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Here we are, with the top 10 picks from the E2020 high voltage discounts on electronics offering up-to 60% off at Imtiaz Super Market from the 1st of Feb till 10th Feb 2020, powered by Westpoint.

The sale is starting at all our branches and we are here to make your decisions a bit easy. If you are confused about what to get from our E2020 sale, then please let us help you out with the decision. The list of brands that will be participating in our E2020 was already shared with you in our past blogs. Today we are going to tell you the best picks of our dear customers from the E2020.

The title says 10 but I might tell you more than 10 products of different brands that you might want to consider buying. These products are not limited to this collection you might get more variety once you step in the Imtiaz Super Market branch. This list is very limited and I am only giving you a chance of considering a few brands

Let’s start with our first brand; Westpoint – it’s a brand that gives us the best options for our kitchen appliances. The top and most useful products of this brand are juicer, blender, and insect killer. I have encountered some juice stalls which use juicer, blender, and dry mill factories of Westpoint and are using it for a very long time. This means that this product is long-lasting and worth buying especially when it is at a good price. Also, the insect killer machine, usually found in hospitals and milk shops are of this brand. You can buy this for your home or your office use. Iron is also one of the products that you can consider as it is lightweight and durable.

Samsung – a trusted brand, always brings something innovative. You can pick a fully automatic washing machine of this brand as it is worth buying. For the TV you can consider 4K UHD LED TV 55inch.

For the brand Hi-sense, we have LED’s and comparing the price and details about the product you might want to consider Smart LED Tv. For the prices please visit our magazine or website.

TCL – this is one of the brands offering a range of TV, LED, Smart, and Android TV. So, you can opt for a 40-inch or a 32-inch android TV since the cost is not bad for investing.

Audionic – A brand that offers multimedia and accessories. The powerful sound will make you groove on the beats. A Bluetooth speaker at such a cost is not bad at all. Oh, wait there’s one more, speaker on which you are getting a good discount. So, grab your favorite speaker and make everyone feel your party mood.

Nokia – our very own and oldest latest set of phones. Once upon a time this brand and their phone collection were everything. Now after a tough competition, it is somewhere left out. But hello, still Nokia offers the best phones at the best prices, do give it a try.

Anker – a brand people trust for mobile phone accessories. In this brand you can opt for data or charging cables – type C cables and Bluetooth sound buds wireless. Rest have a look at our collection available in branches and make your best move.

Ronin – another brand that offers accessories. You can opt for power banks in this brand. Rest if you find something more powerful than please comment down below.

For the brands TRONSMART and SOUNDPEATS we have a car charger, encore spunky buds, and true wireless capsule. You can try buying them as they are at a really good price that shouldn’t be missed.

Panasonic – telephones, if you still use PTCL than this is workable for you. Get yourself a cordless phone set which helps you cover a few distances and helps you work easily while talking.

Haier – if you are looking for a huge washing machine, then this brand offers you 13 kgs of twin tub, that’s the biggest size of washing machines and Haier fulfills it the best way, you may look for the range available in branches. Besides washing machine, we have Haier refrigerator and AC’s you might want one so you can survey and make the decision.

Anex – again offering a vast range of kitchen appliances and this brand offers the best blenders. Reliable and strong machine. Choose the best from the range available in branches.

Black+Decker – an international brand. This brand offers classical and amazing reliable and durable products. Tea kettle, electric kettle, iron, hand blender, garment steamers are few that you can look for.

Philips – Iron plus an iron table and in this amazing cost is an amazing steal so why wait when you can grab so much. Well, this brand offers good quality and durable products, besides iron, you can opt for a complete cooking factory and air fryer. Air fryers are just trending for the diet conscious people and the good news is that you may even get a juicer or a chopper for a deal then go must go and see for yourself.

Kemei – A brand that offers grooming products and is very economical and is good for men. You can look for the shavers as they are in the sale.

Remington – This is the best of the best brands which have earned the trust of girls. Hair straighteners, curlers, and dryers are on sale and trust me when I say the prices are really good then please head out and buy whatever your need is. 

Dingling – their trimmers are often seen at the barbershop, again they are on a stealing price so don’t miss out.

