It’s ever so important for women to be on top of their game when it comes to the latest fashion trends. On formal occasions that include weddings, parties, and other such high-end events it is a war between getting a real gem, gold, and silver jewelry made or just getting imitation jewelry. The debate nowadays is settled more often with imitation jewelry by most women as it fits the budget as a practical choice and also pairs well the same as the one that may cost evidently much more.


To find great imitation jewelry for formal events is usually a tiresome task. However, at Sabiha’s new imitation jewelry line you can get the best without going elsewhere, saving you time that can be crucial when in a jiffy. This brand has designs that are trendy and go well with semi-formal or formal outfits alike. Consisting of imitation gold and silver jewelry including full sets and sole pieces that are embellished with pearls, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and zircon all are crafted to enhance the beauty of your look for an evening or a night out. So, ladies here is a look of what’s in store for you at Sabiha’s jewelry section. 



Crafted with brilliance, each necklace has an alluring sight as soon as you lay your eyes on them. The brand has a wide collection that includes matinee, chokers, and princess necklaces. These are embellished with jewels that make these enchanting pieces a part of your gorgeous look.


Captivating the senses with breathless designs, Sabiha’s tikka’s are true show stoppers. These reflect the authentic artistry that makes these a trademark of eastern jewelry. To enhance the look of these is a fine craft of gems studded with finesses that adds to the beauty of these fascinating masterpieces.


Your best companion for a formal occasion is a pair of statement earrings. Eye-catching designs that are, of course, event appropriate are created to embody your style. Featuring gems and pearls that reflect true elegance, these make a must-have for any women’s jewelry collection. 

At Sabiha’s, there is something available for everyone, and all of its jewelry collection is made out of only the finest materials that help create imitation jewelry that is adorned as classy pieces, an all-time favorite of an audience seeking to put an Eastern look together. This clearly states that you can never leave empty-handed when at Sabiha’s looking for formal jewelry. For more details on what Sabiha’s has for you, here is a link to the website. Hope you enjoy the designs as much as Sabiha’s loves to create them.


Eid Ul Adha is a celebration of the miracle that embodies the true obedience of Almighty Allah. Along with this spiritual celebration, this event is also known to be big for food. With all the meat surrounding, it’s no surprise that bari Eid brings along several meaty delights. Hence, this Eid is bliss for foodies. The series of which is solely dedicated to meaty cuisines over the holidays. 

At times it can be a war of meals as people tend to overdo recipes that are generally hard to create on regular days. If you already have a menu planned then that’s great, but in case if you’re out of ideas, here is our list of suggestions that might come handy.


The Ultimate Kalegy Recipe

If you are a liver lover our ultimate kalegy recipe is a must-try for you this Eid.


Start by heating your wok on medium flame, add then add clean liver. Add garlic ginger paste and cook until water dries up, then add red chili powder and cumin powder followed by adding oil and stir continuously. Next, add the rest of the ingredients that include chopped green chilies, lemon juice, and salt. Stir slowly until cooked and serve.

Tantalizing Tikka Boti

No Eid can be complete without tantalizing tikka boti on the menu, and here is a quick recipe for you.


Start your recipe by mixing chili flakes, chili powder, garam masala, food color, cumin powder, lemon juice, ginger-garlic paste, carom seeds, papaya, yogurt, salt, and pepper. Coat the meat in this mixture and marinate it overnight. The next day cook on charcoal slowly until the meat is tender, use chutney and salad to serve along.

Super-Duper Chanps 

An all Pakistani Cusine for the ultimate taste experience, try out this super-duper chanp recipe to go all out this Eid.


As your first step, you need to beat the mutton chanps with the hammer. Then pick a bowl and add yogurt mixing in some cooking oil, onion, lemon juice, hot sauce (green chili is preferred), ginger and garlic paste, coriander powder, kasoori methi, cumin powder, papaya, ajwain, red chili powder and crushed, salt to taste and mix garam masala powder. Next is simple, coat chanps in the mix and refrigerate for one hour (or until needed to be cooked). Roast the chanps and enjoy it with delicious chutney.

Good food is good life, and our recipes shared above can make this Eid a bliss for food lovers. We wish you a very meaty Eid, hope you enjoy your Eid safe at home!

Women are inclined to stay up to date on the latest fashion updates that are not just limited to apparel but consist of handbags as well. It is obvious with the speedy trends flowing out in the market every other season, clearly determining women are awaiting the new arrival collection or launch of a new accessory brand. The market is full of trendy ladies’ handbags, from easy to carry sophisticated ones to flashy glittery ones, each unique, and designed following its functionality with finesses.


Handbags are an essential accessory to carry and make up a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe. A wide collection of stylish and sleek handbags that can be utilized for formal and casual occasions is a true bliss for fashion-centric individuals who are also looking for practicality at the same time. For people who need guidance in the area of getting handbags that are versatile and flashy at the same time, this article is about to get interesting, as it focuses primarily on analyzing a newly launched brand Sabiha’s ladies handbags range.


