As the spring shopping spree kicks in this season we’ve spotted the coolest fashion trends for 2020. Style conscious individuals can never fall short with the trends for this summer; incorporating astounding patterns, breathtaking embellishments, vibrant colors, and designs.


Ensemble your look to turn heads with the latest fashion trends in town. For you to be seen in the trendiest appearance, here is a list that will keep you up to date for the ultimate summer look this season.


Statement dupattas are still going strong


We can never escape the all cultural feel in our outfits. There’s always a cringe pushing us to incorporate something that can add a bit of a tradition. The trend of statement dupattas has been in fashion for quite some time. Such beautifully styled dupattas are still a part of our summer fashion essentials. A statement dupatta alone can uplift a simple outfit in no time. Embellished with tassels, embroidery, lace, and cutwork with breathless craftsmanship; traditional dupattas are now a fashion piece you can add to your summer wardrobe.


The trendsetting kameez length


To determine the latest fashion trends, the first thing we notice in an outfit is the length. The length of a kameez is a major indication of what is trending this season. Various fashion brands have showcased different kameez lengths in their latest collection. This means that you are not limited to a specific one, you can choose to wear any length kameez as a fashion statement this summer.


Life is too simple without prints


Digital, bold, and french prints are currently trending. However, do remember that regardless of the type of print you need to choose the right color. Colors that suit your complexion must be considered. Lighter colors are preferred acknowledging the hot summer season, but if you are bold enough you can experiment with darker ones too. However, we suggest incorporating prints carefully in your outfit. All printed attire is no show this summer. Go for a balanced look such as print and a muted piece, creating a balanced look that is fashionable and sleek.


Pants to flaunt this season


Cigarette pants, palazzos, and short-cropped pants are trending this summer. There is a variety of fantastically designed printed and plain pants that you can go for. These are not only comfortable but also trendy. There are varied ways to pair such pants with; tops, kameez’s, angarkha, asymmetric kurta’s, and kurti’s. You can choose the one that suits your unique style.


Androgynous styling for a practical look


A kurta is a good deal to wear this summer. The androgynous cuts make it easy to wear and flowy enabling it to be breathable during blistering hot summers. Such outfits will not only keep you comfortable but also help you be confident throughout the day. This is a choice that portrays a minimalist approach. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or a palazzo.  


Pastels are for summers


Colors that are a definite yes for hot summers are pastels and fortunately, these are trending this season. You can never go wrong with this delicate pigment as it sets the tone for calm and serene during the scorching hot days. Pastel colors can also be styled with prints making it a versatile piece in your wardrobe. You can incorporate pieces such as pants, plain Kurtis, scarves in pastels as a staple in your wardrobe.


We’re all excited to try out the new fashion trends for this season. There are so many ways you can incorporate these pieces into your current look. From oversized flowy kurtas to powdery cool pastels; amp up your look this season. You are not limited to experiment, switch things up, and see what works for you.

This year Ramadan may be slightly unusual since the extraordinary case of the global epidemic corona is coinciding alongside the holy month. The extended lockdown has led people frustrated due to the necessary self-arbitrary, quarantine. Constant updates of the death toll and the on and off lockdown decisions have caused people to become sensitive and hence they fear uncertainty each day.

Amid such critical issues surrounding our environment, it is difficult to plan productive activities. However, the only way we can escalate positivity is by rejoicing the goodness Ramadan brings along. Gratitude for the holy month alongside its blessing and good vibes is exceptionally exhilarating while coping with stress.

The crux of Ramadan is to attain taqwa; consciousness of Allah. This includes the acts of performing additional prayers, reading the Quran, helping the poor, and conclusively performing all good deeds while refraining from sins.

Applying piety for the holy month we can maintain a less stressed Ramadan routine amid lockdown. Since this is the month for reconnecting with religion, family and friends there are plenty of activities we can plan at our very home.

In the past years, Ramadan must have been extremely social for most of us with the opportunity to eat out at iftari and sahur. This may not be the same this year, hence, this is a chance for us Muslims to cook simple yet nutritious meals at home. We can also engage kids to help prepare food to spread the love and blessing of the sacred month.