Osaka – Battery ho toh srif Osaka – everyone needs energy savers since it saves some bill. Osaka bulbs not only save energy but also last long. So, buy them when they are on discount.

This was our list of items that should not be missed out from the sale of E2020. Stay tuned on our channels and wait for the vlog that is in process. Don’t worry we will give you our best as we have always.

In our last blog; “Brands that are participating in E2020” we had disclosed few names of the brands that are participating in our E2020 electronic sales happening at all Imtiaz Super Market branches. It’s starting from 1st Feb till 10th Feb giving you enough time to make certain decisions. Today in this blog we will be revealing more brand names; adding more names to the previous list.

If you want a recap than here you go. Westpoint, Remington, Anker, and Audionic were disclosed in our previous blog.

More names added include, Haier; it helps you discover a wide range of home electronics and at Imtiaz Super Market we have a complete range of electronic items, beside Haier. If you want to buy anything from this brand you know where to head out.

Philips – inspired living, this brand is again a personal favorite brand. Philips has a good range of products, including hair styling products. Also, Philips is offering home appliances. Visit your nearest branch to know the range of products available. Make your decision and grab the best ones you can.

After Nokia, we have Infinix and Vivo mobiles at great prices. Yes, these two brands are also taking part in our E2020 biggest electronic sale. Mobile phones can be a really good gift for your grandparents, parents, or family if you really want then grab your favorite phone on available discounts.

Kemei and Dingling are two ah-mazing men’s grooming brands that provide the best options for shaving kits for men. This can also be gifted at a wedding and on different occasions to brothers, fathers, and friends. So, pick and choose your favorite product of these brands and make your life easy.

Osaka – this brand is famous for the tagline of – Battery ho to sirf Osaka. I don’t know why but this has sort of influenced the minds of so many people. Osaka offers not only car batteries but also offers LED bulbs or generally, simple bulbs for your home. If you want to buy energy savers in bulk quantity, this is the right time.

Panasonic – this one brand is long-lasting I mean it’s the oldest brands that have always inspired people for being a good quality product. What we have on our list for Panasonic are phones. If you have a telephone in your homes PTCL still then maybe you need to see something matching with your room. Panasonic offers telephone sets that can be used and that can be matched with your room.

Anex – this brand is helping you in all the household chores. Anex offers the best kitchen appliances and you can grab the best ones for yourself from the sale of E2020 from your favorite Imtiaz Super Market.

Introducing a few new accessory brands that you might like to test and check. Ronin offering you handsfree and power-bank. Tronsmart offering chargers and more mobile accessories for you at great prices. Last but not least we have Sound Peats offering you some classic earpieces and some more accessories that you surely want to try out.

Black+Decker – this brand again is the most talked about. Some people say that this brand has ah-mazing quality color and function. If you like this brand then don’t miss the sale.

Samsung, TCL, Hi-sense and Multynet– offering the best LED’s, Android TVs and Smart TVs along with some home appliances.

I hope we’ve covered the brands but maybe there are more brands waiting for you in the branch. This is the minimum list of brands that are available in E2020 high voltage discounts on electronics up to 60% off at Imtiaz Super Market, starting from 1st Feb 2020 till 10th Feb 2020. Don’t miss out on such an amazing electronic sale. Visit your nearest branch for at least a survey and appreciating the efforts the team makes to serve you the best and ultimate shopping experience.

In our next blog, we will discuss the top 10 products that should not be missed in E2020 sales. So, stay tuned and wait for the next one!


In our last blog, we have disclosed the new and biggest electronic sale which will be live at branches from 1st Feb 2020 till 10th Feb 2020, name of the campaign is E2020 because we needed something new, well other names were suggested too, like Megatron, Electron20, Tech20 sale, electronic gala, electronic sales, Electronic Bazaar and so on. Today in this blog we shall be revealing some of the top brands that are participating in this E2020 high voltage discounts on electronics up to 60% at Imtiaz Super Market.

