Imtiaz Mega Zamzama opened its doors on the 5th of December, 2020 at DHA Phase V in Zamzama. All Covid-19 SOPs were practiced strictly, supporting the government’s initiative to stop the coronavirus.

A soft opening was held a day before this store was fully operational for customers. It started with the recitation of the Quran, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony indicating the official opening of the store.

The next day was for the customers to come, visit, and shop. This store carried its unique value proposition; consisting of great deals and discounts. With a larger floor space, it offered more to the customers. Not to forget, it’s a Mega store of Imtiaz consisting of a huge assortment. One can never go empty-handed as it has both local and international products, alongside other brands of Imtiaz; Ponam, Brio’s, Bakings and Sabiha’s.

A fun activity with traditional drum beaters had taken place as well. This was to celebrate the existence of 10 stores across Karachi. To share the happiness, Imtiaz gave away free of cost trolleys to a total of 10 winners at the store counter. Keeping it festive, drums beaters amplified the moment before each winner was announced. The execution of this activity was larger than life, adding festivity to a customer’s regular shopping day. It helped Imtiaz spread the joy, thanking Karachiites for all their love and support.

This 10th store in Karachi has proved to be a success, all in all. With so much to offer, Imtiaz Mega Zamzama is anyone’s go-to store who’s looking to get everything under one roof. The store timings are restricted from 8 AM to 8 PM citywide.

Many joyous faces were spotted, happy to see Imtiaz put in continuous efforts for the customer’s sake. This store is another one to be loved by the customers of Karachi for sure. To witness a new shopping experience, do pay Imtiaz Zamzama a visit and share your feedback in the comments below.


Imtiaz understands shopping as a bare necessity, hence, it has decided to continue its store operations amid COVID-19 across Pakistan. However, considering government lockdown guidelines, revised timings have been implemented in different stores city wise. Also, to enter Imtiaz premises customers and store staff must follow Coronavirus SOPS strictly.

Imtiaz follows all safety SOPs to keep you safe, because your safety comes first. There is a continuous practice of disinfecting signs of possible germs. Properly placed social distancing marks are placed on the floors. Trolleys are sanitized continuously to maintain hygiene. A disinfectant solution is also sprayed now and then to clear spaces around the store.

Several safety measures are being practiced at Imtiaz. A few of these include; wearing a face mask, the practice of social distancing, continuous hand sanitizing, and getting temperature checked; first thing before entering the store.

Apart from these, there are additional safety measures practiced. One of which is per person, per cart rule. With this everyone gets a chance to shop fairly, discouraging bulk buying. Also, children and senior citizens have been requested to avoid visiting the stores. This is for their safety since there is a high risk of COVID-19 to infect this age group.

As one of the pioneers in retail, Imtiaz feels the responsibility to contribute to society more than ever during these depressing times. Imtiaz’s efforts to keep its valuable customers safe is visibly seen. Its social media channels are continuously promoting safety measures for Coronavirus. Customers planning to shop at Imtiaz are advised to feel safe as long as they follow Covid-19 SOPs. For more information on Coronavirus safety measures, visit Imtiaz’s social media channels, until then stay safe!


Highlights Of Imtiaz Mega Gulberg Islamabad’s Exciting Opening Ceremony

Imtiaz’s second branch in Islamabad recently opened its doors for the customers. The location is at a very convenient spot at Gulberg Greens, Expressway, where people can easily visit to shop. Its opening ceremony was held on the 20th of November, which included a huge crowd anticipating the launch.

Everyone at the branch opening was excited to see what this new branch had to offer. This was something anticipated long before the launch, as Imtiaz claimed it showcased a variety of products under one roof. Including its very own brands Sabiha’s, Ponam, Brios, etc alongside offering other local and international products.

As usual, like any other branch opening of Imtiaz, it was packed with fun and excitement. It started with Qira’t recitation followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony; a moment of joy for everyone.

After this, finally, it was time to view Islamabad’s second mega branch. As expected, it had a wide range of products to offer. The internal structure was so well planned that one could view the branch and shop easily. The ambiance was filled with colorful festive decorations that added more to the joyful occasion.

Concluding the branch opening highlights, as promised, the branch proved to be a paradise for shoppers. It was loved by the customers and received loads of appreciation. This was good news for this retailer since this proved the opening to be a success.