Offering communal prayers is not possible this Ramadan since prayers are strictly prohibited in mosques to avoid the spread of corona. This will allow families to spend time together while they pray and practice their pious aspirations.

Another good virtue is to help donate. Many times, we overspend our budgets considering grocery shopping for Ramadan. This year during the holy month let’s keep aside a certain amount for charity against the overspending since it is most needed by those who have nothing in hand and are deprived of necessary amenities such as food.

With such simple activities, we can not only support our families to get through the stress of lockdown and panic but also help people who need us the most during this outbreak. This is the right time to pray and extend a helping hand for the service of others to remember and please the Almighty.

It is difficult to stay positive during such dark days, however, if we only remember the true essence of Ramadan and embrace it by practicing taqwa we can uplift our spirits. Despite the uncertainty, we need to be persistent and practice piety alongside patience to enter the realm of spirituality this Ramadan. 

COVID has now become the talk of the town globally. Series of fatal outcomes caused by this contagious virus has spun a panic across the globe. It has completely changed our lifestyle setting new priorities in terms of socializing, considering social distancing to be a prime priority.


Social distancing is an essential precaution to be practiced amidst COVID-19. It is suggested to maintain a distance of about 1 meter, at least to avoid any possible transition of the virus. Social gatherings are also prohibited in correspondence to the same.


Disconnecting at this time of need when we most need people to support us is difficult. However, we do not see the bigger picture. Social distancing is only limited to physical distancing, we can still stay connected with people around us to stay optimistic.


These troublesome days have taught us how to stay positive. Staying connected via social media forums, virtual gatherings and other such ways have bought a lot of blessings along, few that are worth mentioning have helped uplift our spirits amid Corona are;


Recognizing support on social media forums 


With strict precautions to avoid large gatherings, it has become difficult to celebrate our friendships and love for our family. The possibility to be physically outdoors has restricted our expression of appreciation we have for others. However, Social media has showcased its power enough during the COVID-19 pandemic. People have become more active on social media platforms to connect to their family and friends, helping release anxiety sharing their experiences and thoughts with others virtually.


Recognizing the strength while maintaining distance


Before the outbreak of Corona, we never realized that distance can make relations stronger. This very situation of practicing social distance has conveyed the strength of the message embodies. Staying far away for the rightful purpose of keeping oneself and others safe, only serves as a deed that is pure, holding a strong sense of strength. Practicing social distancing has, in fact, lead us all to stay united as a human race.


Recognizing the world as a community


During these dark days, the entire world has proved to be in close ties. The value of togetherness and love sent across the globe form one corner to another is enough to state that the entire world is a community altogether. Immense support has been witnessed that has been exceptionally encouraging for us all. It has helped us to stand strong during difficult times.


Experts around the world believe that social distancing, practiced with the thought of isolation is harmful. It is bad for our wellbeing, both physical and mental. However, to end the ongoing fatal disease, we need to be resilient overcoming despair of strict precautions. To stay positive, we must look at the bright side, understanding that holding back will only help us move forward.

COVID has become a global pandemic as a fatal disease. Soon after the very first case was reported, innumerable precautions have been circulated as public service messages by the Government across Pakistan. Following numerous death reports, a Countrywide lockdown was announced urging people to stay indoors to protect themselves from getting infected.

However, everyday grocery is a part of any commoner’s livelihood that cannot be avoided. This aspect was deeply considered and hence led the government to exempt many businesses including retail stores from the lockdown. This news was a relief but also made people anxious if they were safe enough to do grocery outdoors.

To overcome public concerns related to the safety of health, Imtiaz Super Market pledged to serve as a responsible retailer providing a safe environment for its customers to shop within stores. Imtiaz Super Market, identified to be a domicile retail store has been operating as per its standard routine amidst Corona.

The retail giant has placed several standees illustrating precautions on how COVID-19 can be prevented. The urge of a restricted number of people visiting the stores and restrictions on children and senior citizens attending their branches has been a good initiative to stopover any possible traces of virus to spread that can be caused with heavy masses attending stores. Imtiaz Super Market likewise practiced fair distribution requesting customers to refrain from bulk purchase controlling a state of panic across Pakistan. A highlight of its publicly shared precautions is below which also had an Urdu version of the same to communicate the intermix audience:

·        All stores of Imtiaz Super Market are open across Pakistan.

