Hey, there guys I am back with our most favorite beauty topic!

Today we are sharing some amazing facts that you might have not to know earlier, let get started with the facts.

Did you know these interesting facts about your NAIL?

The fingernails poke out of the skin (where you can see it), those cells are dead. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to cut your nails.

“When you apply nail polish to a dead nail it doesn’t wear off easily or at all.”

Did you know after getting a HAIR COLOR done what will keep it for a longer period?

After getting a new and nice hair color, “wash your hair with cold water for making it stay longer.”

Washing your hair with warm water makes the color weak and your hair loses all the color frequently whereas washing from cold water makes it stay longer.

Do you know that using this one product can do miracles on your skin?

This one ingredient treats “Dry dead skin, redness, and patches or a reaction from a product, like after doing a facial or wax, the facial product or the wax strip has reacted”!!

“Milk – yes you heard me right”

“Milk is that one secret ingredient that treats all your skin allergies and reactions that you have from a product”

“Un-boiled fresh chilled milk, can do miracles on your skin, just freeze like chill out the milk and dab it on your skin through cotton.” See the effective results in an hour.

Honey is also one of the finest products that are used for healing the scars and pores.”

Use milk with basin (channe ka atta) make a paste for a skin natural homemade scrub.

Did you know that CASTOR OIL can do wonders?

Castor oil is an amazing product if it is used for lengthens and volume the hairs.

Never throw your mascara away right after it is dry or completely used. The wand can be used for applying oil on to your lashes, also can be used to perfectly comb your brows.

“Before sleeping uses an old mascara wand to apply a proper coat of castor oil on your lashes.”

Do you know you can create your own Flavored LIP BALMS at home?

Take an empty container, add an organic coconut oil to it, add a drop of lemon and your choice of (vegetable or fruit) beetroot or strawberry (pick a fresh beetroot crush it and add it in into the mixture) (pick a fresh strawberry crush it and add it into the mixture) keep it in fridge for a better consistency.

Apply every night for a fresh pink natural lip color.

We are always fond of baby products because of the fragrance it has… so here is another tip!!

After wax, we all face some unwanted wax here and there which is not ready to leave our skin so here what you can do and the saver of all….

Baby oil treats a lot of things. And it also helps us to get rid of unwanted wax.

“Simple put some drops of oil and rub it on the unwanted wax. It will remove all the unwanted wax.”

Smile is the key to attract people. So, our teeth are the most basic thing to be clean.

Now charcoal is the thing that helps in cleaning teeth and also is good for the skin.

Rest of the details about how effective charcoal is will be in our next video.

So, stay tuned with us to know more beauty facts!!

Until next time 😉

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