In this E2020, where we will be having up to 60% off on electronic items, we have Westpoint on top, as this campaign E2020 is powered by Westpoint. We will also share the top 10 products that you should buy from Imtiaz Super Market. So, keep a notepad with you to note the list so that you won’t miss out on anything important. Westpoint is giving us some major discounts, you really need to make some serious decisions, don’t miss out when you have 10 days to think and buy.

After Westpoint we have the brand Nokia. Yes, Nokia phones are on sale too you can grab and gift it to someone you want. Any girl’s favorite brand Remington is also available in this sale. Now, why did I say girl’s favorite, well because Remington is very popular among the girls for hair care essentials? it is a bit expensive compared to other brands, but it is worth it, as it has long-lasting results and durability. Listen and choose wisely because it is on sale from 1st Feb till 10th Feb so, you can grab your favorite hair care product from the brand Remington.

Anker is next on our list, we’ve personally heard a lot about Anker. If you haven’t encountered using it personally yet but if it is so popular among the people than it surely has something good. So, if you are a tech lover and if you know details about the brand Anker than do comment down below about your favorite product from this brand. Help others to get some really good stuff from the sale, and help them create their bucket list of good tech products. 

Audionic, a brand that sells fantastic, high-quality sound systems that are the companion of your entertainment anytime anywhere is also available on discount and this is surely not to be missed out on. The quality of Audionic products is really good.

More brands are yet to be disclosed soon, don’t forget to comment down below your opinion and what else you want to hear from us.


Imtiaz Super Market, the pioneer of Pakistan’s super market trendsetters recently opened its 11th Branch in Clifton on 15th March 2019 at the CA-2 Sea Castle 2, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi. This branch is specifically focused to facilitate the residents of Clifton and nearby areas. The branch has amazing discount rates, astounding services, and great opportunities to win exciting prizes.

When the customer visits our branch for any kind of shopping along with their family, friends either with kids, they get all their valuable items of all age groups easily at an affordable price. At Imtiaz Super Market, we have all outstanding quality products that are remarkable in rates, that’s why all our customers love the ultimate shopping experience at Imtiaz.

Many weekly promotions include bundles like buy one get 2 items free, Activities to engage customers is a usual part at the branch with giveaways at the end. This branch is huge with several categories to choose from. It is so vast that you can spend your whole day in it while surfing the branch categories and subcategories all day long.

It’s the best place to get an ultimate shopping experience, availability of a wide range of products is offered in these categories; electronics, movies, music, home and furniture, home improvements, clothing, footwear, jewelry, toys, health and beauty, pet supplies, sporting goods and fitness, auto, craft supplies, party supplies, grocery items, and lots more. In Addition, all staff individuals incorporate female and male, helping and guiding customers while shopping.

Imtiaz Super Market never fails to impress its customers, and the same is for this branch. Being the only one in the retail industry offering a 12% discount on medicines, weekly deals on weekends and on a daily basis it manages its Clifton branch customers satisfaction.

Imtiaz Super Market has several branches. Amongst many other known locations of Imtiaz stores, Bahadurabad branch is another extension. People generally in the past complained that the branch is congested, with very little space to walk around. Added that customers feel suffocated at times while shopping. However, with time this branch has expanded.

The expansion is not only in terms of the area but also in terms of the assortment it offers. They have the medicine section along with different other sections, including articles like tea, milk, coffee, pasta, chocolates, rice, oil, ghee, food essence, spices, and much more including Imtiaz’s very own brands like Poonam. While visiting the section of herbs and dry fruits you will encounter a section of crockery too, consisting of an amazing range of crockery and kitchen accessories. 

 The branch has expanded to such an extent that now it also includes items such as jewelry, purses, key chains, and apparel brands with a designated section on an amazing price.

 Imtiaz Super Market’s mission is to earn its customer’s trust and loyalty, by providing good quality goods at reasonable prices. With the expansion of its Bahadurabad branch, offering more categories, Imtiaz Super Market has proved to be a trusted brand in the retail industry of Pakistan winning the hearts of millions as its customers.

Normally, when there’s a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding, that we can’t stop asking from others, what are we supposed to give as a gift or how to make people feel special while giving them something worth it. Giving cash out also feel weird at times, so what next?

