Often heard about a healthy lifestyle, physical health, and healthy eating. If not, then you might start searching for it because a healthy lifestyle will keep you happy and lively from the inside out, boosting your energy and making you more active than ever before along with making you strong. To discuss one’s health and conversion to a healthy lifestyle is an important thing in our lives that we should never compromise on.

Food is a topic where we can never say it is over or done or complete. The range and products of food or healthy foods are so many that it is hard to choose from. Imtiaz Super Market is a retail chain of supermarkets that is working for the betterment of the nation by providing a lot of stuff under one roof with quality products at the best prices.

The success of Imtiaz Super Market and its compassion is already known. Imtiaz Super Market was initially providing PONAM a wide range of spices, pulses, rice, and flour. Another a daily used product in our homes has now included under the of Imtiaz named “BRIO’S” a product that is specially used in breakfasts and is healthy too.

BRIO’S – Easy cooking oats that will make you feel alive, active, and spirited.

When we speak about the healthy breakfast, we are looking forth towards such edible items that would give us energy for an active start of the day and make us feel energetic. Which strengthen our metabolism and from inside out makes us strong.

Imtiaz Super Market is constantly working to serve healthy and hygienic food to its consumers that give you a healthy lifestyle. Brio’s oats are high in fiber and a source of protein and iron and also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. So why not kick start your day with such a healthy option that keeps you active and full for a longer time. Brio’s provides the most delectable range of healthy food choices, straight to your table to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. Its freshly picked and packed – from kernel to your bowl, originating from Canada, this brand is solely packed and fulfilled by Imtiaz Super Market.

Brio’s is processed in a facility that processes wheat and almonds. So, the package may contain traces of almonds and wheat or gluten. If you want your oats to be crispy and fresh keep them in an airtight container and away from sunlight or direct heat. Choose the Brio’s – easy cooking oats for yourself and your family. Eat right and make the right healthy choice, after all, a healthy diet is a blessing.

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  1. Anusha
    Anusha says:

    Delicious Oats, the quality is superb and the prices are so less that I am surprised.
    After eating these I do feel active, alive and spirited. Thank you for amazing high-quality oats. A must-purchase.

  2. Fatima Taha
    Fatima Taha says:

    I recommend Brio’s easy cooking oats. Very yummy in taste and healthy. I really enjoyed it! Thank You #ImtiazSuperMarket

  3. Taha Ali
    Taha Ali says:

    I recommend everyone the healthyand easy cooking oats that standout choice for nutrition and taste. Really love the taste of Brio’s.. Thankyou Imtiaz 🙂

  4. Syed khurram Ali
    Syed khurram Ali says:

    Oats are among the healthiest grains on Earth.
    It includes weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.
    It’s incredibly Nutritious and rich in Antioxidants. Very good choice.

  5. Marisela Avent
    Marisela Avent says:

    Thank you for BRIO’S- Easy Cooking Oats – by Imtiaz Super
    Market!, is very informative.
    ONE Hidden Ingredient Lowers Cholesterol Level

  6. David Brown
    David Brown says:

    Imtiaz Super Market is constantly working to serve healthy and hygienic food to its consumers that give you a healthy lifestyle.David Brown famous for delicious smoker recipes, expert cooking methods, cooking tips, and tricks as well as for his cooking recipes

  7. Saifee Zakiuddin
    Saifee Zakiuddin says:

    You have said in reply toe of the question that the Oats imported by you from Canada are processed in a facility that process wheat and barley so it can be gluten affected. However in reply to another question you have said that these Oat are gluten free. Please clarify. Thanks


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