Sabiha’s is well aware of the fact that the fashion industry is incomplete without highlighting a strong need for a fabulously designed handbag collection each season. Its newly launched ladies’ handbag range is proof that this brand is on top of its game. Sabiha’s website displays a range of ladies’ bags that further divides broadly into other sub-categories that include purses, pouches, wallets, and girls’ backpacks. Your question as to why you should get your very own Sabiha’s range of handbags is conveniently covered below.


Why Sabiha’s Ladies Purse?


The science of why women just absolutely need a purse goes beyond what they carry inside it. It is now a matter of fashion updated status that impacts the need of a stylish handbag as an essential part of their accessory, and luckily Sabiha’s has just the right kind of purse collection for you.


  • Metal Embellished Handbags


Everyone loves a little flash with metal embellishments. These handbags are adorned with shiny details including buckles, logos, and fancy chains to add a little upbeat flashy look. 


  • Plain Knot Designed Hand Bags


For individuals who like their purses simple, there is a range of purses that are plain but are designed in lovely hues sure to leave you mesmerized.


Why Sabiha’s Ladies Wallet?


  • Classy Wallets


A wallet that has a classy look, and is suitable to carry every day is a dream come true. If you are a type of person that goes for the more sophisticated type low key yet slightly styled wallet, then you can’t go wrong choosing Sabiha’s.


  • Fun Doodled Wallets 


Wallets that look fun and are doodled, loaded with cuteness are also available. Having a fun design and sufficient compartments, these truly make a girl’s best friend.


Why Sabiha’s Ladies Pouch?


Girls always need just a little more space to carry their belongings, whether its make-up, toiletry, cash, or jewelry. A pouch is a perfect fit for such items, at Sabiha’s you will find spacious handy pouches in cute designed pattern and characters, to not just place as an add on in your handbag but can also be used as compact purses to carry around.



Why Sabiha’s Girl Backpack?


There is something for your little one too, Sabiha’s also fulfills the need for your baby girl’s wish for a fashion-centric wardrobe. There is a collection of cute looking glittery backpacks designed incorporating cartoon characters loaded with cuteness and easy to carry function. These are not limited to carry books, but also make perfect carry bags for other fancy occasions.

Sabiha’s handbag collection has so much to offer, from everyday carry purses to versatile pouches for women of all ages. This collection is easily available in stores and online, serving only the best. It is a range consisting of fabulous trendy designs that will leave you lusting for more. 

Eid-Ul-Adha is a significant event for Muslims around the world. It marks the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim for the love of Almighty Allah. Hence, since then the traditional practice of sacrificing halal animals specifically; goat, cow, sheep, or camel is a must on people who are eligible for Qurbani. Preparations for this event are wholeheartedly performed by Muslims. The planning for the selection of the type of halal animal as per shariah is selected, purchased, taken care of, and then slaughtered on Eid Days.

Qurbani is an entire process and performing it a sacred task. During COVID – 19, Qurbani has now become much difficult considering proper hygiene, and time as a major responsibility to be fulfilled. However, this is a task that has been taken care of by Imtiaz’s revolutionary Easy Qurbani Service.

It is an astounding service introduced for the very first time in Pakistan by Imtiaz Super Market for the convenience of Muslims wishing to perform Qurbani in a halal, hygienic, and shariah-compliant manner. Easy Qurbani by Imtiaz Super Market is a reliable service by this notorious giant. Individuals who intend to avail this offer need to go through a step by step, extremely simple process.

Registration is the first step, Imtiaz’s Gulshan and DHA branches in Karachi are open for registrations until the limit reaches 3000, after which no registrations for the Qurbani service will be accepted. The easy Qurbani form is limited to 5 Qurbani animals (goat only) per CNIC. Additional information requires simple details broadly highlighting the name, contact details, CNIC, number of animals, pick up day and time. Here, time for the pickup is dependent on the slots available based on first come first serve policy which will be active on the first and the second day.

Place of pickup of Qurbani meat (goat only) while registering is a true convenience, you can either get it received from the same branch you are registering at or mention the other, but you only have a choice between Imtiaz’s Gulshan or DHA branch. In case you are wishing to do Qurbani on behalf of another individual that can be mentioned in the form as well to cater to other circumstances of the Qurbani ritual.

Payment is paid on the spot when registering, it is fixed costing 19,900 per goat. The weight of meat per package is 12 -14 KG, consisting of mutton legs – 2, mix boti (neck, breast, and shoulder), mince, back chop, front chop, liver – 1, kidney – 2, and trotters – 4.  This Qurbani meat will be delivered in an easy to carry, hygienic box. Another point to remember is that if an individual fails to pick up Qurbani meat on the given slot day and time, it will be distributed amongst the underprivileged.