·        Stock is available on all of our branches.

·        We request only two people per family to visit our stores at a time.

·        Children and senior citizens are requested to refrain from visiting our stores.

·        Customers are requested to refrain from the purchase of stock in bulk.

Initiatives to fight against Corona have been practically practiced by the distribution of pamphlets entailing Corona Virus and its precautions sited at all its branches. Another visible highlight of Imtiaz’s precautionary practices is the consistent exercise of maintaining a hygienic environment within the very premises of all its branches, warehouses and its corporate head office in Karachi.

The epidemic of COVID-19 has been the talk of the town globally. It is difficult to interpret its massive spread, however, with consistent practice of precautions this fatal disease can be prevented.

Pakistan day commemorations are a highlight as soon as March starts. Celebrations are perceived to be mundane considering that each year recalling celebrations of Pakistan Day is pretty mundane; inviting people for lunch, watching the parade, or just hanging around the house.

This has led our younger generation unaware of the very occasion. To revive the memories of Pakistan day; how our nation’s existence was planned, we as adults need to take responsibility to educate our kids. An excellent way is by getting your kids involved in informative yet fun activities, few of such inspiring activities are shared below:

Translate the National Anthem 

Our National anthem is structured with the essence of patriotic spirit. However, it is written and recited in Persian, which is difficult to interpret. To uplift the very spirit of Pakistani patriotism, help your kids by revealing details of the language by translating it in Urdu or English. This will give them an insight into what our national anthem means.

Cook Authentic Pakistani Food

Pakistani cuisine is well known around the World. It is the effort that is put into creating these deliciously home-cooked foods that reflects the traditional values of Pakistan. What could be a better idea than to create our very own authentic Pakistani cuisine with our kids, teaching them that our food is not just delicious but is a national delicacy?

Watch a Pakistani Documentary 

Pakistani documentaries are family-friendly, hence can be watched with kids. These documentaries will share insights into all the challenges faced pre-creation Pakistan. These videos are worth spending your time on as these are highly informative and yet will keep your kids engaged.

List of Resolutions; Dedicated to Pakistan 

Approach Pakistan Day with a twist, ask your kids to create resolutions. These resolutions must be positive in terms of doing something good for Pakistan. These can be as easy as cleaning the neighborhood, helping the underprivileged and distributing meals amongst street kids.

Become Creative with Kids

Children are fond of artsy creative work; you can ask them to create their vision of Pakistan on posters. Another way to add fun is by having a face painting booth at your very home and invite kids. Crafting activities including hand-painted Pakistan flags, badges, and crafts that will help you decorate your home.

Dress Kids in Pakistani Attire 

Dress your kids in all Pakistani clothing. Ask them to select their own choice of attire they would love dressing up on the occasion. You can help them choose from several cultural outfits including provincial dresses that are both colorful and fun for kids to wear. Props can also be added to the entire outfit such as mustache, handcrafted fans, matha patti especially designed for kids.

Pakistan Day takes the opportunity of staying indoors to spend quality time with your family, especially your kids. You can have fun with your kids while reclaiming your national enthusiasm. On this very note, Happy Pakistan Day!


Sabiha’s launch last weekend set the fashion scene ablaze. Its prelaunch teasers kept the audience speculating the apparel line to be nothing short of a traditionally designed eastern attire. However, the homegrown brand offered much more than expected. Conveying a strong message with its tagline “Rahay Roz Ka Intizar”, we have been assured that the apparel brand is certainly not short of uniquely styled couture to suit any given day. From a wide range of diversified themes, it has something for everyone personifying as a versatile clothing brand.

The apparel line offers intermix clothing that is suited not just for all fashion styles but also considers the different tastes and personalities of women. From elegant formal attire to casual western wear, the line has a variety to offer. The brand has diversified its themes; Fusion, Eastern & Western, each portraying excellence to adore.

