Tag – meaning chit.

Initially when you hear word tag what do you think of?

Tag – Brand tag, telling about a brand.

Tag – Size tag, telling about the size or size chart.

Tag – A movie

Or a Tag – telling about price known as the price tag.

Have you ever noticed the tags?

Obviously, the price tag is something that people notice every time while buying or while evaluating whether they should buy it or not.

Today let me tell you something strange about the tags. Some facts that we never know and some general discussion which might help you.

Tags are kept to point out something important. Even in books, we have bookmarked or we tag a few pages to remind ourselves, the same goes for a product. Each product has a tag and tags play an important role.

Now tag could be anything, in fashion tags are size tag and price tag, in normal general products price tag is everything. Since the decision is based on price 😉 don’t believe it, try it yourself.

Price tag plays a vital role in everyone’s life, especially when they are shopping on a budget. So, let me ask you something have you ever encountered a special tag that shouts and says: Hey, buy me!! I am on a discount 😉?

Imtiaz Super Market is the pioneer, is now taking more steps towards innovations and introducing a new system of tags. When you are going to shop online you know that this product is on sale, all the promotional prices are already mentioned on banners and the display picture also has it. But when you talk about the retail industry, and shop or a supermarket, they have to go through a proper channel of changing price and a chain of command is going on which nobody knowns until you are an insider or you have an interview with the insider. Only on the counter, you get to know or on the slip, the discount is mentioned. Until then you never know about the promotional items. Or the other case is that the products are displayed on special aisles and corners to grab attention. As there is no special color or boldness to highlight it discounts mention on products or there is no indicator that tells you about the previous price and the discounted price.

Sometimes, we don’t even know that this product was on sale or available on discounted rates until unless someone says so… After a survey, we got to know that half of the people have an issue in finding the discounted rates. Knowing this we have decided to recreate some tags.

Red tags – that is something which we come up and now the real challenge is how did we implement it or how did we test it. We kept some tags in red color, and places in the different aisles to see the reactions of people and to know whether it attracts or not.

Why choosing RED color – Red is the symbol of love, anger, heart, blood, rose, warmth, emergency, alert and danger… when there is something serious, we say RED that means high alert, emergency, warning or danger even. Red is a prominent color, which means red will grab attention.

So, Red was selected to give an alert and was a way to attract people which it did… people asked what is this and why a change in color of tag?

Then we start educating people about our red tags, about the change of color of the price tag. We also check to put it in different portions, different segments, so that people can see and we can judge, is it even worth all the efforts?

Being a supermarket, they need to keep on bringing new ideas that attract the audience. After weekly magazines and promotion offers every week, when they visited the branch, they find that people are still not attracted to the discounted price. But why so? Why even after magazine and everything they are not attracted to the products?

The answer was they use to get lost in the variety of items and also not finding the discounted price. So, now whenever they enter, they can easily see oh that’s the red tag and that means discounted it should be in magazines and even if not in the magazine this will be on discount. Sometimes being supermarket you have a lot of promotions. Adding so much to the magazine or on social media gives a weird look and possibly is hard to cover. Some promotions are live on in branches directly but are not communicated to the channels like social media and magazines or are also for the limited time that they cannot be added in a magazine.

Now! After this red tag, the customer has easy access to the discounted rate items. And by means of discounted is that: “everyone who shops from Imtiaz Super Market knows that Imtiaz gives the best rates,” lower than the market and discount rate means less than the Imtiaz  price, which means a very good rate.

Ouch, haven’t I told you so much about the tags? And the red tag?

Now I hope whenever you will visit Imtiaz Super Market you will find a red tag for discount prices. And just by the way Imtiaz super market, normal price tags are currently WHITE which will be turning to “Blue”, the sooner the better as their base color is blue and orange.

SSShhh doesn’t let others know this secret 😉 and for more such inside stories stay tune and to know more such scenes please come back 😊 until next time…

Word wedding sounds so cool, like a bed of roses and dreams of traveling and enjoying and fun and a movie that only has a happy ending.

Today I will be discussing a few wedding points or facts, some light that is important to shed on, that we really need to know.

First of all, if we think it is a bed of roses than let me fix it for you…. NO! it’s not and yeah, a bed of roses for a beautiful stunning bride only and then it’s all a waste. Oh! don’t worry, waste is the petals of roses that were decorated.

Okay so wedding, that word is fascinating for so many people, on so many levels but hold on let’s discuss the things here in detail and then will debate on it, “a bed of roses or a pile of responsibilities?”