Imtiaz has not only moved its customers with continuous surprises but has also inspired several businesses nationwide. With such active progress, it has people guessing its next move. We can only hope for something new and exciting from its end in time to come. Until then, don’t forget to visit Imtiaz Mega Gulberg Islamabad, it has lots in store for you!


Sabiha’s Winter Collection Volume 2 Is Finally Up For Grabs


Sabiha’s by Imtiaz, a leading women’s fashion brand recently introduced its second volume within its 2020 winter collection. It has easily accessible ready to wear fashion-centric pieces which ensures that you can now enjoy winters in style. This volume is the real deal of the season with a vibrant and luxe range. Consisting of a wide variety of options to help you style, here is a look at what it has for you.


Cambric – 2 Piece Suits

Representing earthy tones alongside bright botanical prints, Sabiha’s cambric collection is truly unique. This range has a mix of prints that allows you to choose from multiple options. Provided that it’s a 2 piece collection, this is another advantage of getting a sorted outfit offering pants with the kurta.


Cambric – Single Shirts

If you like to pair your kurta with pants of your own choice, there is good news! Sabiha’s also has a single kurta option. The designs are just as pretty as the ones in the two-piece collection. There are several print options including modern and contemporary. Detailing is another aspect, that one can’t miss. There’re beads, dori, piping, lace detailing, tassels, and other embellishments too.


Khaddar Prints 

The go-to material, khaddar, is another fantastic feature in the collection. The fashion brand has done a great job creating eye-catching kurtas. It has excellent details that include scallop design collar, key hole neckline, pearl embellishment, stripe designed sleeves and so much more.


Silk Satin Prints 

If you’re looking to incorporate silk in your wardrobe this season, then do try Sabiha’s. Its latest silk collection has luxe designs incorporated with beads, tassels, and fancy buttons. With the advantage of being stitched, it’s a preferable option for modern-day women.


Sabiha’s winter collection has got you sorted all this season. The best part of this collection is the wide variety. Whether you need a two-piece suit or a single shirt, you can get everything at Sabiha’s. It has become the go-to brand as an apparel collection for women. Offering a variety, from a chic look to formal wear, it has everything you could wish for. The collection is available instore and online. If you love what they have then do visit and get your favorites before the season end. Happy shopping!






Imtiaz is an iconic retail giant in Pakistan. Following its series of lucky draws across Pakistan, another lucky draw gift distribution event was held. This took place in Lahore; Haly Tower, on the 1st of November. However, this time it was different. Winners were informed a day prior to the main event day. Instead of the gift distribution on the same day, they were invited to an exclusive gift distribution event.

The event was unexpected, but well-planned out. The inauguration started with Qira’at recitation. This was an expression of gratitude, highly appreciated by the audience. Following this, was the main highlight of the event; the gift distributions. Winners were called out and were requested to step up on the stage. They were personally handed their gifts, and this gesture lit their faces with great joy.

The distribution of cookware sets was first followed by heaters, TVs, phones, Honda CD 70 bikes, and at the end was the grand prize. Everyone was thrilled after the grand prize winners who won Suzuki Cultus VXR Manual and Suzuki Alto AGS Automatic were announced. And, so were the winners themselves.

Conclusion of gift distributions called for refreshments. High-tea was served to the audience present that refreshed the exhaustion of all the excitement. After this, another announcement took place in which Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Abbasi himself addressed the crowd. He thanked them for all the love and support and congratulated all the winners. With this warm gesture, the event was finally concluded with tons of appreciation from the audience.

Imtiaz is Pakistan’s biggest retail brand. Its growth has been phenomenal throughout the years to date. It realizes its customers as the backbone for its success, hence, remembers to give back to them. Several events benefiting the customers are held every now and then that spreads wide smiles across their faces.

It’s not just the convenient shopping, customer experience, round the clock service amongst many other facilities that Imtiaz offers, but also the extra-curricular events held by this retail giant that benefit the local public. With continuous expansion and growth, we’re sure Imtiaz’s legacy will only become stronger, reaching new heights of success in time to come.