Reinventing a style that is a perfect blend of East and West; Fusion portrays the evolution of cultural dresses in a more contemporary style. Transitioning square hems to round, regular sleeves to rolled sleeves and incorporating western-styled collars on traditional Kurtis, Sabiha’s; Fusion is the perfect example of retro with a twist. Comfort with style is what modern women needs, and Sabiha’s recognizing this need, has dominated the brand list of the new age women.

In case you are looking for authentic clothing that represents traditionally designed apparel with intricated techniques Sabiha’s is the one for you. Gowns, long Kurtis, embellishments with beadwork, latkans and other hand-crafted ornaments in the Eastern line, symbolizes the essence of Pakistani apparel for women. Not to forget its best feature with the convenience of ready to wear traditionally designed dresses helping to save time visiting the seamstress for formal occasions.

Moving on to evaluate its Western theme, it includes modern yet modest attire designed to style your contemporary look, it has everything you need in a western couture wardrobe. Best highlights of this theme include pussy-bow blouses, doodled embroidery on gathered tops, flowy fabrics and exuberant colors adding a flair of jazz to your everyday look.

There are plenty of other local fashion brands in Pakistan showcasing their work, however, Sabiha’s is far better in terms of quality, design, and style. The brand understands its customers and caters to them exactly the way they expect. Reviews of the apparel brand have been outstanding so far. Sabiha’s is a fresh brand but has embarked on a strong fan base forecasting promised success in the near future.

Suaad has been the highlight of Imtiaz’s social media forums for quite some time ensuing engagement that has been exciting yet funny at the same time. Sabiha’s designs respectably portray women with a vision of gentle femininity with strength. However, with the evolution, the regular traditional style of women has evolved with time. With the emergence of versatility, the edgy yet bold style has been elevated in the fashion scene. This means that the overall style of Pakistani women has expanded with the passage of time.

Considering the fact that cultural dresses have been evolved from its form of the aristocracy to fewer formalities enhancing the modern perception of contemporary fashion needs. With the launch of Sabiha’s, we can hope the line to be luxe yet easy to wear as a trademark for any given eastern and western clothing existing in Pakistan.

Teasers of the collection reflect a series of ceremonial and casual clothing from which we can make out that the line is a mix of all possible styles. In terms of traditional clothing, we are hoping to see a reflection of Pakistani authentic eastern styled couture. Hence, the clothing line must embody traditional Pakistani attire depicting comfortable fabrics with embellishments such as mirror and beadwork, colorful lace, tassel latkans, wooden buttons, on culturally styled garments.

Another highlight of Sabiha’s soon to come apparel is visible with a nontraditional top posted, we can see the flowy fabric designed with a pussy-bow blouse hinting an addition of western clothing as well. An intermix style of fashion is sure to be big news for fashion fanatics to get all their fashion needs under one roof.

Evaluating the stats we’ve concluded that Sabiha’s is a fashion apparel brand that can excite women’s fashion choices for the very next day. It gushes a positive view on dull unpredictable days anticipated by its very catchy tagline “Rahay Her Roz ka Intezar”. As many await this mysterious women’s apparel

brand by Imtiaz it’s a must to share the launch date of this collection, we are hoping its launch to raid our stores this weekend since we feel the wait must come to a close

It is always a pleasure to visit Imtiaz Super Market’s store. With the addition of said women’s apparel line, we are hoping to find another reason to shop from this retail giant.

Wonder Woman’s character in Marvel became a sensation as soon as it appeared. It added value to the role of women in the present society. The sensational character has helped to illustrate the real-life Wonder Women who have focused around the world on women empowerment. However, before the recognition of Women empowerment embodying strong roles was a difficult task.

Several women’s autobiographies make it clear how challenging it was to prove their infinite potential. World-renowned women have shared their treasured moments to inspire others through quotes. Few of those encouraging quotes that you can recall in your difficult times are shared below:

“It is not easy being a woman anywhere. Moreover, for women leaders, the obstacles are greater, the demands are greater, the barriers are greater, and the double standards are greater.”                    


Benazir Bhutto


Benazir Bhutto is known to be one of the most influential personalities of Pakistan. Belonging to a country of leaders where only men had a say it was difficult to embark on her role in Politics. She was brave enough to voice her struggles encouraging other women on the path of leadership.