From providing a great shopping experience to helping individuals perform religious practices such as Qurbani, Imtiaz Super Market is sure to lead the market this year with its Easy Qurbani Service – Jo Laye Faraiz Me Asani.

Sabiha’s shoe collection is going to set you good for this season to create versatile summer looks. A preloved brand for clothing is now out with a trendy footwear collection featuring a variety of styled shoes. It showcases an assortment of elegance and style for women and girls looking to fit their classy footwear style sense. The lineup of these fabulous shoes is displayed online and in stores. If you are wondering what Sabiha’s has for you then here is a chance to get a sneak peek:


Mule Heel

For heel lovers looking for comfort and convenience in footwear, mule heels make a perfect choice. These pair up great with western and eastern outfits alike. People who love mules know that they can dress in style with comfort with the advantage of its no fuss and easy to wear slip-on specialty. The clacking sound is a signature of these constraint-free show stoppers.



These are a staple on any girl’s summer shoe list. These are comfortable slip-on, sleek in design to wander around with ease. You can select simple ones without embellishment or ones that have fancy enchantments on top. Shop as you wish, plain or fancy depending on your summer wear about plans.


Flat Pumps  

Comfortable and trendy, the functionality of flat pumps makes it a must-have in any girl’s shoe collection. Pair these cozy pumps with your outfits, dressing up or down depending on the look you’re going for. These never go out of fashion and are the perfect footwear to wrap your beautiful feet around.


Pointed Toe 

In fashion or not, pointed shoe lovers are always for the lookout for new designs and patterns. These are a classic since long, pointed shoes work pretty much on any style of clothing, however, these are a choice to wear by few due to the unique look.


Kitten Heels 

For some, these are a thing of the past but we can’t deny the fact that these are always in fashion displayed everywhere. Classy and elegant, kitten heels can add a flair of true sophistication to an outfit. These are best for low heel lovers seeking comfort with style.


We hope our list of Sabiha’s collection was intriguing enough to make you visit our online page and store. The collection is sure to make you shop a pair or two, or even more since its practical and pretty for everyday and formal use.

Enjoy the rhythm for this summer with the sea, sun and sand, and a splash of color. Starting this season with an optimistic attitude, a wardrobe collection filled with colors verily is a good idea to beat the heat in style. Since colors are a major this season here is a list of must-have hues to create trendy looks all summer long.

Hues of Red

Who can go wrong with red, luckily this season is good news for all those who are addicted to this fiery hue. Bright, bold, and flashy this is a statement color glamorizing your look with a sharp esthetic helping you stand out in the crowd.


Cool in Blue

Let’s not limit blue just for our jeans, different clothing in shades of blue can upgrade your look. From lighter serene shades to darker sophisticated ones each has a persona of its own.

Calm Aqua Green

Refreshing to the eye, aqua green is cool and calming. This is a color generally underestimated but this summer its right on top of the charts to beat the heat.

Muted Pink 

Look pretty in shades of muted pink, soft on the eye best for summers. It is a color perfect for both; day and night. Hence, charm this summer in hues of pink consisting of a playful and sweet persona.

No matter what shape or size you are, these trending colors for spring 2020 are sure to boost your confidence in style.

Bon Appetit with breadcrumbs; the way to go this summer creating delicious crumbly recipes. Breadcrumbs are extremely underestimated as an ingredient that can uplift food texture and taste. Readymade versions of grated bread – breadcrumbs are convenient to use adding flavor and crunch assisting cooking with finesse. We’ve got scrumptious recipes to knock your socks off using Brio’s breadcrumbs as a highlight.

Crusty Topped Mac & Cheese:

  1. STEP 1
    Cook Marconi thoroughly in a deep pot until tender and drain it, preheat oven to 350° to save time beforehand.
  2. STEP 2
    Take a large saucepan and melt a little butter, add flour and stir until smooth, then add milk and whisk for 2-3 minutes until thickened stirring constantly.
  3. STEP 3
    Remove from heat, add cheese, salt, and pepper stirring continuously and then add previously boiled macaroni coating in this mixture well.
  4. STEP 4
    Remove from heat and transfer it to a baking dish, add breadcrumbs and cheese on top.
  5. STEP 5
    Lastly, bake the entire dish uncovered for 30-40 minutes until the top is beautifully golden brown.


Crispy Golden Potato Cutlets:

  1. STEP 1
    Boil the potatoes thoroughly in a deep pan, cool them, and mash well.
  2. STEP 2
    Add chopped onion, fresh coriander, chilies, and spices along with a freshly squeezed lemon then mix everything well.
  3. STEP 3
    Moist hands with water to create round-shaped cutlet patties, then dip each in an egg, and then coat it evenly with breadcrumbs.
  4. STEP 4
    Shallow fry until golden on medium-high heat, serving with chutney or sauce of your choice.