Image result for giftsGifting someone for the first time is easy but when you have to give them like every year or twice in a year, its quite complicated as options goes completely vein and in that vein, we sniffed around the fanciest, chanciest brands, and found the cheapest, nicest item from each (many of which, we should note, are not cheap-cheap — only relatively so) that would make a wonderful, indulgent gift, especially for the stumpers on your list. Sometimes, being brand-obsessed when it comes to gifts is good, but then again the choices are totally unpredictable. There is something so glamorous about opening a Chanel gift box — even when what’s inside said a box is a bar of soap.Related image

So, for keeping everything in place, companies have introduced gift cards, which become people’s favorite thing to give and to have one. No issue of choices or return or exchange or size issue. Just give them the card and let the person decide himself/herself what they like to have.

These ideas of gift cards have done wonders around the world, in every sector people are now preferring gift cards, whether a fashion brand, a retail store or an e-com venture, everyone has different gift cards to offer, at different occasions.

So, here in Imtiaz Super Market, we are also planning to announce a series of gift cards, for every occasion with every kind of range to offer, from the minimum amount of 500 to max of 5000.

Now, forget the tension of what to give, just visit the stores and buy your gift card, which will be valid for a long time than expected.

Related imageOh!! and are you worried about the theft or used bar code the card might have or the card won’t work?

Relax!! This won’t happen, as our systems are well efficient in recognizing all the factors, also our teams are working and testing every aspect to overcome such frauds and activities.

The company is also planning to announce more gift cards as per the demand, as this product goes on top or gives a good response they might extend more of variety or range.

So stay tuned for more such exciting news and stuff.

Imtiaz Super Market is the largest retailer in Pakistan. It holds a large inventory comprising of categories that are range from edible items to clothing and much more. All products in these categories range from high to low prices so that people can get a variety to choose from. It is not all and everything, it’s just the parent categories, that we have divided our brief things into a small segment.

Baby category

This includes everything, from baby care to newborn accessories. Diapers and wipes, bath and hygiene, skincare, powder and cologne, feeding accessories, gift sets, clothing, bedding and sleeping, walkers and strollers.

Beverages category

This category includes soft drinks, juices and mineral water, instant drinks, energy drink, tea, and coffee. All of these are by brands that are known internationally and locally.


This category includes bakery items; fresh and packed, desserts, cookies and biscuits, cake, sweets, nimko, chocolates, mint and gum, chips and cakes. All confectionary items are hygienically packed and placed.


All dairy items such as milk, cheese, cream, whipped toppings, butter, and margarine are provided at Imtiaz Super Market’s dairy section. The temperature settings for these items are taken care of by professional staff to maintain suitable temperature conditions for all dairy products.

DIY Category

The DIY section category includes all sorts of items. Understanding this, the store has subcategories for it including indoor sports/games, kids toys, outdoor sports/games, musical accessories, electronics hardware, media accessories, auto part accessories, camping accessories, stationery accessories, potable cots and beddings, wax and polish accessories, school accessories, fitness and exercise accessories, heavy and light toolkits, and home and office decorating accessories.

Grocery category

This category is further divided into sub-categories. Its first subcategory includes all sorts of pasta, cereal, canned fruit and vegetable, milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, honey, ready-made meals, and recipe mixes, canned seafood, olives, jam, jelly, chocolate spread, mayonnaise, peanut butter, sauces and dressing, condiments, ketchup, pickles, soups, flavoring, olive oil, other oils, cooking oil, ghee, flour, pulses, rice, sugar, grains and Imtiaz’s very own range of products under the name Poonam, Brios and fresh choice.


This category includes home and office appliances. From large to small appliances all are covered to fulfill possible electrical equipment needs. From kitchen appliances to office devices. Apart from these accessories for the same.

Fashion Goods and Accessories

This category includes a wide range of men, women and kids accessories. Including footwear, eyewear, clothing, jewelry, bags and wallets, wrist watches, eye lenses, and other fashion accessories, all updated alongside current fashion trends.