“A woman is like a teabag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”


Eleanor Roosevelt


Anna Elanor Roosevelt is known as one of the first women politicians who further expanded her role as an activist. Life struggles led Elanor to become a strong activist of Women’s rights back in the day. She faced many issues throughout her career as the world did not accept the involvement of women in such roles. Her steps changed the stereotypical perception of women not only being relegated to feminine duties but also taking on demanding roles.

“No Country can truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its Women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens”


Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama is a strong figure in the Women community. Ever since women have started to contribute towards the growth of the economy there has been a massive change. Hence, this quote of Michelle Obama pushed forth the need for women to contribute towards multiple fields as much as men.

“I am a Woman in the process. I’m just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience and learn from it. Life is never dull”


 Oprah Winfrey


Oprah is a world-renowned powerhouse of inspiration. Her life experiences have inspired so many to become confident individuals worldwide. She decided to keep pushing forward in life, taking each day at a time, amid her life’s struggles, looking at them as a constructive learning opportunity rather than bitter ones.

Several other women who have contributed immensely towards Women Empowerment include Fatima Ali Jinnah, Muniba Mazari, Abida Parveen. Contributions of these great women have led to a massive evolution of the female gender all over the World.

Corona Virus has now become a phenomenon all over the World as the deadliest disease of 2020. Ever since medical authorities have taken the initiative to test people for Corona Virus more cases have added to the list. Several cases across the globe have pushed the need to not only spread the awareness of Corona but also ways to prevent it. Below are a few ways you can apply in your everyday life to prevent Corona Virus:


Keep your hands clean

Cleanliness is the most important to keep Corona Virus at bay. You can use any soap or hand sanitizers in case of the unavailability of soap and water. There is a misconception is that it is better to use a medicated soap, however, there is no hard and fast rule. You may use any soap as long as you wash your hands following the standard time; 20 seconds straight.


Use of Mask to filter infected air

Corona Virus starts by initially infecting the respiratory system. Hence masks should be used to avoid inhalation of the Virus. Wearing easily available masks such as paper or a surgical mask can help you prevent inhalation of Corona. However, the N95 mask is known to filter the air better.


Boost your immune system

Vitamin C is known to help boost the immune system. Hence, to prevent Corona Virus from the very root it is a good idea to include lemons in your diet. Easy ways are to create lemonade or simply add lemon slices in your water. You can also use lemon juice as a dressing on your salads to get the same effect.


Disinfect Surfaces

Infected spaces if kept unnoticed can amplify the effect of the virus. You can use the antibacterial surface cleaners to keep your house and office surfaces hygienic at all times. Spaces such as doorknobs, countertops, remote controls, laptop keypads including cellphones must be properly disinfected to avoid Corona spread. Bottom line is to clean all spaces that have possible chances to get infected.


To sum it all up, it is better to be safe than sorry. Corona Virus is alarming, it has created a panic following records of frequent death cases occurring. We cannot deny the deadly effects of this Virus when confirmed. However, it can be prevented by adopting simple measures.


Hopefully, the preventive measures shared above are sure to be of good value. You may also share these convenient yet effective measures with others to spread awareness.

It is the season when Pakistan Super League (PSL) fever has gotten a grip on the masses. Cricket has been supreme, the most loved game of our nation and so this is the favorite time for every cricket fan out there.

This year Imtiaz Super Market has brought another astonishing news for you. It might be staggering, but this year it is important for you to know that Imtiaz Super Market is among the Gold sponsors of the “Karachi Kings” team and has been sponsoring “Karachi Kings” for the past two years. Imtiaz Super Market gladly proclaims that it is the only retail brand that has sponsored any PSL team so far.

Enumerating the achievements, 2020 has been a very fortunate year for Imtiaz Super Market. From getting tremendous response from the customers during “Makeup Madness” to getting an incredible response yet again in the electronics sale “E2020”, another celebration of PSL partnershipImtiaz Super Market is bringing the amazing sale again on electronic products. This would not have been possible without the utmost support of our beloved customers.

The game has just begun, there’s a lot more to come. Stay tuned with Imtiaz Super Market to get more exciting updates and announcements.