The wedding comes with a load of responsibilities that you need to understand with love, care, patience, and compromise.

Wedding; “Qabool hai” and she said; “yes”

It’s not a day that just happen, it’s a life that goes on with the rest of your life. For a girl, she has to leave her house family friend’s job and everything she owns and for boys he has to make changes in everything he does, make space for his spouse in his room and life.

When there is a family meets up, and when things are going smooth the date is set and from that time till the time of leaving one home and going into the next is crucial.

For some people, it’s lifetime imprisonment and for some it’s good, everyone has a different story to share but things that remain constant are

  • Baat pakki
  • Mehandi
  • Nikkah
  • Parlor
  • Wedding
  • Ruksati
  • Valima

An Emotional Roller Coaster

And loads of shopping in between all this.

From the day the date is decided, planning for booking a hall, the parlor and all the list of items that are or will be required for the bride in the new home is set. Slowly the trips to the market are set and slowly the house is loaded with items that will be soon gone in the new home.

Different market visits are compulsory for the rates and for God knows whatnot. People often visit the Imtiaz Super Market as well for the purchasing.

Whether it is jewelry or makeup or innerwear people do shop them from Imtiaz Super Market , even sometimes the gift items, chocolates and showpieces crockery and other items that are necessary and are available at Imtiaz Super Market  people do buy. The reason it’s affordable and reliable, along with quality products. Also, most items are covered under one roof.

Some people say we are against dowry and they refuse to take the items, whereas majority people are greedy and take the dowry, if for not themselves then for their family, like “bahu s ly lu Behan ko dyne mai kam ayega” or “bahu ye ly ayegi toh ye nikaldaingy kharab hogae hai”. It as portrayed in the drama’s as well and to so many levels this is so wrong but the norms……

The word Bahu or daughter in law is the extremely crucial word because the things the daughter is allowed to do the daughter in law is not allowed to do. There is always a difference between daughter and daughter in law.

This topic is a long and debatable one so right now let me tell you about the festival magazine and the discounts Imtiaz Super Market  is offering on cosmetics and electronics that can help you create your wedding package also don’t forget to show your loyalty card in end to have the points and more offers on our loyalty program.

Until next time take care 😉

Marketing a brand or a product is easy these days since there are so many channels to get a start with. Imtiaz Super Market a well-known brand doesn’t need any introduction since it is the biggest retail chain of supermarket also being the pioneer in Pakistan.

As a supermarket, we have recently activated ourselves on all the social media channels/platforms to let the people and audience know more about the stuff going on in branches, latest updates, and the upcoming events.

We are launching every week a new magazine that has the latest discounted promotions going on. Also, a lot more options and features are constantly being offered for the consumers.

We, as a supermarket is not coming slow, we have recently started our YouTube channel in which we promote new stuff, new products, tips and a lot more to be coming up. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet please do so, also don’t forget to click on the bell icon to be updated with all the hacks, tips and recipes coming soon your way.

Social media platforms include Facebook has a huge audience and the response we get is amazing. Same is the case with Instagram, the love of our customer that we receive through the platform is worth being there, the feedbacks are amazing, even people are noticing our presence on Twitter and other platforms, as BlogSpot, WordPress, our own website, Pinterest, and so many more just to get closer to our audience to get a real-time response on everything that we plan.

This way we interact with people and they give us suggestions on which we work or at least give them the idea of resolving their issues and send some amazing gifts to our amazing audience as a token of appreciation.

Every week we cater activities on all the channels in which our beautiful audience take part, give suggestions through inbox, do complains as well, because let’s not forgotten that when we lose, even after a lot of struggle we complain, and in games it happens, and that’s how we are growing strong on social media and getting close with our beautiful customers. Because Imtiaz is in every home, whether you shop or no shop you know about it and that’s the beauty of our well-known brand.

Our YouTube channel is just a newborn channel and we are doing a lot of efforts to make it amazing for the viewers. On subscribing the channel, we have selected few people on a random basis and surprised them with amazing gifts. So, if every one of you, will press the bell icon and keep yourselves updated with us, we will surprise you more with amazing and innovative ideas and gifts or giveaways.

Pouring in ideas and suggestions of what you want to see more and know more about our branches, products, head office, hacks or any other thing you like to see are always welcome through inbox and email.

We have a lot in the plate to serve you, which we will be doing live soon, in the near future.

For now, leave the comment and suggestion, also leave your reviews so that we can grow more and be better to serve you better.