On knowing that an ingredient as simple as breadcrumbs can upgrade the taste and texture of a snack instantly, these recipes shared are a surprise for food junkies. We hope you make the most of these easy, and quick time-saving recipes to fix a meal in a jiffy.



A little summer on hand once in a year is a great opportunity to let loose and chase the sun, revamp your wardrobe with Sabiha’s this summer, and indulge in the ultimate summer spree. At Sabiha’s, we have a versatile collection awaiting you, breezy, and light to have all the fun you want in the sun.

You’ll fall in love with our elegantly designed, floral laced kurtas with light-hued colors embracing elegance this summer making it just the right one to beat the scorching sun. 

With vibrant digital prints and stunning embroidery, we’ve got something to suit our intermix style trendsetters.

Now you can shine bright with a beautiful gold leaf ornament embellished orange jacquard kurta, perfect to vibe with your summer feels.

Simple is the new beautiful, basic embroidered kurta with a simple modern floral, and leaf embroidery is a good choice to keep it simple this summer.

Keeping it light and breathable, now you can pair your beautiful Kurtis with a basic white trouser detailed with a button at the bottom, it’s just the right color for this summer.

Bloom this summer in our fabulously detailed floral print kurta and blossom your fresh look for this summer.

Look pretty in pink with a modern designed basic embroidered kurta to keep it simple, it’s the best arsenal to beat the heat.

Pair it well with a light-colored culotte with detailed stripes at the bottom to upgrade your summer look with summery printed Kurtis.


We’ve got the best this summer for you at Sabiha’s, check out our store display, or order Sabiha’s online by visiting to explore an amazing line of apparel. At Sabiha’s, we offer an intermix of cultural and contemporary clothing, a hub where culture meets fashion; your ultimate destination this summer.

Say hello to summer, the season to the party as much as you can. It’s funny how summer changes us all, there is a complete shift in our daily routine from our whereabouts to our wardrobe.

At Imtiaz, we are all in to offer you exciting summer offers. Our latest one to wow you is our summer apparel collection available at our branches. Revamp your summer wardrobe with Imtiaz’s summer vibes sale. We have everything for everyone, here is a sneak peek of what’s in for you.

Is your child too cool for school, if yes, then this summer season sale is just the right fit for your kid? Let your kids flaunt their swag with a range of creative and flashy t-shirts, cool denim shorts, loose fit, and skinny jeans while they enjoy the summer bliss.

We’ve got great sales available for all the guys out there, we’ve got you covered for your office, hangout, and gym. Casual button-down, formal dress shirts, and sporty cool outfits to elevate your style sense.

There is something for the pretty girls too. Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be, pair your summer centric colorful tops and Kurtis with the right jeggings and chinos. We also have a variety of clutch and wallets to carry your essentials.

Be the real boss, and beat the heat with our hottest apparel items on sale. To get your hands on the best summer collection sale of the season visit Imtiaz Super Market. We hope you splash this summer while having an amazing shopping experience.

There is a first time for everything, and so is for this year’s Eid. It may not be as social as expected but we can still make the most of it with all that we already have; the love we can share with our family and friends.

The ease of the lockdown has already bought joy and we are sure that there is a lot more positivity coming our way, we just need to be patient and the doors to happiness will continue to open as we make it through the big day; Eid. To make the most of your awaited Eid day, we have a few ideas that you might love to add to your to-do list.

Pray together stay together

During the lockdown, we were surrounded by our family, and we all know we’ve come much closer amid the most depressing times. To celebrate the blessing of having a family by your side nothing could be better than to offer Eid prayers together at home.

Bon Appetit with a classy buffet this Eid

Eid lunch is special, there is a variety of authentic food served. However, why not try a few more from other cultural cuisines like continental, or western. You can set up a beautiful lunch table with a buffet, glamorizing it with flowers, fancy cutlery, and props.

Believe in your selfie

We all just love to post our selfies on social media, let’s make the most of it this Eid. Flaunt your gorgeous outfits, makeup, and keep it chic this Eid with a stylish selfie. After all, a day with a perfect selfie is truly an accomplishment for selfie fanatics.

Brighten your Eid with a good deed

Eid may be a celebration of all the good we’ve done during Ramadan, but that does not mean we stop here. We should continue the good reviving religious practices daily by reading the Quran, giving Zakat, practicing tolerance, helping others, and much more.

Regardless of the global pandemic, it has been evident that Muslims can never surrender their religious obligations. For many, Ramadan during COVID – 19 has given them a chance to change for the good. Ramadan is a month to be treasured this Eid as we have fought our way through the darkest times the world has ever faced. Let’s toss some confetti in the air and celebrate this Eid with all that we have since this Eid is sure to be like no other!