Imtiaz’s fast-growing expansion has been a sense of pride for the nation, making it a retailer in Pakistan with the most valued customers, employees, and resources alongside state-of-the-art technology to back its massive extension plans. With so much brewing, Imtiaz has extended its shopping experience in Lahore with another branch. This time it’s huge for the city of Minar, with this new branch located at Boulevard Heights, Plot # 11K Main Boulevard Gulberg 2.


The brand-new branch opened its doors for the customer to join the fun last Friday on the 16th of October. Based on the retail giant’s “mega” format, it will be offering several products under various categories, with brands that are both; national and international. It’s huge shelved with a paradise of goods from fashion, electronics, grocery, food, and so much more. With unlimited options to choose from, you can never go empty-handed once you decide to step into the branch. With Imtiaz Mega Lahore customers are definitely in for a good deal.

There was a huge hype pre-launch on Imtiaz’s digital platforms booming with competitions. Imtiaz had mega plans for this mega branch launch day too, celebrating it big. The grand celebration was filled with fun, ongoing activities the entire day with exciting gift distributions and prizes on shopping worth 7,500. The branch set up too had a festive vibe incoherence to the cheerful celebrations.

As always Imtiaz received huge support from its customer base which added fuel to this retail giant’s enthusiasm to give only the best to its ever-valued customers. The company has proven to thrive with time in the retail industry adding an all-star personality to its label. With so much already accomplished and the fact that it strives to grow even more leaves no reason to doubt that Imtiaz has the potential to become the biggest retail giant across the globe.

To sum it all up, at Imtiaz Mega Lahore you will experience a retail therapy like never before. For the latest updates and more details do visit Imtiaz’s social space.


As soon as the leaves hit the ground welcoming Autumn, fashionistas are all set awaiting the new fall season collection to drop. Several brands in the fashion industry spend hours preparing their new collection’s tones and styles in sync to the season. Sabiha’s; a brand of women’s fashion is beyond excited to introduce its creative collection KHIZA KE RANG this fall. This season’s special compilation puts forth warm colors and hints of bright hues setting the tone this fall.

Here is a look at its collection in a short look book we’re sure you’ll love…


Embellished with pearls, lace, and frills the western line under this collection is truly awe. Designed on flowy materials considering the season’s physiognomies, this line is also comfortable to wear. It’s styled with tie cuffs, flounce features, leaf, and stripe prints, a must-have collection in one’s wardrobe.



Warm colors setting the tone for this season are all a major part of this collection’s Eastern line. It incorporates beautiful hues of maroon, brown, orange alongside hints of lively hues. Accompanied by gorgeous metallic leaf, tribal, and striped prints embellished with colorful beads and buttons on traditional Eastern Kurtis make this collection a great choice for our Eastern outfit lovers.


Dupatta is a cultural definition of modesty, and with time, trendy fashionable styles have been introduced. Considering the season’s trend Sabiha’s has designed a collection of fashionable trendy chiffon dupattas adorned with tassels and pom pom in sync with this season’s vibe.

The brand’s new Autumn collection is a definite win for this season as it’s versatile consisting of all three; Western and Eastern alongside Dupattas within its apparel line categories. From mellow toned colors, stripes, gold leaf prints, embroidery to awe accompanied with lace and beads embellishments, and fabulous cultural draping dupattas Sabiha’s collection is the ultimate one to add to your fall season wardrobe.  

Freedom plays a vital role, as it’s a right that every individual deserves. It helps people live the righteous way expressing themselves freely and displaying their beliefs. The core purpose of the creation of Pakistan was to have a nation that could practice Islam with freedom, a thought that was not possible at the time of the Subcontinent. Sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan are backed with numerous events recorded in history leaving millions inspired around the world.

Acquiring freedom left Pakistani’s inspired to believe in themselves as a nation. The sacrifices and strong determination led people to love and protect Pakistan; a nation marking its freedom on the 14 of August 1947. However, the protection of the Country was ever so essential to maintain. Hence, our armed forces have always been alert to protect the country ever since the emergence of Pakistan.

The Event of 6th September 1965 proves this potential to be true. This date is marked as Defence Day in Pakistan. It is a commemoration of the brave actions of our armed forces when the Indian army surprisingly crossed the national border and attacked Pakistan. Despite a smaller number of troops compared to India, Pakistan defeated the neighboring country that was once a part of the sub-continent.