Hey, there guys I am back with our most favorite beauty topic!

Today we are sharing some amazing facts that you might have not to know earlier, let get started with the facts.

Did you know these interesting facts about your NAIL?

The fingernails poke out of the skin (where you can see it), those cells are dead. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to cut your nails.

“When you apply nail polish to a dead nail it doesn’t wear off easily or at all.”

Did you know after getting a HAIR COLOR done what will keep it for a longer period?

After getting a new and nice hair color, “wash your hair with cold water for making it stay longer.”

Washing your hair with warm water makes the color weak and your hair loses all the color frequently whereas washing from cold water makes it stay longer.

Do you know that using this one product can do miracles on your skin?

This one ingredient treats “Dry dead skin, redness, and patches or a reaction from a product, like after doing a facial or wax, the facial product or the wax strip has reacted”!!

“Milk – yes you heard me right”

“Milk is that one secret ingredient that treats all your skin allergies and reactions that you have from a product”

“Un-boiled fresh chilled milk, can do miracles on your skin, just freeze like chill out the milk and dab it on your skin through cotton.” See the effective results in an hour.

Honey is also one of the finest products that are used for healing the scars and pores.”

Use milk with basin (channe ka atta) make a paste for a skin natural homemade scrub.

Did you know that CASTOR OIL can do wonders?

Castor oil is an amazing product if it is used for lengthens and volume the hairs.

Never throw your mascara away right after it is dry or completely used. The wand can be used for applying oil on to your lashes, also can be used to perfectly comb your brows.

“Before sleeping uses an old mascara wand to apply a proper coat of castor oil on your lashes.”

Do you know you can create your own Flavored LIP BALMS at home?

Take an empty container, add an organic coconut oil to it, add a drop of lemon and your choice of (vegetable or fruit) beetroot or strawberry (pick a fresh beetroot crush it and add it in into the mixture) (pick a fresh strawberry crush it and add it into the mixture) keep it in fridge for a better consistency.

Apply every night for a fresh pink natural lip color.

We are always fond of baby products because of the fragrance it has… so here is another tip!!

After wax, we all face some unwanted wax here and there which is not ready to leave our skin so here what you can do and the saver of all….

Baby oil treats a lot of things. And it also helps us to get rid of unwanted wax.

“Simple put some drops of oil and rub it on the unwanted wax. It will remove all the unwanted wax.”

Smile is the key to attract people. So, our teeth are the most basic thing to be clean.

Now charcoal is the thing that helps in cleaning teeth and also is good for the skin.

Rest of the details about how effective charcoal is will be in our next video.

So, stay tuned with us to know more beauty facts!!

Until next time 😉

We Pakistanis just LOVE food. For every event, every occasion, every REGULAR day, we plan and decide what we want to cook, what we want to eat and what we’re going to serve.

Even our vacations, picnics and outings are incomplete without food. And what is even more important than food is that it must be delicious! Spicy, tangy and just delicious!

And what makes a dish these three things? Good quality ingredients, good quality spices, and a good cook. We can’t provide you with a good cook so we made sure that we can with the other two; ingredients and spices.

You guessed it right… Imtiaz Super Market brings to you its own brand of agricultural commodities and spices;


PONAM means full moon – what indicates the start of a new month, and that is exactly what our products are; the mark to a transformation in your kitchen and food. With the highest quality of products like pulses (DAAL), rice, flour, spices, sugar, grains, and black salt, available at Imtiaz Super Market, you don’t need to go anywhere else for anything.

No more walking trips to the CHAKKI wala for staples and spices anymore. Purchase fresh, raw and organic items like pure basmati rice, flour and all types of pulses under one roof with comfort from any branch of Imtiaz Super Market and make everyone fall in love with your Biryani, Karahi, and parathas! And daal? You will never see DAAL the same, boring way again!

Considering that everything sold under the brand name of PONAM is produced in mills and factories that Imtiaz Super Market itself owns! And since we have our own rice and flour mills along with the facility of in-house grinding, cleaning, and packaging, a lot of costs is cut down and these staple commodities are sold at substantially lower prices than the market average – which is GREAT!

Providing quality products that are easy on the wallet has always been our hallmark. In order to maintain this for the sake of our customers, we constantly evolve our products, services, and brandings.

PONAM, too is an initiative to show our customers how much we care about them by saving them from those uncomfortable CHAKKI WALA trips in hot, summer days and providing them with a collection of spices and grains with a taste that will remind them of the DESI food that our DADI’S and NANI’s used to cook for us with homemade and dried spices.