Fresh meat and vegetables

Healthy and hygienic items including bakery articles bread, bun, cake, biscuits, rusk, soup sticks, and croissant. This category also includes meat, poultry, fish and other exotic seafood. Other fresh items include eggs, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Health and Beauty

Under this category, all personal hygiene, fragrance, skincare, haircare, and oral care products are present in an enormous variety to choose from. To name some cotton swabs, talcum powders, cosmetics accessories, facial care, eye care, lip care, nail care, gift sets, hairbrush and accessories, aromatics, traditional ittar, deodorants, adult diapers, shaver and trimmer, hairdryer and straightener, soaps, shampoo, and conditioner, hair colors and treatment, hair mousse and spray, hair gel and wax, body care lotion, body wash, and shower gel, dental floss, shaving accessories, sanitary pads, hair removing cream, hair oil, toothpaste, hand wash, sanitizers, mouth wash, toothbrush, and bath accessories.

House Hold

This category includes cutlery, and crockery, home textile, furniture and fixtures, kitchen accessories; storage box and basket, kids dining, towels, seating furniture, water bottles, BBQs range, clock and lamp, cutlery/utensils, pots and pans, cookware, bowls jugs and glasses, salt pepper and pots, plates dishes and trays, cups and mugs, kettle and flask, tableware, cooler and icebox, bottles and jars, kitchen towel, apron, and gloves. Under homeware; table mat, and coaster, dinner sets, misc. sets, other accessories, bed sheets, and pillow, robe hooks and hangers, table stand and cupboards, mats, and rugs, blankets, décor, and storage appliances, bedding, and mattress are few to name. This category is not short of travel equipment either including luggage-travel bags and cases, hand-carry and other such travel accessories.

Cleaning Category

This category includes laundry, disposable and household cleaning items. Local and imported items are all stocked; detergent powder and liquid, toilet, and surface cleaners, tissue box, napkins and rolls, disposable crockery and cutlery, bags and cases, brushes and accessories, liquid cleaners, insecticides, dishwashing detergent, air freshener, stain remover, bleach, starch and color, polish and accessories, fabric softener and freshener, foils and wrap car air freshener. These are day to day usage items needed for use.


All items that are related to health and fitness surrounding wellbeing are present under this category. Medicines, syrups, health and management devices, medicated oil, nutrition supplements, surgical and other medical disposable supplies and accessories are conveniently available at the store.

Hosiery and other comfort wear

Including men’s section, kid’s section and women’s section this category includes; pants and trousers, tracksuits and casual, shirts and t-shirts, coats and jackets, kids undergarments, kurta, kurtis, shawl and sweaters, trousers, boutiques suits, pajama/shalwar, sleepwear, shalwar kameez stitched, suits unstitched lawn suits, ladies undergarments, men undergarments, gowns, and robes.
All of that has been shared above is just a highlight of what Imtiaz Super Market has in store for you. There is much more that you will discover each time you visit as the category keeps growing every time.


Hello people, I am back with another intro or fact about Imtiaz Super Market.

Let’s talk about its first branch, i.e. Bahadurabad branch.

I know, people say a lot about that branch, as it is congested, the customer feels suffocated at times while shopping, as initially it was a small shop and slowly it has expanded to this level.

They have the medicine section on the left side, than different sections, starting from tea milk coffee pasta different rows different items, than going to its backside, where there are chocolates, crossing that part and going into a zone where there are rice, further going inside there are oil, ghee, food essence, food masala, like shan and others, further moving into a section where there are ponam products, from dry fruits to herbs.

While visiting the section of herbs and dry fruits you will encounter a section of crockery too. Amazing range of crockery and kitchen accessories. Coming back to where you have started off, you will see stairs, and another section offering more categories to witness.

I was surprised to see how much this branch has grown. Amazing jewelry section, purses, key chains, and apparel section and much more awaiting there to serve and entertain its customers in such an astounding price.

Because after all, Imtiaz Super Market’s mission is to earn customer’s loyalty, to unlock the potential of customers buying power to improve their quality of life.

This branch offers a lot more categories, like chocolates and frozen food, a variety of butter, cream, and cheese.

Visit us, and let us know how was your experience of visiting our branch and categories, what are your reviews, and how can we make it better. Do write to us so that we know.


