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Don’t you just hate waiting in QUEUES?

Do you know what’s the worst thing about shopping in a supermarket? Standing in queues!!! Standing behind a whole line of people, waiting for them to get all their purchases checked out…. It’s SO frustrating! Especially when you just needed very few products! But you don’t need to stress anymore. Imtiaz Super Market has worked on plans and […]

Are You Ready for School?

Most kids hate the thought of going to school, especially after a long and enjoyable vacation. The phrase ‘back to school’ usually sounds like a horror story but Imtiaz Super Market aims to change that for students, staff, and parents! Shopping for school accessories can be quite tiring and boring and feel like a task […]

Go GREEN with Imtiaz Super Market!!

Global warming is a serious issue. As time is passing, our environment is suffering more and more due to carelessness and lack of ownership that the citizens are showing towards it. There are animal species that are becoming extinct, places in the world where glaciers are melting and there is no doubt that the climate […]

Party time with mangoes at Imtiaz Supermarket!

Yellow, sweet and juicy… mangoes are utterly mouth-watering! All fruits are delicious. But there’s just something about mangoes that you cannot resist from. Delicious, delicious, DELICIOUS! I have never met anybody in my life that does not love mangoes… and trust me; I have no intentions to do so! Throughout the year, seasons for particular fruits come and go, but […]

How satisfied are you with our services?

This is one question every brand asks its customers at multiple events to self-analyze their services. Being the pioneer of the retail industry, Imtiaz Super Market cares deeply about whether our customers are satisfied with our services or not. For this reason time to time, we constantly upgrade our services, continue to introduce new and […]

Look! A new gift idea

Everybody loves gifts! There is no one in this world who doesn’t like to receive a gift. They make you feel special, cared for and thought of.  When there is an occasion coming up or you are celebrating something and want to give someone a gift, you ponder upon it and think about it for […]

Magazine Trends at Imtiaz Super Market!

Magazines are published for three basic reasons; to inform, to educate and to entertain. Similarly, retail magazines are published so the consumers could be made aware of the services that retail or a particular brand is providing and the latest perks that consumers could benefit from. For the same reason, Imtiaz Super Market introduced their […]