So head to your nearest Imtiaz Super Market’s branch now and begin this new month with a brand new collection of PONAM staple and spices and transform the taste of your food.

PONAM  – The Taste Of Nation!

Our freedom is our biggest blessing but unfortunately, it is that one thing we take for granted. There are so many countries that are still in a state of havoc and destruction and we are lucky enough to not be one of them and for this, we have our ARMIES and our DEFENCE to thank!

Ensuring peace and security, these people dedicate their lives to fight the FORCES OF EVIL and protect us without caring about their own lives.

Time and time again, our military and defence have put our lives above their own and the 1965 war was one in which we lost countless dedicated members of our army. In memory of the sacrifices that our armed forces made that year and how bravely they defended this beloved land, we celebrate DEFENCE DAY every year in Pakistan.

This tribute not only reminds us of the continuous efforts of our military, but it also inspires the young citizens and develops feelings of patriotism and bravery. And to commemorate this, DEFENCE DAY is celebrated every year on the 6th of September.

Imtiaz super market, from a kiryana store to a chain of the super market. From a small shop to a bigger scale place having a huge assortment of products.

In the year 1955 when it was a small shop, it was having a very limited item. Later after creating a name and maintaining the quality they start pitching in the companies with the idea of expansion. The result was fruitful. Slowly and gradually we got more and more categories and products to display.

Now after years of struggle and hard work finally Imtiaz super market has the best and a vast variety of categories and products, that are imported as well as locally available at the best prices all under one roof.

What makes Imtiaz super market the best place for all assortment?

Imtiaz super market has huge area to display all kind of products, even if you ask for a simple tissue paper, we have a whole alley to display that.

The assortment includes imported items, chocolates, perfumes, crockery, groceries, beverages and what not?

When you visit Imtiaz super market, you can never leave the place in a min or even empty-handed.

You will keep looking at the assortments, category, products, variety, range that they offer and everything around. The placement of products on the shelf is so neat and so clean that you can easily pick the stuff you want without breaking or disturbing the things around them.

When you visit the alley, it is so spacious that you can easily move with your trolley, while standing and choosing your kind of product. They offer so many varieties that even choosing a shampoo is confusing.

What do you think about Imtiaz super market? And its assortments?

Ever been in the store and getting confused about which one to choose?

Imtiaz super market offers a lot, at an incredible price, you can shop as much as you want and everything will be given at an amazing rate.

Also, on purchasing from any category, they are offering loyalty points on each product that you buy. Isn’t it great?

Every category and has almost 300 plus products 50 plus brands and every month there is multiple new brands lineup for meeting to have a shelf in Imtiaz super market, because who doesn’t want to get noticed?

Companies never mind having their products on display and a store/ supermarket like Imtiaz super market who have almost 1000+ walk-in customers per day, who will notice the new products and new colors or items or might have just a look and share their reviews. At times brands want to get noticed a hype so that they can actually sell the product on a large scale later on.

Imtiaz super market the ultimate shopping experience conveys and defines the perfect meaning of one-stop-shop solution, remaining Pakistan’s pioneer super market retail chain serving the best quality products on the best price possible.

One can resist their hunger but thirst? It’s almost impossible to resist!

Summer season isn’t over yet and in these hot summer days, especially in Karachi, all one can think of is something chilled to drink and satisfy your craving. But how many beverage options do we have? Very, very few!

Either you can buy a soft drink or a Nestle juice, considering it is the most widely available brand – but what else? Sometimes you crave something different… you want to try something new;

So where should you go??

Imtiaz Super Market offers you the widest assortment of beverages ever! From soft drinks to juices, milk-based beverages, fruit cocktails, non-alcoholic celebration drinks… beverage for every event, gathering, and craving is available!

If you want a casual drink for your guests then you can go for the usual soft drinks. If you’re in the mood for something healthy then you can try the available fruit juices of multiple brands out of which some even contain fresh fruit pieces! If there’s a celebration at home – you can go for sparkling and celebration drinks and if you’re the type… we even have non-alcoholic beers that you can enjoy with your mates! Even our desires have nothing to worry about! For you, flavored lassis are also available! For kids, milk beverages like milo, pakola and many more are available.

Also, international beverages that are chocolate based are also available like Mars shake, Snickers shake and many more. Imported directly with the guarantee of affordable price and premium quality – you will find these beverages hardly anywhere!