On the occasion of year-end, Christmas and New Year, Imtiaz Super Market brings you a sale to amaze you and your loved ones. With an enormous range of perfumes that you buy for yourself and others as gifts. Get ready to charm everyone with this season’s year-end sale of Imtiaz Super Market. You will witness all sorts of known brands and local ones, all with great fragrance.

For men, there is a variety of perfumes that have a masculine fragrance. This includes musky and woody fragrances, best suited for our male customers. All of these range from high to low prices that are suitable for any customer looking forth to purchase a good perfume.

Females are also lucky to avail amazing discounts on female-centric fragrances. Floral, sweet and light scented fragrances are a part of the deal in our perfume sale.

Some quick perfume tips as a bonus are shared below:

·         Use a bit of Vaseline, then spray the perfume on it any fragrance stays longer than expected.

·         Try applying perfume on the pressure points of your body for better results.

·         You can apply a bit of fragrance to your hair too, this will leave your hair fragranced as well.

·         Add a little perfume to your moisturizer, it will absorb the fragrance.

Imtiaz has a complete range of perfumes to serve all its consumers, whether you love the sharp or soft or floral fragrance you will never miss out on anything, we something for everyone because we value you. Stay in touch with us on our social media forums to know more about current promotions and giveaways.

Feeling weird? Don’t feel. Let me tell you some secrets about papaya. Papaya has some magically properties for your skin and your tummy.

Small papaya has 300% of vitamin C which is highly recommended to consume on a daily basis. (please consult a doctor, as mentioned things are in general, doesn’t

’t mean that it will suit your body type).First of all, let me tell you about how magically papaya can be for controlling weight, high blood pressure, and prevention of diabetes.

Papayas are used in so many ways, ripe, unripe and dried.

Some properties to take a note on:

  1. High in fiber.
  2. Rich in minerals and vitamins.
  3. Rich in antioxidants.


Note: Consult a dermatologist before using papaya for your skin and/or hair.

Magically for Skin want to know how? Readout yourself.

  1. Nourishes Skin:

For moisturizing your skin and feel beautiful, all you need is 1 tablespoon of papaya along with 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix it well as a paste, apply the mixture on your face for 30 minutes. After that wash it with cold water.

  1. Clears Pigmentation and Dark Circles:

Pigmented skin, no problem, papaya has got you covered, it has skin lightening property which makes your skin soft and fair, also helps clear blemishes and pigmentation. Will be sharing two tips with you guys, try and tell us how does your skin feel?

  • One Tablespoon of papaya juice with cotton balls. How to use these, soak cotton balls in papaya juice, apply it to the affected area, keep it for 15 
  • minutes then wash it with cold water.
  • Take a ¼ cup of papaya pulp, 1 tablespoon of honey and a ½ teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Mash and mix all the ingredients converting it in a paste, after washing your face and patting it to dry apply the mask (paste) for 15 to 20 minutes. Use lukewarm water to gently wipe off the mask, then wash your face with cold water. For fair skin apply this at least once a week.
  • papaya peel helps in reducing wrinkles. Take papaya peel to rub it all over your neck and face. Wash it with cold water after 20 minutes.
  • For treating dark circle, you need unripe papaya/green papaya. It has a bleaching agent which erases skin discolorations. Take ¼ cup mashed green papaya, apply the paste on your dark circle for 10minutes, massage your skin gently with your fingertips, clean it with a hygienic cloth. Then wash your face with lukewarm water, do this on a regular basis for expelling dark circles.
  1. Helps in Treating Scars, Burns, and Skin Diseases like Eczema and Psoriasis:

Papaya has another magic of healing wounds, scars, and skin irritations. So, the next time you feel skin irritation, try using papaya and see the magic for yourself. Raw papaya when mashed and applied to the affected area, it prevents the redness and itchiness.

Let us know how helpful this blog was for you? Want to know more about the benefits of papaya? Stick with us, we will be back with few more benefits of papaya. Till then write to us your thoughts and how helpful it was for you?

Comment down your thoughts. 🙂

You can write to us too, for being part of our blog, and if we like your blog it will be published in our magazine. So, don’t forget to put on some effort and write us your feedback at [email protected]