Hi, guys, I m back with a new topic to discuss tell and talk… Imtiaz super market, yes, the brand itself, and what about this brand…. Here’s what I got for you all…

Whenever we hear about this name Imtiaz super market we all think about the branch… like if anyone ever says Imtiaz super market the first thing we all have in mind is branch!!!

You work where? Imtiaz super market oh okay which branch?

Followed by some of these more questions like:

How many branches and which branch to be precise, what in the branch, a sale person, what do you wear, where do you work in a branch, does branch have some sitting arrangements and so much more…

I mean why only branch why don’t people let us complete?

And when I say Head office, they all are like……

They are clueless and weird….

Now for the pleasure and laughter, I say Imtiaz super market and let them think whatever they want…

Then somedays I say head office only and let them think what and which head office…

And then somedays I say ISM head office, Imtiaz super market has a head office and I work there, please do visit our website to know more about us… and leave 😊

I feel happy whenever I say the complete thing, feels like it’s only you who knows about it, remaining the world is in dark 😀

So again …

Does Imtiaz super market have a head office?

Where is it’s head office, what happens there? And so many other questions are there which we can ask and should ask but…. We don’t ask, or people don’t ask even if they want to…

Which branch; branches are more famous than its head office and so many of us doesn’t even know about it… even before coming or joining this place I don’t know about it, I searched Facebook, I visited the website and I googled, nothing was updated… also, it was confusing, but once I was hired I was…

Whenever I visit Imtiaz super market branch, I do think about the office, there must be an office where people sit and work, other than being on the floor and working… I try to look and find where is the office because in branch there’s no sitting, no office table or office stuff… or maybe I overlook while looking to deep in there…… there’s nothing like an office, so its more like a question which I use to ask to myself…

Now I just wonder how easy it is for us to overlook and to neglect the little things or door we see…

So, let me tell you about the head office and a small or brief of what happens here:

We (team Imtiaz super market head office) consists of so many people, and by means of so many I mean thousands of people work under the name of Imtiaz super market, in total its more than 6000 workers, (including managers and peon all and everyone)

In the head office, there are the director and HOD’s of all the dept.

Along with them, there are some vendors/purchasers, who deal with the companies, which to bring on board and at what price.

We have our contact center team, which helps out the customers online, by means of on calls, via msgs and social media.

We have an e-commerce and marketing teams respectively which works passionately and more than the duty hours because creativity needs time to explore. This team includes of the digital media team, who handles all the social networks, along with the creative team which supports a lot in creating posts and content for magazines and all the creative work that you see on our page. We have our content marketing team, which looks out for the trends also helps with PR and communications. We have a media team in house, who covers all the events and helps us in making our in-house content.

The loyalty dept, and the IT dept. we have interesting dept with interesting people around, who not only learn and train, but also share knowledge with each other so that we have the opportunity

We have our import dept, which takes cares of all the important stuff.

We also have our finance dept, audit, and payables.

The admin and HR teams are also here. HR teams conduct wonderful and successful training sessions.

These are the dept we have in head office and this is the overview of our head office, so why not trying joining this amazing workplace?

And that’s a wrap for now, until next time…

Let me know in the comment section, what else you want to know more about the head office?

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  1. Ahtasham Naveed
    Ahtasham Naveed says:

    The way ISM is modernizing and emerging, no doubt it would be considered as the destination employer soon. Very well done and keep up the good work. Really impress by the vision of the ISM.

  2. sanakhan
    sanakhan says:

    Its really good and I also would like to b part of it as I’m selling frozen foods like chicken cheese chicken veg n chicken nuggets pls give me a chance to b a part of u


    Salaam.sir,I am the seller of organic green cardamom and white cardamom.i wanna deal with you in lowest price in the world gurrantted .I also deals with organic cloves,black pepper.I m from Karachi.kindly contact with me soon.
    It’s my contact
    0314-2552034 Karachi
    What’s app :00965-60366977 Kuwait
    My business is in Kuwait also

  4. Kamran Aziz
    Kamran Aziz says:

    I have done my MBA from IBA and I want to be a part of ISM. I already sent my cv at your website. Please guide me further that how can I approach to ISM HR so I can mail or drop my cv directly, I served in multinationals and national companies at very responsible posts, my cell no is 03422277785. Regards

  5. Riaz Ahmad
    Riaz Ahmad says:

    We are manufacturer of all kind of corrugated box in Faisalabad.
    If you have any requirement of corrugated box, contact with us at email oor call us at
    041 8849394
    Waiting for your reply.
    Mirza Riaz Ahmad
    Packages Vision

  6. Hafiz Hassan Ahmed Shamsi
    Hafiz Hassan Ahmed Shamsi says:

    My Name Is Hafiz Hassan Ahmed Shamsi
    From: Rehmani Garments
    “Manufacturer & Supplier For Boys And Girls Fancy Kids Pants”.
    Size Range 14 To 40.
    How Can I Start Supply These Products To Imtiaz Super Market?

  7. Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Came to know that your good organization looking for MBA Supply Chain fresh graduates, pleased to inform you that I am final Year student from Karachi University Business School (UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI), I am actively looking for Supply Chain Position.

    Please Contact me on
    Mob : +92 341 2579550

  8. Shahzad Ahmad khan
    Shahzad Ahmad khan says:

    Dear sir,if intersted in swat brach near commerical shops city center famous brands…so contact me on this number i have rectangle land 120000 sft on three roads…

  9. Syed Moosa Ali Rizvi
    Syed Moosa Ali Rizvi says:

    Dear I have sent a proposal for Imtiaz Store in Rawalpindi. There is a mall we are constructing is there any other contact I should be having for the proposal and if there is any possibility for having a time for presentation at your office.


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