Even better – if you’re shopping at the Gulshan branch of Imtiaz Super Market and have been craving a fresh juice, you don’t have to settle for boxed juices! At our Gulshan Branch, fresh sugarcane juice is available that is processed and packed hygienically and right in front of you!

As your most favorite retail, it is our responsibility to ensure that all your desires and cravings are fulfilled and satisfied and this is why we make the widest assortment of all our categories available for you!

So which beverage are you craving?

Head over to your nearest Imtiaz Super Market branch now, purchase, gulp and enjoy!

Your satisfaction is just one purchase away!

Soo, our readers. Who out of you all is a ‘Human Rights Activist’?

human rights activist is a person who is against discrimination of all sorts and supports equal rights for each and every individual regardless of any kind of differences that there might be. Discrimination is when a person is treated differently because of their gender, religion, caste, color or any such factor that is irreplaceable. This differentiation is often to make the other person feel inferior or bad about themselves in comparison to others who are treated as superiors and the ‘better people’.

Discrimination on any basis is something that is absolutely wrong and against human rights. I for one am completely against discrimination whether it is gender-based, religious or any other kind.

Nobody in this world has the right to treat someone badly or as someone below them assuming that they are better. Neither does any culture support such behavior nor any religion in the world.

Imtiaz Super Market and every single person associated with it is against discrimination. From the head office to all the branches throughout the country, all policies and regulations are such that support equal treatment of everyone and considers everyone as nothing but a human who can benefit from us and vice versa.

This zero toleration for discrimination can be seen in multiple areas of retail. For starters, there is no kind of gender-based or religious quota for hiring employees in the head office or the branches. If the candidate’s profile is good and they succeed in proving themselves as an efficient resource for the retail, then there is nothing that will come in the way of their employment. Men, women, Muslims, Christians, Hindus… everyone is employed based on their merit and skills.

They all get an equal chance in training, celebrations, promotions without any kind of personal bias and employee records are reviewed frequently to ensure this.

Furthermore, if you visit any of our branches, every customer is treated politely, nicely and gently regardless of their gender or appearance. There is no special treatment for anyone beyond the fact that they are all special as customers.

It is true that today in the 21st century; we have come very far from the days where there were particular sects and religions whose followers weren’t even treated as humans, let alone equals.

Imtiaz Super Market is proud to state that since the beginning of this supermarket, it has been nothing but a constant supporter and contributor to the cause of Human Rights and it will continue to do so!

Where do you go for grocery shopping?


Where do you go to buy your fruits and vegetables?


And what about makeup and accessories?

You probably also have a separate shop for your little one’s necessities, right?

Why? I know why… it’s because there is no way you can find all of these things at one place and that too of good quality, right?


At Imtiaz Super Market, all the products you require are available under one roof. From your kitchen to your bedroom, guest room and toilets, everything you need to maintain all these places are available at Imtiaz Super Market. Electronics, carpets, crockery, car tools, cleaning tools, grocery, dairy products, fruit, and vegetables… literally, anything that you can think of that you would require for the setting, maintenance, and ambiance of your house, is available at Imtiaz Super Market.

Not just that, whether you are planning to gift someone something like clothes or shoes or you want to purchase something for a loved one who has just been blessed with a newborn baby OR you just want to purchase any of the above for YOURSELF, it is ALL available in store.

With the widest assortment in all of the categories, Imtiaz Super Market ensures that you won’t have to go anywhere else for anything! There is so much variety even in the health and beauty section with so many shampoos, fragrances, makeup and much more to choose from that you will get confused about what to choose and what to leave behind. And the best part about all this is that it’s not even of average quality. The most premium quality products are made available at Imtiaz Super Market at prices extremely pocket-friendly.

Furthermore, what makes this retail even more different is the DESIPAN of it. Although we have come a long, long way since Imtiaz was only one kiryana and not whole merchandise, yet even today we welcome our customers with just as much desi-pan as we used to. When you walk into any of the

Imtiaz Super Market branches, you will see cartons and packages literally just sitting there unlike in any other supermarket and the reason behind this is nothing but to maintain the DESI touch of Imtiaz. You can walk in, pick up a carton, put it in your trolley and walk out.  No extra packaging, no additional prices… nothing.

Imtiaz Super Market is definitely your ONE STOP SOLUTION and that is because no matter problem you may have, no matter which product may require, there is only one answer and that is the road that will lead you to Imtiaz Super Market.

We are not just a retail business… we are a FAMILY bonded together by a supreme desire and aim to provide you with the ULTIMATE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!