We won the war but with a heavy loss of lives of those who are known to be our national heroes. From planning to immediate action, there were practical efforts of bravery put forth by our armed forces. Embracing zeal, passion, and a great spirit of patriotism these heroes sacrificed their lives for the safety of the nation. Names of these noble personalities include Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Rashid Minhas Shaheed, Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed and so many more who were presented with the highest military gallantry award for the martyrs titled Nishan- e-Haider.

As Pakistanis, we take pride in our struggles to attain this beautiful nation a true blessing as we embrace freedom with an example of the national motto; Jinnah’s words “Unity, Faith, and Discipline”. All in all, this was an event proclaiming Pakistan’s strength and power to defend its freedom and border against enemies. We wish Pakistan progresses and is protected by the Almighty forever, long live Pakistan!

A balance between couture and comfort during monsoon is a challenge. It is season surrounding with pitter-patter incoherence to its attributes alongside putting together a fashion-forward outfit that fits this season’s needs.

The unpredictable season calls to get monsoon ready as the playful season comes hand in hand with a careful selection of a wardrobe incorporating the season’s essentials. On this very note, lo and behold Sabiha’s picks to inspire you this monsoon where we have something for every day. Here is a look book of our MONSOON READY picks, where we have something for every day.

  1. Basic Embroidered Kurta

Beauty in black this Basic Embroidered Kurta is a good pick for a statement look.

  1. Embroidered Woven Kurta

Get a delicate fern printed Embroidered Woven Kurta embracing a semi-formal look.

  1. Woven Embroidered Top

Look colorful in culture with this Woven Embroidered Top.

  1. Georgette Basic Top

Capture a classy look in this Georgette Basic Top.

  1. Embroidered Woven Kurta

Keep it light with this delicate soft colored Embroidered Woven Kurta.

  1. Georgette Basic Top

Turn heads around with this Stunning Georgette Basic Top.

  1. Embroidered Woven Kurta

Stand out in this uniquely designed Basic Embroidered Woven Kurta.

  1. Georgette Embroidered Top

Go with the flow with this Georgette Embroidered Top to set your style this season.

  1. Checkered Fusion Top

Flaunt a casual look this season in a Checkered Fusion Top.

  1. Embroidery Woven Kurta

Speak your style with this gorgeous Embroidery Woven Kurta.

  1. Basic Jacquard Kurta

Glam it up with green, styling your outfit with this Basic Jacquard Kurta.

The weather may be gloomy and impossible to venture out for shopping. However, thanks to Sabiha’s online shopping portal now you can shop from right where are you with ease. We hope you love our picks, happy monsoon!


Brick & Mortar has proved to be a success for Imtiaz #NEWONE amid COVID-19. The retail brand recently celebrated a series of events starting from the logo revamp to Imtiaz Mega – Islamabad launch and its most recent Imtiaz Super – Lahore launch on the 23rd of August last Sunday.
The city of Minar had a fun-filled Super Launch Event at 301 Lalik Chowk, Sector R DHA Phase 2. The event started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a walkthrough overview of the branch by the stakeholders. Alongside this, a motivating speech by Mr. Imtiaz Abbasi was also an important highlight that included heartwarming thank you for the love and support of all the employees and customers.
The ambiance of the store was beautiful with branded balloons and a new logo decorated within and outside the branch. Imtiaz’s loyalty program kiosk placed within the facility provided the convenience of a well-known value-added service which will surely be a great experience for the citizens of Lahore.
Preparations to entertain the crowd was managed well. There were numerous lucky draw activities intending customers to get amazing bumper prizes which included Cars, Bikes, LED Televisions, Washing Machines, and so much more. Adding to the excitement of this launch event, Imtiaz plans to extend the series of exciting gifts and giveaways.
The announcement of the Lahore branch opening was via Imtiaz’s digital platforms that led people to this extravagant event. The success of the Launch was already evident at the venue witnessing the massive crowd presence with big smiles.
All in all, it can be said that Imtiaz #NEWONE continues to grow as a retail giant adhering to their position as the #1 retailer in Pakistan. This Super Launch is followed by several other branch openings under Imtiaz’s massive chain this year soon. For more information on what Imtiaz plans next visit our digital platforms to stay ahead of your game.